1 In 6 UK Adults Do Not Believe Humans Are Causing Climate Change

A report published today suggests that as many as 1 in 6 adults in the UK do not believe that humans are causing climate change. Kings College London conducted research into why some people don’t trust expertise.

According to The BBC:

Professor Bobby Duffy, director of the Policy Institute at King’s, called the finding “a real concern as it may affect support for action.”

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said last year: “It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land.”

The study also says the UK public underestimates how much scientists agree on the link between human activity and climate change.

However, the majority of people in the UK (72%) do accept humans’ role in climate change, with a quarter of the UK public claiming it is already harming them personally.

The number of people in the UK who believe climate change is not mainly caused by humans (17%) was similar to Germany (18%) and Poland (16%) but much lower than Norway, where nearly a quarter of adults surveyed held that opinion.

It is not unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, the sea and the land. It’s junk science. None of the IPPC climate change models mentions the sun. Read that last sentence again. Amazing, isn’t it?

According to the “experts” the sun has no influence on Earth’s climate. Also, none of the models attempt to answer the most important question. If Co2 only makes up 0.04% of our atmosphere, what is the human contribution to that?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a UK journalist to ask that question. That’s a career ender.

Climate change is the greatest and most dangerous hoax ever perpetrated against the people of the world.


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Greta is living large now. She was just at your Glastonfarten thing. Saw they left an environmental mess. IS young Greta going to clean that shit up?


Because they are fcking lemmings


Ha, ha, I think you are being unkind to Lemmings, Disney created that story of Lemmings jumping to their death, Just like the BBC did with Walruses jumping off cliffs. Disney did it with camera tricks and the BBC didn’t show the hungry Polar Bears approaching the Walruses off camera. Because they are all fecking Gullibilly’s, the salary is mightier than the truth.


72%. That’s around the benchmark figure for those most susceptible to hypnosis. And it’s a similar figure for those who bought into the Covid scam.

‘According to the “experts” the sun has no influence on Earth’s climate.’
A position that is also held by advocates of Flat Earth theory, coincidentally.

‘…Co2 only makes up 0.04%…’
And what produces that tiny percentage?
Every animal and plant, on land and in water, that decomposes. Every animal that breathes and farts. Every steaming hot pool. Every restless volcano and volcanic vent. Every natural, wild fire. Every piece of ice that melts.
In essence, the entire natural world around us, that is far bigger and more powerful than us.

All that energy. All that power. All those forces at play, producing a measly 0.04% carbon dioxide.
To believe that we are making much significant difference to that – or that we have much control over that – is, in my opinion, both a case of collective narcissism and a case of rebranded superstition. After all, how is there any practical difference between presenting prayers, offerings, and sacrifices to various deities of the past in the hopes that it would change the weather, and what people believe today?


Very true. It’s quite incredible isn’t it that they don’t include the effects of the sun in their computer models. I’m sure, as you say, that with some people it is narcissism and a modern day type of superstition but I think with some it is deliberate fraud. They can make a lot of money out of the global warming scam whereas they never talk about other environmental problems because they make their money out of polluting.


The Sun is a blistering 15 million degrees Celsius (27 million degrees Fahrenheit) but it’s not the driver of weather on this planet, it’s just a light to create day time.

Dean Smith

I identify as an expert. When I put the fire on in the lounge…. the environment where I’m sat on the sofa warms up. When I turn the fire off… the environment where I’m sat on the sofa cools down. The conclusion is I need to eat less roast beef to keep said room at a stable temp. From an expert…… that’s science.


If Great Thunderbird and the rest of the climate crisis tosspots have their way, there will be another ice age in the next 50,000 years and GTs home town and place like Chicago and New York will be under around 2km of ice. Sweet irony that will be of course. But what people maybe haven’t realised is that if all else fails then the next ice age will be the end of north western so-called civilisation and the next great extinction of humanity, as there won’t be much chance of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere surviving it. To thrive, the Earth needs to be warm and full of forests, CO2 and Engineers. But those at the top of the pyramid don’t want everyone to survive – they just want to survive without the plebs, and to live forever in a world free of anyone other than themselves. What they don’t realise is that it’s human diversity and challenge that provides what they all have, not their own stupidity and inability to do anything real themselves.


There they go again, trying to convince us that we are in a minority.


They’re losing their nerve.


I wish they were but the trouble is that they have control of so many aspects of life now. We need to set up an alternative society, I think that’s our best hope.


That is our ONLY alternative; this being said, when one runs the game sets the rules, one doesn’t need to hurry. It seems to me that something has hasted their momentum…either way. I’m off to a more rural setting as son as my North London flat is sold. Jennie, the writing is on the wall, the so called loft styled apartments that are being thrown up look more like tidy gulags to me.

Scott Jardine

We are. That’s the beauty


After the vaccine fiasco I’m no longer convinced we are a minority Scott.

Yes the majority might be vaccinated but a sizeable number were bullied and threatened into getting injected but did they really believe we were in the midst of a deadly pandemic ?

The authorities used deception then which makes it more than likely they are doing the same now with the climate nonsense.

I’m not confident that the majority will stand up to the same tactics they succumbed to with covid though.


It is perfectly understandable that the sun has zero influence on the Earth’s climate as it is constantly being filtered, locked and otherwise messed with. These people / entities are truly attempting to ‘play God’. It must end at some point.


The result of living in a TV cave.


I’ll bet the 5 out of 6 who believe it are all vaccinated.


I don’t believe anything anymore.

Simon Blanchard

The BBC says there’s man made climate change and it’s bad, so it must be true. Lol.


Epic tune by payday monsanto z big picture https://youtu.be/lHRApt11uOI


Far too few


5 In 6 UK adults believe the lies.
That’s more worrying than the climate change hoax.


Vikki, I’m officially giving up talking to normies; it’s a waste of time, as they are doomed. I sat next to a fellow commuter on the journey home yesterday evening and couldn’t help but notice the 10 or so face muzzles poking out of her handbag. What IMHO has happened is that they have succeeded in dividing humanity into two tribes; their plan will be complete when we go to war and destroy one another.

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