11 Million School-Age Children To Be Vaccinated By Autumn

The Telegraph claims that it has seen provisional government plans to begin vaccinating children as early as August. Two sources told the paper, that August is the earliest that children under-18 could receive a vaccine.

Oxford University is currently trialling covid vaccines on children. Safety data is expected sometime in June or July. If the data is positive, the government will roll-out the jabs for children.

It has been estimated that at the current vaccination rate, roughly three million jabs a week, most of the country’s 11 million schoolchildren could be vaccinated before the Autumn term.

Government advisers are keen to vaccinate every child in the country, claiming it’s the best way to limit the spread of infection. Critics point to the fact that the virus barely brushes children. Kids are unlikely to contract covid-19 and those who do, rarely fall ill.

In fact, the government admitted last week, that children returning to school has not led to a rise in infections. Of the 2,762,775 lateral flow tests that were carried out on secondary pupils since they went back, just 1,324 were positive, according to the first official figures.

That’s right. Millions of tests were given to secondary school children and only 0.05 per cent of them tested positive for the virus. Kids don’t get it. Kids don’t carry it. Kids don’t pass it on.

So why vaccinate them? Why vaccinate anyone? UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty admitted last night that most people who get covid have mild or no symptoms. “It’s very difficult to find” he said.

No sane parent would allow their child receive an experimental treatment for an illness that presents no risk whatsoever to children.



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Marissa Oatley

For the love of our children, (in my opinion) we should not allow this. Ever.


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Jon Taylor

You don’t need to give children an experimental gene theropy that they are not getting or passing on and has a 99.something servival rate.


Through the pretended “science” of virology (fake isolation, fake sequencing) and the pretended “science” of vaccinology (fake immunity), the State—which is already an authoritarian entity—becomes a Cult.
Prior law (the Constitution) is ruled out; it is anathema. It didn’t account for the new great enemy: the virus. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” is replaced: “The eternal virus demands the curtailment of liberty.”
“Science” is the cover story that conceals the occult hypnotic inducement.

Zac Baled

Ok you can call me silly but the more this convid crap is being played out everyday the more suspicious I become of this bs or agenda.
What could be the agenda?
Could there be or is there a sinister ploy involving aliens or some other unseen entity being played out here? You know sacrificing of humans on a large scale?

Usually I would not give much attention to said theories but seriously what is happening today (all over the world) is definately not normal.
Vaccinating the children – what for?

Observe bill gates’ motions. His movement of hands are really creepy like as if he has twisted fingers and hands and then those smirks on his face when ever he talks about new virus’s and injecting people and children….. something is definately not right…..hmmmm!

Id like to hear Jordan Maxwell’s take on all this. (Just thinking like)

Which fool vaccinates a child for no real reason? (Im confused)


Did you hear that interview Richie did with Mark Bajerski (hope I’ve got the spelling right), who is a natural healer, who had a client who went to a party also attended by Bill Gates? Anyway Mark’s client said that Bill Gates spent the entire evening sitting rocking backwards and forwards and everyone kept looking at him. Does that sound like someone mentally normal?

I heard a couple of interviews with Pres. Eisenhower’s grand-daughter (long since removed I’m afraid) who said that her grandfather’s Sec.of State met with other beings and I’ve come across government contractors and speliologists I think they are called (people who explore deep caves) who’ve had encounters. Then I saw an interview with the son of a Hopi indian chief who said his father told him that when the tribes used to live in the mountains they had encounters with different kinds of beings.


He looked really strange in that Microsoft enquiry, rocking and looking totally out of it.

Zac Baled

Hi Jennie
Thanks for that. Some really interesting things you have said I will look into.

I remember Mark advising on the show (last year I think it was) that we should try not to watch the mainstream news channels like bbc and sky news in these strange times so often according to Mark’s understanding the producers of the msn were performing magic like brainwashing of the masses. Mark went along the lines that the msn want majority of people depressed and to feel worthless.

This bill gates character seems a right odd ball. He cant even sort his operating system (microsoft) from catching virus’s yet wants the whole world population vaccinated (against an
Imaginary virus that most likely does not exist)


Billy Goat is one sick twisted psychopath who should be locked up and the key thrown away.

David Moore

A positive test rate of 0.05% is within the +/- tolerance of the test, it would be quite reasonable to say there could actually have been ZERO positive tests. 
Children do contract coronaviruses – the coronavirus group is the commonest cause of the common cold. So there is no reason why they wouldn’t catch SARS-CoV-2 – it is just they are said to be unaffected by it and do not transmit it. It doesn’t mean they don’t catch it.

This virus whatever it was has disappeared. Everything else is false positives. People are having these injections for a bogus test result. The Western world is destroy for a bogus test.


Even if this was real, which it isn’t, the harm which has been done and continues to be done by the measures far exceeds anything a short lived flu type infection would cause.

Just this year I’ve heard about 7 suicides from people I personally know who knew them or family memebers and 3 of them were under 30 years of age.

I know of people whose cancer has advanced beyond hope of cure because their operations they were due to have a year ago they have only just had.

Here in Ireland by the official figures there are about 300 people in hospital with this supposed covid virus (average age of death from this according to government figures is 84) and yet we have 5 million people on full lockdown. This has already been going on for 3 months after a very short reprieve from the previous full lockdown and we have children in schools wearing masks all day and not allowed to mix with each other.

This insanity has got to stop. I just wish I knew how to bring that about.


Hi Richie, have you looked into the known carcinogen Ethylene Oxide used to sterilise the lateral flow test swabs? Started looking into this and it is indeed used on them and stated on the packets, and the National Cancer Institute/Wikipedia etc all agree it’s a carcinogen. So although presumably low exposure, this is repeated exposure for school children and eventually the rest of us. I know you don’t have the answer yet, but what, seriously are we going to have to do here? Thanks for everything, keep it up mate.

Web Ferrett

You all might like to see this little video of the German Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich interviewing a Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav describing the similarity’s with what is happening now – it’s on brandnewtube.com and called “Vera Sharav: Medical Reign Of Terror Then & Now”(Can’t post the direct link as it gets automatically removed) – but VERY eye opening.


This is now beyond sinister. That complete and utter failure and hypocrite Neil Ferguson was on TV this morning talking positively about vaccinating children! I honestly believe they are so confident in their agenda that they are taking the piss out of us. In what sane world could Ferguson still be advising the government?
Richie has highlighted over the past few years how tens of thousands of children have been forcibly removed from their parents for no good reason and yet now parents are going to be ‘persuaded’ to allow their kids to have an experimental gene therapy pumped into them, that is of no benefit whatsoever. A child’s immune system is not fully developed so God knows what it might do to them. This is insanity. Any parent or carer agreeing to this is guilty of child abuse.


Anybody who gives experimental drugs to children is no better than a paedophile in my book. At least with a nonce you know what you’re getting :- a sore arse and a dose of PTSD. With an experimental drug the consequences could be anything from infertility to cancer to a deadly autoimmune disease like aids, ya just don’t know.

I’m really struggling to see how they could convince even one parent to go along with this. I know in my heart that if anybody goes near my boy with this shit then bodies will start appearing in my neighbourhood. This is not hyperbole. We’re well past rational debate on this subject.

Richie, can I be entered into the draw for Marks crystal box prize (I am a regular contributor to the show), thanks.


Well seeing how little kickback there has been where I live to children being made to wear masks all day in school I would believe anything.


Evidence is clear as stated, it barely affects most people. As long as we have the media going along with it, the brainwashing will get through!

Ronald Templeman

Any parent that lets their child be vaccinated with this poison is either totally thick or stupid


Or a slave to the fear. Fear has always been one of the best motivators, regardless of intellect.


Two words CHILD ABUSE!


One word – profit.
And not necessarily just financial.

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