12-15 Year-Olds Not Rushing To Be Covid Jabbed – Hurrah!

Here’s some good cheer. Less than 11 per cent of the UK’s 12-15 year-olds have taken up the offer of a covid jab. I know it’s early days but that’s a very good sign. It’s a little over three weeks now since the first group of 12-15 year-olds were given a jab at school.

Head teachers and unions are not happy. Neither is the government. The UK Education Secretary (Zahawi) and the Health Secretary (Javid) yesterday wrote a letter to parents, warning them that face to face learning is at risk if the kids don’t hurry up and have a jab.

Telegraph writer Allison Pearson accused Zahawi and Javid of bullying parents into jabbing their children. Writing in today’s paper she said:

Why should that be? The virus is currently racing like a forest fire through secondary schools. Being vaccinated would not always prevent students being infected or stop them passing it on. With any luck, most kids will have had Covid before half-term and the rest by Christmas. That should give them excellent, long-lasting immunity, which some studies suggest is superior to any bestowed by a jab.

A friend whose two daughters, aged 14 and 12, tested positive said the girls spent 10 days in their bedrooms binge-watching Netflix. They had no symptoms. Neither parent caught Covid despite “lots of cuddles” on the sofa when the kids must have already been infected. “Do they seriously expect them to get vaxxed just for that?” the mum marvelled. “It’s nuts.”

It doesn’t seem to occur to our tunnel-visioned public health experts that many families have arrived at the perfectly legitimate decision to wait and see before exposing their healthy son or daughter to a vaccine which is still waiting for long-term safety data, to protect them against a virus which scarcely affects them.

Excellent stuff Allison. In response to Zahawi and Javid’s threatening letter on Twitter, mum Lisa said:

“Thank you for your letter today. My kids don’t need a vaccine. They need you to put their education first so they can learn what myocarditis is and what a 99.98 per cent survival rate means. Regards, Awake Mum.”

Like I said, good cheer.


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guys, I just got to watch this- scary but this supports the operating system injectable… please comment and share- I want to know your thoughts. https://www.bitchute.com/video/dWs7yO1xWK7R/


Yes I saw this, it’s like a horror film. He also detected that all the vaccines aren’t the same.


and this is what the world is going to face soon. https://www.facebook.com/TomHughesEndTimes/videos/602967817400711


Amazing how they’re all interbred.
Brett Sutton being Jane Halton’s (of Event 201 fame!) brother in law!!

Anyway, the eyes of the awakened and ‘awakening’ are fully focused on Australia right now..

And we will not forget you…

No chance.





Disturbing reading of the situation here in Australia. Full push is on now with pop up vaccine clinics at hardware stores ‘Bunnings’ like a sausage sizzle! Don’t believe the numbers by governments- only 50 % are being injected. Like the US, we have to stand strong. Once governments reach 80% there is no stopping the ‘passports’ and tyranny.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jennifer

Listen to this Queensland Nurse of 30 + years experience try and get the information out on national radio- the interviewer is John laws, who would put James O’Brian to shame! Richie should listen to this. https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/qld-nurse-radio/


As clear as the light of day, she gives him all her credentials at the start of the interview, but the goon wasn’t even listening as he asks her again circa three minutes later!!

I’m not certain even Fluffer O’Brien is this daft, but that may only be a consequence of John Laws advancing years.

Fluffer has decades ahead of him yet..

So no doubts, the very best of O’Brien is yet to come.

God have mercy on our souls.



Told my son if they offer him the jab to tell them to fuck off.



Urban Fox

Hi, that’s absolutely hilarious I’m still laughing here in the fox hole.


Blessed Day Mr Fox. A friend sent it to me last night. I thought it too good not to share 😄👍🏻.


Excellent. As someone said to me today, “if a fart can get through underpants and then through jeans how on earth can a mask stop germs getting in”?

Urban Fox

Great to hear David soul at the end of the show. Here is another of his from my youth, hope you enjoy. Thanks Richie for being there.

David Soul – Going In With My Eyes Open (Full Version) – Bing video

Urban Fox

Great to hear David Soul just now at the end of the show.. This is another of his, from my youth. Hope you enjoy.

Don’t give up on us – YouTube


The irish are rushing to kill their children off, my neighbours daughter got the jab a few months ago and has been to the hospital twice with blood clots. .


Yes it’s sad isn’t it how many sheep there are here. Where I live there are so many teenagers walking around in masks in the street. Sorry to hear about your neighbour’s daughter, hope she comes through all right.

Urban Fox

Hi Jennie, it is indeed. Sent you couple private messages.

I can’t help but think those who have already had the jab probably just like to be ‘first in the queue’ and that goes before putting their brains into gear. But then again, if their parents are indoctrinated it would be harder fo them to go against mum and dad.

Nellie………they are letting kids here take the jab without consent from parents……..like i said in a prior post my kid already has a auto immune and was adament to get this jab……..in the summer they were giving ice cream to kids to promote this nonsense.


my 14 year old has been doubled dosed….may I add that at 2 years of age she was diagnosed with retina blastoma in which she had to have her right eye removed……..3 to 4 years later when she was 5or 6 ish she was diagnosed with a auto immune disease called juvenile dermatomyositis ……..whether or not the jabs that newborns get did these things to her I don’t know…..but I can’t help but think they did…….so its safe to say I hit the roof and have not spoken to her because of my outburst for over a month……canada as a country is doomed…….I don’t miss a show Richie…..you are the best out there.


Sorry to hear that. Heartbreaking really.
Keep strong please. I lived 5 years in BC and to see Canada become a place of oppression and injustice is very sad.


So sad, feel for you. Canada and Australia used to be great countries and now look at them.

Alex Romero

It’s an indication the MSM is losing the information war.

Tim in Brazil

This is a clear indication of a growing awakening.


Is it? Or is it just resistance to this one thing? I suppose only time will tell.


Resistance has to start somewhere. Yes, it’s been painstakingly slow, but fingers crossed that it’s happening now.


Let’s hope so 🤞🏻👍🏻.

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