1st Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination: Attorney Interview

US military veteran Isaac Legaretta, is suing Doña Ana County in New Mexico, over a new policy requiring first responders to receive a COVID-19 vaccination or face being sacked.

Legaretta, an officer at the county’s detention center, is being represented by Attorney Ana Garner.

Journalist Spiro Skouras tracked the attorney down and secured an exclusive interview with her.

In the conversation, Garner explains the significance of this case and what is at stake. Victory for Legaretta could set a legal precedent regarding mandatory vaccination. Garner tells Spiro, that she is prepared to take it to the Supreme Court if necessary.


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 the definition of a Pandemic was changed from deaths to cases around 2008. It means that anyone tested positive by the fake PCR test is now a victim of the pandemic. The majority of people who have no noticeable symptoms from Covid are victims of the pandemic- utter madness. Compare with the 1 million who die every month, every year of communicable diseases, in mostly third world countries, and this is not considered a pandemic.


here in the UK the NHS guide to the vaccine illustrates – ·     Many people who have covid may not have any symptoms
·     A small number may go on to have severe symptoms -which they label as disease to frighten you and may lead to hospitalization.
·     There is no cure for Covid
·     Nowhere does it say it stops you dying, passing on or catching the virus. Basically the vaccine does nothing.

Web Ferrett

Excellent video post by Spiro (as always) – I just hope this gets through our corrupt legal system and courts and not thrown out on some technicality or something.
I wish Garner all the best in persuing this for us all.


I watch Spiro on Bitchute which doesn’t censor on anything like the scale of YouTube. He’s excellent.

Thank you too Richie for your well written, informative and concise articles on here, much appreciated.


Awesome interview.

“Cease and desist”

I can hear a song transmutating through the ethereal ether…

wait .. wait…

Receiving NOW:

“Can you hear the DRUMS Fernando”

And if you can’t Mr. Macias!

We won’t be stopping until you can!

You and the rest of your kind globally!!



I’ve tried to post this link yesterday but got the message “reviewing” or something and a post never popped up on the page 🙁


It’s bug in the system Herb!
(Designed to prevent spam!)



Got it, thanks Gerry

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