Covid Vaccines ARE Covered By UK’s Vaccine Damage Payment Program

The Vaccine Damage Payment initiative, was created in 1979, to provide compensation for to people who had been injured as a result of vaccinations against certain diseases. It’s a statutory program and claimants do not need to prove negligence, in order to receive a payment. Between 1997 and 2005, the UK government paid £3.5m, in […]

Talk Radio Host Compares So-Called Anti-Vaxxers To Terrorists.

The subject of what to do about so-called anti-vaxxers was discussed on Monday’s Ian Collins Show. The Talk Radio host agreed with a listener who texted in to say that: “this isn’t about freedom of speech, these are highly dangerous people spreading messages that could have fatal consequences. These people are no better than those […]

Jewish Community Proves That Covid-19 Is NOT A Deadly Disease

Covid-19 is not a disease let alone a deadly one. We’ve known this since day one. Now a study of coronavirus infection in London’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community appears to prove it. Two thirds of the community had Covid last year, that’s nine times the national average by the way, and only 0.3 per cent of […]