Facebook Admits Shadow-banning Richie Allen Show Page For Posting Facts

I keep receiving these notifications from Facebook, telling me that the visibility of my page has been reduced because I posted “False News.” I haven’t of course, but that doesn’t matter. As a consequence Facebook says, people “will be able to see that I have a history of sharing false news.” I don’t as it […]

Tory MP: “Domestic Vaccine Passports Going To Happen.”

Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer asked Tory MP Stephen Hammond this morning, if in the near future, people could expect to be asked to show proof of vaccination to enter a business. Hammond replied: “I think it’s going to happen, not whether the government regulates it or not. I think simply getting back to normal life. […]

DVLA Asks Employees For Waist Size – For Clearance To Return To Work

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) asked staff to disclose their waist size as part of the decision making process around returning to work. In a staff circular, seen by The Mirror newspaper, a number of workers at DVLA headquarters in Swansea were asked to state if their measurement was larger than 34 inches […]

Bill Gates: “Solving Covid Is Easy Compared To Climate Crisis.”

Bill Gates has a new book out. It’s entitled How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have And The Breakthroughs We Need. It’s a guide to tackling global warming. WHS Smith should place it in its fiction/humour section. That’s if of course, WHS Smith doesn’t go out of business because of people like […]

Israel To Ban Citizens From Gyms, Cafés and Shops If They Refuse Vaccine

SKY News correspondent Mark Stone is in Tel AVIV today, reporting on Israel’s vaccine roll-out. Israel offered the jab to everyone over-16 at the beginning of this month. Since then, uptake has dropped significantly. Younger people are reluctant to be vaccinated. The country’s Health Minister has proposed that the unvaccinated be excluded from museums, cinemas, […]