Charities “Wasting” Money On Staff Unconscious Bias Training

Some of the UK’s biggest charities have been criticised for spending donations on “unconscious bias” training for staff. Companies pay for courses, often delivered online, where staff are taught to accept that even though they don’t think so, they are in fact inherently racist. The Red Cross and The Alzheimer’s Society are among the charities […]

Motorists! Surrender Your Car For £3,000 To Beat Climate Change!

People who drive the most polluting cars, will be asked to “surrender” their vehicle to their local authority, in return for £3000. The surrendering drivers won’t get cash though. Instead they’ll receive credits that can be spent on public transport, bicycles, electric scooters, car clubs and taxis. According to The Times newspaper this morning, the […]

Hotel Boss: “Britain Has Turned Into The Soviet Union.”

Writing in The Telegraph today, Sir Rocco Forte, the chairman of the Rocco Forte Hotel Group, compared lockdown Britain to The old Soviet Union and accused UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock of enjoying himself. Forte travelled to Russia in the mid-eighties as the guest of a state controlled travel group. He writes: I was allocated […]