Talk To Richie – Phone-Lines Will Open In Hour 2 Of Today’s Show

Richie will be taking your calls from around 6.05 pm this evening, Monday February 22nd. The numbers are on the image below. Before that, he’ll be speaking to former professional football player Gary Dempsey. Gary posted a video about the financial and health consequences of lockdown. It has gone viral. It should be a fascinating […]

Oxford Students Told That NOT Being A Racist Is No Longer Enough!

According to the Daily Mail, Oxford University is telling students that it’s no longer good enough to be a nice easy-going tolerant person, who doesn’t care about a person’s ethnicity. Oh no. Students have now got to be seen to be anti-racist and are expected to be actively involved in anti-racism initiatives. The paper reports: […]

Irish “Journalist” Calls For Martial Law To Achieve Zero Covid.

Sunday Times columnist David Quinn Tweeted last night that Martial Law may be needed in Ireland, to achieve zero Covid. Quinn said; Watching the very large numbers out and about and hearing anecdotal evidence of people starting to meet again in each other’s houses, I see no way short of martial law of us achieving […]

Health Staff Injured By Covid Jab Are “Imagining It” – Telegraph

Writing in the Telegraph today, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard claims that German health workers who reported feeling ill after receiving their Covid jab, were in fact imagining it. It’s an example of the Nocebo effect according to Evans-Pritchard. He says that exposure to fake news about the vaccine, can lead to some recipients believing that the dose […]