The AstraZeneca Jab IS Killing People & It’s Being Covered Up

Last night Germany suspended use of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab for people under 60. The German medicines regulator found 31 cases of a type of rare blood clot among the nearly 2.7 million people who had received the vaccine. Let’s be clear, that’s 31 cases they know of. Canada has withdrawn it for use in the […]

Vaccine Passport LIKELY To Be Needed At UK Summer Music Festivals

Fans attending this Summer’s Reading and Leeds festivals, will more than likely have to produce a vaccine passport on entry. Festival boss Melvin Benn said that he believes fans will have to prove that they are covid-free or that they’ve been vaccinated. The sold out festivals, will also have a dedicated Covid medical director and […]

Is Lenny Henry The Dumbest Man In Britain?

Lenny Henry has written an open letter urging the UK’s black population to have a coronavirus vaccine. In the UK, vaccination rates are considerably lower in blacks than in whites. The letter was signed by a number of black celebrities. There’s also a short film. Speaking to the BBC this morning, Henry said that people […]

Florida Governor Says He’ll Ban Vaccine Passports

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said yesterday, that he would take “executive action” and ban vaccine passports in his state. Republican DeSantis told a press conference, that the passports present “huge privacy implications.” New York was the first state in the U.S. to announce it would implement a vaccine passport programme. It’s called “Excelsior Pass” and […]

24 World Leaders Openly Call For The Great Reset

World leaders are calling for an end to nationalism and isolationism in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. 24 countries have come together to call for a global settlement like the one reached after the second world war to “protect countries” and build cross border co-operation. The call by the 24 world leaders is made […]

Brisbane Enters New Lockdown Over SEVEN New Covid Cases

Brisbane will enter another three-day lockdown tomorrow morning, after seven new cases of coronavirus were reported there. The city is home to 2 million people. The “outbreak” was reported on Saturday. At 0600 Tuesday morning, everything will shut in the city. Locals have been panic-buying as a result of the announcement. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk […]

BBC Presenter “Won’t Hug Parents” As It’s “Not Permitted”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my parents later”, Rick Edwards told Rachel Burden this morning. The BBC Radio 5 Live presenters were discussing the gradual easing of lockdown, which begins today. “I won’t hug them though”, Edwards hastily added. “Hugging is still not permitted.” Edwards hasn’t seen his parents in a long time. He’s […]

5,000 Fans Take Covid Tests & Wear Masks To Attend Barcelona Gig

5,000 fans wore masks at a concert in Barcelona on Saturday night. The show, by Spanish Group Love of Lesbian, was given the go ahead on the condition that the promoters provided the concert-goers with facemasks. The fans also took a same-day covid antigen test as part of an experiment to test the effectiveness of […]

Hancock Panics When MP’s Ask: “How Many Die After Vaccination?”

Two Conservative Party backbenchers shocked Health Secretary Matt Hancock yesterday, when they demanded to know how many people have died after having a coronavirus vaccine. Hancock, visibly flustered, had no answers. Hancock was in the House of Commons, explaining why his government wanted to extend the covid emergency powers until October. During his speech he […]

Details Emerge Of How UK Vaccine Passports Will Work In Practice

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove is leading a review into how vaccine passports could be used domestically. He is expected to report early next month. The Telegraph is reporting today, that figures involved in those talks, revealed to the newspaper some of what is being considered. Gove is meeting business groups, scientists and civil liberties campaigners […]