National One Minute’s Silence At Noon Tomorrow – Let’s Make Noise

The speakers of both houses of Parliament will lead a one minute’s silence at noon tomorrow to mark a year since the beginning of the first lockdown and to remember those who have lost their lives to coronavirus. This will be followed by a vigil tomorrow evening at 8pm when the public is expected to […]

Why I’ve Come To Suspect That Covid-19 Doesn’t Even Exist

Until recently I believed that I may have had covid-19. Shortly after Christmas 2019 I became very ill. I spent the first three weeks of January 2020 in bed. I thought I was a goner. My GP was bewildered. He knew my lungs weren’t getting oxygen, but hadn’t a clue as to why. There was […]

Test Yourself Twice A Week To Get Out Of Lockdown – Government

Every adult in the UK is to be asked to self-test for covid twice a week to help end lockdown. According to The Times newspaper today, an advertising campaign will urge adults “to play their part” by regularly checking that they are not infectious. According to The Times: Testing chiefs hope that isolating more infectious […]

Hearing Loss, Tinnitus & Vertigo Linked To Covid – Scientists

UK scientists have claimed that hearing loss and vertigo may be caused by coronavirus. Researchers from The University of Manchester and Manchester Biomedical Research Centre, compiled data from 24 studies. They believe that 7.6 per cent of people infected with covid experience hearing loss, while 14.8 per cent suffer tinnitus. They also believe that 7.2 […]