Door-To-Door Vaccines To Boost Uptake In Leicester

Vaccinators could go door-to-door in Leicester, to persuade people to have a coronavirus vaccine. Covid cases are high in some parts of the city where vaccine uptake has been slow. Health officials in the city told the BBC that they are looking at “innovative” ways to reach more people. Persuaders and vaccinators might be deployed … Read more

Foreign Holidays Illegal From Next Monday

A ban on leaving the UK without a “reasonable excuse” comes into force next Monday and will remain in place until the end of June. The government is blaming a third wave of covid-19 cases in Europe. From Monday, anyone attempting to leave the UK without a good reason, will be fined £5,000. Health Secretary … Read more

Care Home Staff Face Mandatory Vaccination

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that it has seen leaked cabinet plans to legally mandate vaccines for care home staff in England. The newspaper claims: Leaked details of a paper submitted to the Covid-19 Operations Cabinet sub-committee last week show that the Prime Minister and Health Secretary have requested the change in law. Ministers … Read more

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