Cashless Society: Santander To Close 111 Bank Branches By August

Santander has just announced it will close 111 branches by August this year. The group said this morning, the closures are a result of changes in customer behaviour during the covid crisis. Santander said branch transactions fell by 33 per cent over the two years before the pandemic and declined by a further 50 per […]

Pub Boss – “Vaccine Passports Discriminatory & Unworkable”

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, the Chief Executive of Britain’s oldest brewing company, said that vaccine passports are discriminatory and would be in breach of data protection laws. Jonathan Neame, the CEO of Shepherd Neame, said that the government should park the idea and move on. Yesterday, speaking before the House of […]

Professor: Britain Can’t Be Held To Ransom By Vaccine Refuseniks

Writing in the Daily Mail today, Brendan Wren, Professor of Vaccinology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said that “a third wave caused by vaccine refuseniks would devastate our return to normality.” He also said that “there is no excuse” for not having a vaccine. He writes: …a worryingly high proportion of […]

11 Million School-Age Children To Be Vaccinated By Autumn

The Telegraph claims that it has seen provisional government plans to begin vaccinating children as early as August. Two sources told the paper, that August is the earliest that children under-18 could receive a vaccine. Oxford University is currently trialling covid vaccines on children. Safety data is expected sometime in June or July. If the […]

Whitty: “Covid Difficult To Find. Most People Have Mild Or No Symptoms”

Speaking alongside UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at last night’s Downing Street Covid briefing, Chief medical Officer Chris Whitty said that coronavirus was effectively harmless and none of the watching journalists batted an eyelid. Whitty said; “In terms of eliminating (coronavirus) from the UK, this is a disease which has got ah…most people who have […]

Door-To-Door Vaccines To Boost Uptake In Leicester

Vaccinators could go door-to-door in Leicester, to persuade people to have a coronavirus vaccine. Covid cases are high in some parts of the city where vaccine uptake has been slow. Health officials in the city told the BBC that they are looking at “innovative” ways to reach more people. Persuaders and vaccinators might be deployed […]

Senior Tory Says Vaccine Passports “Probably Illegal”

The former Brexit Secretary David Davis warned today that, vaccine passports might be illegal and that firms trying to implement such a scheme, may find themselves in court. Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove is heading up research into whether the government can introduce a Covid Status Certification scheme, to allow the economy to reopen faster. The […]

BBC Poll: Lockdown Habits To Remain Long After Pandemic

Working from home and travelling less are two lockdown behaviours that are likely to remain with us after the Covid pandemic has ended. This is according to a BBC/King’s College poll which was carried out by Ipsos MORI. The study suggest that regulations introduced to control the spread of coronavirus may have a lasting impact […]

UK Police Forces Preparing For “Summer Of Disorder”

Every police force in England and Wales has been ordered to gather intelligence on groups that may be planning protests in the coming weeks, according to The Times. The order, which comes from The Home Office, was prompted by the riot in Bristol on Sunday evening. The government confirmed yesterday, that the temporary ban on […]

Foreign Holidays Illegal From Next Monday

A ban on leaving the UK without a “reasonable excuse” comes into force next Monday and will remain in place until the end of June. The government is blaming a third wave of covid-19 cases in Europe. From Monday, anyone attempting to leave the UK without a good reason, will be fined £5,000. Health Secretary […]