Ireland: Dog Poo DNA Tests To Catch Owners Who Don’t Pick Up

Ireland is a police state. Leitrim County Council will begin DNA testing of dog poo to help identify people who fail to pick up their dog’s waste. Dog wardens will collect stool samples and attempt to match them with saliva samples taken from dogs in the same area. Leitrim’s local authority said that dog owners […]

Heneghan – “No Evidence Facemasks Keep Kids & Teachers Safe”

Speaking on Talk Radio this morning, Oxford University epidemiologist Carl Heneghan said that there is no evidence that face masks help to keep pupils and teachers safe in the classroom. Heneghan told Julia Hartley-Brewer; “What I would say to people is, in the absence of evidence, if you think they should be wearing them, go […]

Oncologist: “Government Covid Policy Driven By Deranged Dogma!”

In a column in The Mail Online today, Oncology Professor Angus Dalgleish accused UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson of “political cowardice” and that his government’s covid-19 policy is being driven by “nothing more sophisticated than a deranged dogma.” Dalgleish writes; “It is dogma of the worst sort, for it is shaped by political cowardice and […]

MIT Study Shows That Social Distancing Is Arbitrary Nonsense

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of technology have revealed that the risk of exposure to Covid-19 is as great at 60 feet as it is at 6 feet indoors. The research challenges coronavirus guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The World Health organisation. Both the WHO and the CDC said last […]