I Am Unsullied – I Will Not Be Made Impure

I am unsullied. That’s how I see myself now. I will not be coerced into being injected with a toxic tidal wave of pus and shit. Therefore, I am unsullied. Unsullied is an adjective. It means not soiled or made impure. Matt Hancock and his giddy mate in Number 10 Downing Street will never get […]

Dan Hodges: “The Unvaccinated Are A Big Problem”

The Mail on Sunday journalist Dan Hodges told Talk Radio’s Mike Graham this morning, that the unvaccinated are largely responsible for the government’s decision to push Freedom Day back to July 19th. Hodges said that we shouldn’t blame the Indian variant for the delay: “My own view is that there’s too much emphasis on the […]

Ashworth: “It’s Sensible To Wear Facemasks This Autumn & Winter”

Speaking to BBC Breakfast this morning, Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said that he believes it would be sensible for people to continue wearing facemasks into the Autumn and beyond. Ashworth said: “I think it may well be sensible to carry on wearing masks on public transport certainly through this Autumn and Winter.” He then […]