Irish Ice Hockey Star Resigns In Protest Over Vaccine Passports

Niall McEvoy is an ice hockey player who has represented Ireland for the past thirteen years. He was a key member of the squad that won the silver medal at the 2017 Development Cup in Andorra. This morning, Niall emailed his team mates and the coaches of the Irish National Ice Hockey team to tender […]

Delete The NHS App, Stop Getting Tested & Tell The Govt To Fuck Off

I am surrounded by the stupidest motherfuckers alive. OK, I’ve not left the country in three years, so it might be worse elsewhere, but I do wonder. I burst out laughing while reading The Telegraph this morning. In an exclusive, the paper claims that: Neighbours are being told to self-isolate because the NHS Test and […]

Govt To Look At Reimposing Restrictions If Cases Continue To Rise

SKY News is reporting this morning that the UK government “will look at” reimposing restrictions if infections continue to rise and case numbers become unacceptable. The Solicitor General Lucy Frazer told SKY: “I think the Health Secretary’s been very clear, as has the Prime Minister, that we will see infections rise. But the reason why […]