Keir Starmer Is Self-Isolating Now. I Call Bullshit

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has gone home to self-isolate this afternoon. The media has been told that one of his children has tested positive for covid. According to the BBC: A statement from his office said one of his children tested positive at lunchtime, but Sir Keir was doing daily tests and tested negative […]

It’s YOUR Calls To Richie – Today Weds July 21st From 5.35pm

Good afternoon friends. I’m opening the phone and Skype line to the show from around 5.35pm this evening. Please do not call if you called in last time. Priority will be given to new callers and those we haven’t heard from in a while. All the details are on the image above. Here they are […]

Irish President Signs Vaccine Passport Legislation Into Law

Irish President Michael D. Higgins has signed into law controversial legislation on indoor drinking and dining. From Monday, checks of vaccination certificates will be made before seating customers. Anyone eating at a restaurant or drinking at a pub in Ireland, will only be seated indoors if they can show that they have been double-jabbed or […]

Delete NHS App + Stop Getting Tested = Scamdemic Over

Friends, gammons, countrymen, lend me your shell-likes. Take out your phone. Press your thumb or forefinger on the NHS app. Hold it down for a second. It’ll give you options. Choose delete app. Good job. Now, never take a PCR or lateral flow test again. Congratulations. You have ended the scamdemic. Go about your business. […]