One Tenth Of Doctor Prescriptions Are Unnecessary & Dangerous

A review into GP prescriptions has found that one tenth of all prescribed medicines are unnecessary and that this is routinely harming patients. The study found that one fifth of elderly hospital admissions is due to the adverse effects of wrongly prescribed drugs. The routine over-prescribing of medicines has pushed the NHS drugs bill past […]

Premier League Soccer Stars Refuse To Promote Covid Jabs

Premier League football clubs have held talks about producing a video to promote the covd-19 jabs. However, the project failed to get off the ground because of a shortage of players coming forward to appear in the film. According to The Daily Mail, many top flight players have yet to receive the jab themselves and […]

Ofcom Adds Gammon, Karen & Snowflake To List of Offensive Terms

The UK communications regulator Ofcom has for the first time begun to add so called “politically charged” terms to its list of potentially offensive words that broadcasters should steer clear of. Ofcom believes that words like Karen, Gammon, Libtard, Snowflake, Remoaner and Boomer are likely to cause offence and broadcasters should take this into consideration […]

Oxford Apologises For Hosting Christian Conference

An Oxford college has apologised for hosting a Christian conference. According to The Telegraph, Worcester College Provost David Issac acknowledged the “distress” caused to students by hosting a Christian Concern training camp. Isaac said the profits would be used for “diversity initiatives.” Isaac is a former chairman of LGBT charity Stonewall and also previously chaired […]