12-15 Year-Olds Not Rushing To Be Covid Jabbed – Hurrah!

Here’s some good cheer. Less than 11 per cent of the UK’s 12-15 year-olds have taken up the offer of a covid jab. I know it’s early days but that’s a very good sign. It’s a little over three weeks now since the first group of 12-15 year-olds were given a jab at school. Head […]

Flu DID Circulate Last Winter – They Just Renamed It Covid

Flu is back. It took a gap year in 2020, but it’s back now, well rested and twice as dangerous. The “flu disappeared last Winter” claim is proof if ever you needed it, that people will believe anything if their television tells them it’s true. Throughout 2021, the government and its medical advisers told us […]

Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories Lead To Antisemitism Say Campaigners

So-called hate crime campaigners have claimed that the spread of covid-19 conspiracy theories will inevitably lead to a rise in antisemitism. The Wiener Holocaust Library is currently staging an exhibition which examines interwar British fascism and its parallels today. The Guardian newspaper is covering the exhibition and spoke to a Jewish community leader and the […]

Drivers Need To Make Citizens Arrests Of Insulate Britain Idiots

Once again this morning, eco-warriors are sitting in the middle of UK roads and preventing people from going about their lawful business. Sitting in the middle of a road or highway is unlawful. It is also dangerous. Some motorists are exiting their vehicles and dragging the goons to the pavement. This is an exercise in […]

Khan Cancels London’s New Years Fireworks Show Again

What an odious little weasel Sadiq Khan is. And in other earth-shattering news, today is Wednesday. Khan, London’s Mayor, said last night that the world famous New Year’s fireworks display was cancelled again. He said it’s due to “uncertainties over covid.” Around 100,000 people gather on the banks of the Thames each New Years Eve […]

Brooklyn Nets Star Told He Won’t Play Again Until He’s Jabbed

Following up on a story I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, the Brooklyn Nets told 7-time All Star point guard Kyrie Irving yesterday, that he won’t be selected to play again, while he remains unvaccinated against covid-19. New York City regulations state that all athletes who play or practice in the city must […]