When All Else Fails…Try The Bagpipes

Insulate Britain were back out on the roads this morning. The eco-warriors are demanding that the government spend billions on a national home insulation programme before the climate crisis kills us all. The group had the cheek to ask motorists not to use the M25 this morning, to allow them to protest safely. Some motorists […]

UK Is Testing For Covid 10 TIMES More Than Other European Countries

How many times has it been said on The Richie Allen Show, that if the NHS stopped testing for covid-19, the pandemic would disappear? I must have said it a thousand times. Yesterday, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard told the commons science and technology committee: “If you look across western Europe, we have about 10 times […]

Public Wants Referendum On Government’s Climate Change Plans

An opinion poll suggests that the British public are in favour of a referendum on Boris Johnson’s net zero plan to tackle the so-called climate crisis. A YouGov survey which was carried out earlier this month, found that 42 per cent of adults favoured a vote on the measures, 30 per cent opposed it and […]