Germany To Follow Austria In Locking Down Unvaccinated Citizens

Germany is expected to announce a lockdown for unvaccinated citizens in a matter of days. According to The Telegraph newspaper this evening: Those who refuse the jab could be limited to meeting just one person from outside their household and barred from non-essential travel as soon as Friday in the region of Saxony. Under existing […]

The Most Vaccinated Place In The World Just Cancelled Christmas

Still think it’s all been about a virus? Think again. Gibraltar has just cancelled Christmas. Gibraltar is the most vaccinated place on Planet Earth. What kind of fuckery is this? The Gibraltarian government has just announced that “official Christmas parties, official receptions and similar gatherings” have been canceled. Health Minister Samantha Sacramento said this week: […]

Surgeon: “No Booster For Me – Covid Is About As Risky As Flu!”

An NHS consultant surgeon has declared that he will turn down the offer of a covid booster jab as Covid-19 is “about as risky as the flu.” Dr. Tony Hinton was speaking to Talk Radio’s Kevin O’Sullivan. He said: “I’m not having a booster because I know what my antibody levels are and I might […]

Is Social Media Causing Tics In Teenagers?

The Daily Mail is reporting today that there has been a a sudden upsurge of physical and vocal convulsions among teenagers, particularly girls. It’s been dubbed “ticcing.” According to the NHS, tics are  repetitive muscle movements that result in sudden body jolts or involuntary sounds that are difficult to control. Common examples are blinking, grimacing, […]

Irish Will Be “Strongly Advised” To Work From Home

RTÉ is reporting this morning that the Irish Cabinet will meet today to discuss a proposal to “strongly advise” people to work from home. According to the national broadcaster: The move is being described as far-reaching and people will be advised to attend a workplace only when it is necessary. It follows close to five […]