Obese Gal Has 8 Cardiac Arrests – Blames Covid & Urges Folks To Get Jabbed

I’ve laughed hard today. SKY News has been running cautionary tales for months now. The channel regularly features folks who nearly died from covid infection, allegedly. Typically, the person shares his/her horror story and then advises the nation to get the jab at the speed of light. Sometimes these people will confess that they didn’t […]

Council Painted Yellow Lines Under Cars Overnight & Fined The Owners!

File this under you just couldn’t make it up. A council used a crane to lift cars in the air while double-yellow lines were painted on the road. The cars were then lowered back into place. Parking fines were then promptly slapped on the car windshields. Talk Radio’s Mike Graham with the story.. Residents of […]

Guy Sacks Gardener For Being An Anti-Vaxxer!

It must be sack an anti-vaxxer day today! Earlier, I reported that a CNN correspondent fired his children’s nanny because she wouldn’t have a jab. Now a man has told LBC radio that he sacked his gardener for being an anti-vaxxer. Speaking to Nick Ferrari, the now gardener-less man said: “I think people who aren’t […]

BBC Presenter Fears For Freedom Of Speech

Veteran BBC presenter Michael Buerk has said that he fears for the future of his Radio 4 show “The Moral Maze.” Buerk believes that the content of the programme is becoming increasingly “woke.” Buerk has presented the show, which discusses ethical issues, for over 30 years. Writing in The Radio Times this week he claimed: […]

Times Journalist “Taking Test Is Small Price To Pay To Attend Party”

Times Radio presenter Reya Al-Salahi said this morning that taking a lateral flow test is a small price to pay in order to attend a party this Christmas. UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said yesterday, that everyone attending a Christmas party should consider testing themselves before setting off. Appearing on Good Morning Britain earlier, Al-Salahi […]

CNN Reporter Fires Nanny For Refusing Covid Jab

CNN correspondent Brian Stelter has revealed that he fired his children’s nanny because she wouldn’t have a covid jab. FOX News presenter Tucker Carlson obtained an audiotape where Stelter explains his thinking. On the tape Stelter can be heard saying: “Me and my wife both work full-time, we both make enough money to have a […]

“No Mistletoe Snogging This Year” – Government Minister

The Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey told ITV’s Robert Peston yesterday, that she doesn’t think there should be any snogging under the mistletoe this Christmas. Did Peston glare at her and ask: “Who the fuck do you think you are? What makes you think you have the right to tell people who they should or shouldn’t […]

Javid Orders Booster Jabs For Next Two Years

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid has ordered 114 million more covid-19 jabs. This equates to two more boosters per person in the UK. The jabs will be capable of being modified against future variants. According to The Telegraph: Ministers said the deal with Moderna and Pfizer, covering two more years, would “futureproof” the country beyond this winter’s […]