Will There Be A Referendum On Mandatory Vaccination In 2022?

I’ve been saying for months that the UK government will attempt to mandate covid jabs and eventually flu jabs too. I predicted this long before the Austrian and German governments outlined their intention to mandate jabs. Down the years, learned men and women came on my shows to predict that in the future, vaccines for […]

Boris Johnson Is A Despot And Must Be Deposed Immediately

Boris Johnson is a despot and must be deposed at the speed of light. However, he must not be replaced by another Conservative MP. Nor should he be replaced by the leader of the opposition. The system must be torn down. The only way to achieve this is through civil disobedience. The wholly compromised Johnson […]

Someone Tell The BBC That Trans Women Are NOT REAL Women

The BBC has released it’s “Most Inspiring & Influential Women of 2021” list. There are at least two transgender women on there. It’s not the first time that the BBC has included a so-called trans woman on the list since it launched in 2013. There is no such thing as a trans woman. It is […]