Labour MP Threatens To Quit Party Over Trans Abuse

Labour MP Rosie Duffield has threatened to quit the party. Duffield accused party leader Sir Keir Starmer of failing to support her through what she has described as “obsessive harassment” from trans extremists. According to The Times: Duffield, Labour’s only MP in Kent, was understood to be speaking to officials after publicly questioning her future […]

Israel Labels Amnesty International “Antisemitic” Over Palestine Report

A human rights organisation has accused Israel of forcing Palestinians to live under apartheid. In response, Israel called the human rights group antisemitic. Bada boom bada bing. In other Earth-shattering news, today is Monday. Amnesty International is about to publish a major new report which accuses Israel of “enforcing a system of apartheid against the […]

Spotify Set To Clamp Down On Covid Misinformation

Spotify plans to add advisory warnings to podcasts that discuss covid-19. Speaking yesterday, CEO Daniel Ek said that the new warning will redirect users to a data hub of coronavirus facts. The streaming giant has been criticised over its relationship with Joe Rogan, who has hosted vaccine sceptics on his podcast. Last week, the musicians […]

Government Set To DROP NHS Staff Vaccine Mandate

The UK government is set to announce that it is dropping the requirement for NHS patient facing staff, to be double-jabbed against covid-19 y April 1st or face the sack. Health Secretary Sajid Javid will meet ministers today with an official announcement expected before Thursday, the last day on which staff could get their first […]

Elbows – A short film

Hi everyone, Richie suggested I share this so I shall. This is another short film I directed, this time a surreal comedy about how a bad day can always get stranger. Please feel free to have a watch if you like. I hope you enjoy it and let me know your thoughts. We’re going in […]

Clinics To Offer “Quiet Hours” & Women-Only Sessions To Boost Jab Uptake

Vaccination centres are to offer quiet hours and women-only sessions in a bid to boost uptake of covid jabs. The scheme will be rolled-out in vaccine clinics across Worcestershire in the next week. According to the BBC: Female-only staff will deliver Covid-19 jabs to women during “women’s hour” and “quiet hour” will see lights dimmed […]

Triple-Vaxxed Journalist Says She Wouldn’t Be Treated By Unjabbed NHS Staff

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown told The Jeremy Vine Show this morning that she wouldn’t be treated by a healthcare worker who hasn’t been jabbed. Alibhai-Brown, who writes for the Evening Standard, also said that NHS workers who haven’t been jabbed, should wear a badge that identifies them as unvaccinated. In response, the galactically ridiculous Jeremy Vine, who […]

Banned Bee-Killing Pesticide Approved For Use In UK

A previously banned pesticide, which is devastating to bees has been given emergency use authorisation in the UK, despite experts advising against it. In 2018 the EU and the UK announced an almost total ban on thiamethoxam because of the harm it causes bee colonies. According to the BBC: Emergency use of a product containing […]

Doctors Less Likely Than Other Health Workers To Be Covid Jabbed

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released new data showing vaccination rates by profession at the end of last year. The figures show that doctors are the health workers who are least likely to be jabbed against covid-19. According to The Times: “Medical practitioners”, a category covering doctors of any seniority, had an unvaccinated […]