Fish Off Florida Coast Test Positive For Antibiotics & Antidepressants

Fish off the coast of Florida have been found to have antibiotics, antidepressants and pain meds in their blood. The drugs reach the fish through human wastewater. According to The Mail Online: Researchers at Florida International University and the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust – a nonprofit based in Miami and focused on bonefish and tarpon […]

Lives At Risk As NHS Loses 25,000 Beds In A Decade

Britain has fewer hospital beds than all European Union nations apart from Sweden and has lost 25,000 beds in the last decade alone. That’s according to analysis by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. It claims that hospitals are “fit to bursting” and that this is putting patients lives at risk. According to The Times: […]

Trudeau Wants Freeze On Handgun Ownership

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to introduce a total ban on the buying and selling of al handguns. He has proposed a new law that would freeze private ownership of all short-barrelled firearms. According to The BBC: The legislation would not ban the ownership of handguns outright – but would make it illegal to […]

Zahawi Hounded Off Uni Campus By Trans Activists

The Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi was chased out of a university campus by trans activists who accused him of inciting hatred through his definition of woman. According to The Telegraph: The Education Secretary was met by dozens of student protesters chanting “Zahawi is a transphobe” and “Tory scum” while visiting the University of Warwick on […]

Lockdown Blamed For Deaths Of Thousands Of Diabetics

A major NHS study suggests that more than 3,000 died because of a lack of diabetes checks resulting from the first Covid-19 lockdown. A move to a more remote form of healthcare delivery meant that crucial face to face examinations didn’t take place in the 12 months after the lockdown. According to The Telegraph: Those […]

The Richie Allen Show Is Back On

As of this morning, The Richie Allen Show is once again streaming on A few weeks ago, a UK court order forced Tunein to delete hundreds (if not thousands) of radio shows and stations that didn’t possess the appropriate music licenses. The Richie Allen Show was one of them. Listeners took to social media to […]

Priest Accused Of Antisemitism Over 9/11 Conspiracy Posts

A Church of England priest has been accused of causing “profound offence to Jews” after he shared conspiracy theories online, which suggested that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks. The Rev Dr Stephen Sizer appeared at an ecclesiastical disciplinary tribunal in London yesterday (the first one of its kind), where he denied the charges against […]

Black History Lessons Compulsory For Police

Every police officer will have to participate in lessons on black history in an effort to tackle racism. Officers will be also be told that they should be comfortable being labelled as woke. According to The Telegraph: The Police Race Action Plan, being launched on Tuesday, aims to create a police service that is anti-racist […]

Obese People To Outnumber The Healthy Within Five Years

A leading cancer charity is claiming that obese people will outnumber healthy people within five years. According to The Telegraph: The study by Cancer Research UK shows that by 2027, those whose weight does not compromise their health will be in the minority. The forecasts show four in 10 will be obese within two decades, […]

Tesco Shopper Tells Company: “Stop Replacing People With Machines!”

A Tesco customer has started a petition calling for more cashiers on tills. Pat McCarthy from West London said she launched her campaign after visiting one Tesco store where three quarters of the tills were self-service. According to the BBC: Pat McCarthy, 69, started a petition calling for more cashiers on tills because “you can’t […]