WHO Claims Covid Death Toll Is Nearly 15 Million

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is claiming that the Covid pandemic killed around 15 million people globally and that many countries undercounted the numbers of Covid deaths. According to the BBC: The WHO believes many countries undercounted the numbers who died from Covid – only 5.4 million were reported. In India, there were 4.7 million […]

Independent SAGE Muppet Compares Covid-19 To Child Abuse

Stephen Reicher is an insufferable prick. Indulge me here, please. I’ve had to listen to him and his goon mates lying through their bastard teeth for the better part of two years now. Reicher himself is never off the telly. Throughout 2020 and 2021 he pushed hard for a Chinese style zero covid strategy. He […]

Rail Conductor Fired For Questioning Black Privilege After Diversity Training

A rail conductor is suing his former bosses after he was fired for criticising diversity training and questioning “black privilege.” Simon Isherwood left his microphone on at the conclusion of a training session which took place on Zoom. His colleagues reported him and he was sacked. According to The Telegraph: Simon Isherwood, 60, from Northampton, […]

Top German Professor Calls For Action On Covid Vaccine Injuries

A Professor at a major Berlin hospital has claimed that he has recorded 40 times the amount of serious side effects resulting from Covid vaccination, than the German authorities will admit to. Over the past year, Professor Harald Matthes of Berlin’s Charite University Hospital has been conducting a study entitled “Safety Profile of Covid-19 Vaccines.”  […]