Tom Hanks: “I Couldn’t Play A Gay Guy Today And Rightly So!”

Tom Hanks won his first Oscar playing a gay lawyer who sues his firm for wrongful dismissal. However, Hanks has said that he couldn’t play the role today, as it would be inauthentic for a straight guy to play a gay man. Speaking to The New York Times Magazine, the 65 year-old actor said: “Let’s […]

RTÉ Should Tell Dublin Pride & The Irish Government To F*ck Off!

Dublin Pride has ended its partnership with state broadcaster RTÉ following the airing of a series of discussions of transgender issues on the Liveline radio show.  The organisers accused RTÉ of promoting hatred against transgender people. In a tweet, Dublin Pride said the following: RTÉ is our national broadcaster. LGBTQ+ people and our allies make […]

Sturgeon’s Care Home Restrictions Caused Deaths Says Major New Report

A major new report has concluded that severe restrictions imposed on care homes by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon are likely to have contributed to emotional decline and deaths. The report also claims that the legal basis for confining residents to their rooms and banning visitors was unclear. According to The Telegraph: Research commissioned by […]

Majority Of Brits Want Trans Women Kept Out Of Female Sports

A new report suggests that the majority of Britons are against so-called trans women competing in female sports. 5,000 people were questioned by the More In Common think-tank. Only 19% were in favour of allowing trans athletes compete with women. 57% said that biological males should not compete with females. According to The Times: The […]

Rich Nations Accused Of Betraying Third World At Climate Talks

The wealthiest nations have been accused of betraying the developing world at climate change talks in Bonn. At COP 26 in Glasgow, poorer countries were promised that they would be financially compensated for the impacts of climate change that they cannot adapt to. The US and Europe have been accused of sidelining the issue. According […]