38% Of Global Population Yet To Have A Single Covid Jab

More than three billion people are yet to have a single covid-19 jab, according to the World Health Organisation. That’s roughly 38 per cent of the global population. Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s emergencies programme said that the acceptance of vaccination is not a “moral grey area.”

According to The Telegraph:

He said: “Please remember this isn’t an individual moral issue. If you’re offered a vaccine, take the vaccine. If you’re offered a second vaccine, take the vaccine. If you’re offered a booster, take the booster.

“No individual on this planet should feel they’re the ones in a moral grey zone.

“If you’re offered the vaccine, take it.”

Dr Ryan said countries could do more to ensure vaccine equity, adding: “If we can’t address the simple issue of the equity of every individual on the planet having access to a protective course of vaccine against a pandemic – if we can’t do that – how in God’s name are we likely to deal with the bigger issues of climate justice and social justice that we face in the world?”

He sounds pretty desperate doesn’t he? There never was a pandemic. Most people never contracted covid-19. Of those who did, the great majority of them never had any symptoms. The WHO has admitted this.

Never forget either that University College London declared in July 2021, that the UK had achieved herd immunity, predominantly through natural infection. Do look it up.

Covid-19, by their own admission is a relatively mild respiratory infection that can be problematic for the very elderly and people with debilitating or life-limiting medical conditions. The average age of a covid death is 83. Life expectancy in the UK is 82.

You know all this of course, but it bears repeating. There is no pandemic. There was never any emergency.

So why, oh why are they so desperate for every citizen on earth to take repeated doses of a medicine that they do not need and that is causing the most severe injuries in many?

Apply the principle of Occam’s Razor and you’ll get there quickly enough.



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Caroline Fealy

Funny he mentions morals as this is what stops me from doing, believing any of this shit show they have created.

M T Hadi

“Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any. 3 Doses with a booster offer reasonable protection against hospitalisation & death. Less protection against infection”.. 

Albert Bourla (Pfizer CEO) – When the Pfizer CEO says that, then why should anybody in their right mind, take the vaccine…

M T Hadi

It’s one of those occasions where I object to equality…


Can we really trust their figures? Were I Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey my lawyers would be issuing copyright infringement suits for the misuse of the name. If only 38% of the global population have yet to take the clot shot, surely they’ve reached the ‘tipping point’ and can now leave us pure bloods alone ?


I wonder what the big well fed Irish pharma shill and his WHO cohorts might have to say about this… 🤔

“Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic.”




It is an excellent letter but I think a lot of doctors, who are obviously mostly concerned in their own field, don’t realise the bigger picture and that this has all been planned for a long time.

Last edited 12 days ago by Jennie

Absolutely Jennie.
To say nothing about the total legacy media blackout of the adverse events.

I just found this… Some truth bombs on the beeb..

Some great sound effects to accompany this one!!



None of these presenters dare agree with common sense or they will be joining the ranks of unemployed. There was a look of almost fear in Fiona Bruce’s eyes, I think she knows the truth.


Most likely the fear being expressed was her fear of the cat escaping from the bag!
Oh I’d safely say she knows the truth alright…. her and the majority of her fellow legacy media communist propagandists scattered around the planet.


Either that, or they’re suffering the effects of professional cognitive dissonance? There are those who simply refuse to risk even being thought of out of their sphere of expertise.

Tony K

Dr Michael Ryan.

A guillotine, a basket, and some rats to clean up the mess.

He’s been instrumental in this whole thing.

Remember his name.
Remember his face.


They seem to forget to mention it is a live exercise, experiment, AS IF there is a pandemic


I truly believe that the reason that they’re ‘doubling down’ on the pressure and rhetoric is that they’re falling behind their own schedule. Even the ‘normies’ at work are losing faith in their own anecdotes. Usually they seem happy to recount stories of a brave victory over the deadly 91DIVOC or it’s variations of concern; but their stories are sounding more and more hollow as they realise -that they’ve been HAD.


“He said: “Please remember this isn’t an individual moral issue. If you’re offered a vaccine, take the vaccine. If you’re offered a second vaccine, take the vaccine. If you’re offered a booster, take the booster”.

he sounds like a salesman that turns up to your door offering vacuum cleaners,

Anne Talbot

😂 He fell short of saying “ come on now Roll up,roll up yer jabs here folks “

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