42 British Pubs Closing For Good Every Day

42 pubs closed their doors for good, each day in 2021. The rate of closures is increasing. 30 pubs shut permanently every day last year. Industry body Hospitality UK warned yesterday, that if things don’t change soon, 30,000 boozers will disappear forever.

12,000 premises alone, went out of business in the period December 2019 to February 2021. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost. It’s a depressing picture.

Pubs will miss out on Β£325million of beer sales alone across the Easter weekend, according to the British Beer and Pub Association. Addressing the Confederation of British Industry yesterday, Hospitality UK boss Kate Nicholls said;

“For many businesses, they are clinging on by their fingertips. You are looking at potentially 20,000 to 30,000 sites closing.”

She went on to say that a third of hospitality venues couldn’t open last summer because they were unable to comply with social distancing and tier restrictions.

Industry leaders are demanding that the move out of lockdown is accelerated before it’s too late.

Last week the same industry leaders were scathing in their criticism of the government’s plans to introduce vaccine passports. I believe they were sincere. But a few more weeks of lost revenue and mounting debt might change their minds.




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We used to have a mile long stretch of pubs into the town centre, now they are all flats or EU foodstores etc… all planned.


Well the smokng ban was never about health, they’ve been destroying the industry for a long time, now it looks like the end of pubs as we knew them, but then who wants to drink with the idiotic public who are going along with this.


The Speakeasy will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Kevin Ward

Revolutions start in the taverns …this is why the Rothschild Cartel have ordered their ” government ” puppet minions to close down all pubs & clubs by stealth , in return for huge backhanders of course ….any sheep that STILL think this is about a ” super deadly virus ” are comatose. A coordinated mass reopening , a huge NO to this BS and non compliance with this nonsense are required now. Otherwise Agenda 21 & 30 / End Game will be reality !!


Times were already becoming harder for Pubs and clubs before the scamdemic was forced down our throats, but now it appears the powers that ‘currently preside’ want a bloated, inebriated (on alchohol delivered to our doors via DPD, or Acado) poplulace hypnotised by mainstream media, social media and comedy that isn’t funny. What a world?

Last edited 1 year ago by Backbeat

Meanwhile in Ireland:
(And what the plan is for ‘former Irish pubs!)


And my Irish and new Irish zombified brothers and sisters…

Still don’t get it!!



Wes Baker

So the Irish want to transform pubs into remote workhouses? Working remotely for whom? Some multi-national company? Doing bloody what? Playing on zoom and taking ‘diversity/woke classes’?

Last edited 1 year ago by Wes Baker

Exactly Wes!


Scott Jardine

Almost, listen to these two…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Haggx04HGMM


I’m alarmed at the Irish and the Aussies – thought they had more fight in em than that.


Not anymore Backbeat (correct name this time!!)(😄)!

Long since divided and conquered I’m afraid… They’ve been running a number on the demographics here since the late 90’s and it’s gone into overdrive now!

I reckon we’ve been a testing ground for the European phase of the Agenda since it’s inception and now they’re basically doing whatever the f*** they want with us with little or no resistance.

The vast majority of native Irish over here are spineless cowards and wasters.. the remainder are immigrants who for the most part are delighted with life, regardless of the ‘terms and conditions’ our state applies!!


Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry

And not just the Pubs, the Snooker clubs etc will close. I miss my snooker so much that I had a dream and in that dream I sneaked into my club and played ‘illegal’ Snooker, I played fantastic shots, on a par with the Naughty snooker of Judd Trump. Then the dream turned into a nightmare and I got caught, lol. How sad is that, getting caught playing Snooker in your dreams.

Last edited 1 year ago by sven

Just buy your own and make it happen!

And if anyone dares trespass when you’re playing, the cue and billiard balls could come in very handy!!



Shades of a young Ray Winstone in the film ‘Scum’?


Did he use a sock??



Sven, aren’t dreams supposed to be wishes?

ian heaver

Same here mate, I’m a big snooker fan both watching and playing. It’s sad to think my local social club which has two tables could and probably will shut soon. I’ll have to buy my own table and build a shed in the garden !


I stopped drinking over 2 years ago due to “addiction Issues” , spent 90 odd percent of the time drinking at home or someone elses home anyway.

despite not being a pub goer pre covid i used to feel bad at the amount of pubs closing due to various reasons and becoming appartments, eating venues and even Mosques,

pubs have a history in England going back well over a thousand years, it is part of our heritage and culture, pubs going out of business because of lockdowns is awful and sad.

but a pub that instals screens, mask wearing, social distancing, hand sanitising stations, one way systems and ultimately passports ! is a pub only in name and fecking deserve to go out of business regardless of heritage and culture.


There is going to be an increasing likelihood of people getting the jab on the promise they can go to the pub – only to find there are no pubs to go to.


Ultimate April fools Craig!

A never ending one.

Twud be almost funny if it wasn’t true.


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