7 Billion Jabs Given In Nearly 200 Countries – This Will Never End

More than 7 billion covid-19 jabs have been administered in nearly 200 countries to date. Yet your news feed is filling up with scare stories about rising infections and Christmas restrictions. Will it ever end? In short, no.

According to the BBC this lunchtime:

Overall, China and India have administered the highest number of doses, with 2.4 billion and 1.1 billion respectively. The US ranks third, with more than 440 million.

But when breaking the figures down by doses per 100 people in countries with a population of at least one million, Cuba, the United Arab Emirates and Chile top the list.

While countries in Europe and the Americas are progressing well with their vaccination campaigns, many states in Africa have experienced some supply issues.

Ireland has administered 7.35 million doses of a covid jab. 93 per cent of the population has had at least one dose. Yet national broadcaster RTÉ is reporting this afternoon, that the government will announce new restrictions at a press conference this evening.

It is believed that Taoiseach Micheál Martin will ask people to work from home where possible. Martin told RTÉ that while he didn’t intend to lockdown the unvaccinated as has happened in Austria, he would look with interest at how the Austrians manage the lockdown of those who have not availed of a jab.

Martin couldn’t over-emphasise the importance of everyone having their booster shot. The world’s Prime Ministers and Presidents are singing from the same hymn sheet. “Boosters for Christmas. Boosters for freedom.”

This morning, Cambridge University microbiologist Ravi Gupta told SKY News that covid jabs will be rolled-out each Winter just like flu vaccines. We knew that. But Gupta implied that the annual covid shot would in fact consist of three jabs!

And to think it’s only Monday….

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Paul G

important video from Bayer executive, explaining that without covid 19 they wouldn’t have been able to give the public gene therapy drugs – they'[ve finally admitted it isn’t a vaccine, it’s getting out my friends – https://brandnewtube.com/watch/mrna-shots-are-gene-therapy-marketed-as-vaccines-to-gain-public-trust-says-big-pharma-hugo-tal_6pKHdRnHeSRAPZ8.html


Doris now on about locking down over xmas ,he is serious i do believe and so am i when i say 12 bore is my solution for him.


An excellent article well worth a read.
Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’


Interesting that the below woman is a 2021 Young Global Leader.
That is why she has been so prominent in the MSM!

Aldo Bennedetti

It will be very interesting when 100% vaccination of a population is achieved. It will unlock a goal.

Ireland might be the first.

Then phase 2 will begin Mr. Bond.


100% for Ireland!

Not a chance in blazing hell.

Unless of course, I’m burning down there first.


Colin G

no way Ireland will ever reach 100% the numbers are grossly inflated no matter how much propaganda the government and MSM will bombard us with day in day out


I agree Colin. There’s that too .. they’re making complete idiots out of us.


I think you are probably right, they lie about everything else.


Same here. They will never get 100%.

Colin G

where based jennie


I’m in Ireland.

Colin G

there is no alternative in ireland its propaganda and scaremongering day in day out tony the unelected dictator wont go away easy dont know why he gets so much air time and why the government are willing to listen to their advice . nobody elected nphet why they have any power is beyond me


I don’t follow any of it so their propaganda and fearmongering doesn’t even reach me. This is what I say to people, take off your mask, block out the msm, live your life and there is no pandemic.


Did anyone really believe that the COP thing in Glasgow was only about climate change? Would they really not have taken the opportunity to plan the next phase of the Covid agenda? Cue the co ordinated push towards the booster jabs and the stepping up of the demonization of the unjabbed starting with Austria and Germany, where the media are reporting that there is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Watch over the next few weeks for more co ordinated attacks. I think it’s about time for a dangerous new variant!

Colin G

well said

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I’ve,…recently been…’target practicing’.
Have U?.
Best Weapon is…*FEAR*. Never say what your…’weapon-assortment is*.

It’s called…“reverse psychology*.
Stefan Verstappan is a, ‘master’ of this…preparedness.


Fear has been their main weapon Chris, closely followed by ignorance and stupidity.


And Television which would come under a tool of fear.
“Television is the Satanic family altar,” Anton LaVey, said in 1966, “Television is the major mainstream infiltration for the new satanic religion.”


Yep the idiot box. One of the best teachers I had at secondary school was my history teacher, a great guy who loved to teach, my mate was pals with one of his boys in the year above me, we were talking about my teacher and my mate said, do you know they have not got a tv in the house, we thought that was crazy, who wouldn’t have a tv in their house ? well with hindsight my old teacher was far more clued up than I thought. A bit of hearsay on the satanic piece of garbage anton la-vey, might be true, hope it is to be honest. When this cretin was on his deathbed, surrounded by his followers, he was slipping in and out of conciseness, it came that they thought he had died, when he opened his eyes and screamed out ” no it’s not meant to be like this ” with a look of fear on his face, think he said it twice then went quiet, he had died, as said it might be nonsense but it was meant to have come from one of his followers who was in the room.


Direct from The British Medical Journal.

Please read and then share. There’s a very interesting section on T & B cell immunity.

Thank you,




All tied in with the below.
The WEF have stated that the world has to be ‘Vaccinated’, (Trackable) to bring in 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Technology Patent Suggests Tech Overlords Are Planning to Digitally Surveil People, Grant “Freedoms” Based on Vaccination Status.
Dr. Gal Ehrlich and Maier Fenster of Ehrlich & Fenster have uncovered evidence showing that a U.S. technology patent was approved to track and surveil people’s digital activity in order to issue them a social credit score based on their compliance with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fascism.

The patent proposes collecting people’s personal information from their mobile devices, app usage and social media browsing habits. There is also language that suggests people’s payment and medical records will also be included in the surveillance sweep.

What they specifically want is people’s location data, which is gathered through mobile GPS technology, as well as how much time people spend at various locations they visit. Other data points of interest include:

The ventilation rate of the places people visit

Images of people looking down at their screens on their mobile phones

Sounds from the microphones of personal devices

Facial recognition data

Basically, anything that seems private to the uninquisitive mind will be laid bare for whomever to analyze and exploit for the purpose of creating a new society in which only the compliant are awarded fake “rights” in the form of government-issued privileges.


Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

…when I saw this film the 1st-time…’All-of-the-Pieces-fell-into-place’.
*They Live!- 1988*.
A True-Masterpiece. Amen


It is great movie Chris.


Anyone remember a couple of years ago when the environmental lobbyists got little things like plastic straws banned? It was, they said, an attack on one use plastics. The media gleefully jumped on that bandwaggon.
Which shows just how much integrity they have.

Where are they now? All those one use plastic syringes. All those one use plastic infused blue masks. All those one use plastic gloves. All those one use plastic aprons.
Billions and billions of one use plastics – and silence from the media and the environmental groups.

And what about the occasional fuss the media have made about drain cleaner being added to narcotics? About how harmful that stuff is to the human body, even in small quantities.
And yet, Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda – aka, drain cleaner) is one of the ingredients in the Johnson&Johnson ‘vaccine’.

I’ve taken the time to look at the ingredients of all the dominant ‘vaccines’ and cross check the ingredients with Safety Data Sheets. My, what a delightful bunch of environmentally harmful chemicals they add up to being. Most of those ingredient Data Sheets even categorically state variations of ‘Not for Human Use’.

God forbid that incredibly well paid journalists start to rediscover their journalistic integrity.

Aldo Bennedetti

I’m a proud member of the Irish 7%.

F**k you Tesco and Lets Go Brandon!

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