7 Years Ago Today…

Good morning friends.

Seven years ago today, on Monday September 15th 2014, I broadcast the very first Richie Allen Show. FAB Radio’s Paul Ripley built a modest but functional studio in the spare bedroom of the house that we were renting at the time. We’d recently arrived in Fallowfield having spent 18 months in London.

The studio was modest because I had very little money. I had a Behringer desk, a rode microphone and two computers. One of them was an iMac which I never liked.

Paul did a cracking job with the rudimentary gear and at 8pm that night I went to air. I edited together a theme tune and used some FAB jingles. My great mate Hayden Hewitt was among the guests that night (I had four I think) and the show went off without a glitch.

I finished at 10pm. I was knackered. I’d been really nervous all day. I had turned down a lucrative offer from a commercial radio station to go it alone and I wasn’t convinced I’d made the right choice. My soul mate (the oft mentioned El Froggo Tremendo) had no doubts. She was certain from the outset that I’d made the right move.

My old mate David Icke was just as positive. When I was considering going back into commercial radio, David advised me that I wouldn’t be happy not being able to choose who I talked to and what we discussed on-air. He was right. He very generously offered to stream it daily on his website. There were no conditions. He wanted nothing in return. His family were brilliant too. They always have been.

I jumped in with both feet. I dedicated myself totally to producing the best possible show I could, every single day. I asked the listeners to consider supporting it, if they liked it. I made a promise. I said that I would never put it behind a paywall. I meant that. I still do.

Time flew. Suddenly I’d been on air for a year, then two, then three. I was working eighty hours a week to produce edit and present five shows. I loved it. Support increased and as it did I was able to upgrade the equipment. Here I want to thank the other woman in my life, Jeananne Crowley. Thanks Jeananne.

Today, the studio is state of the art. The broadcast console, the processors, the computers and the mics are BBC quality. This is why The Richie Allen Show sounds so good. I was adamant from the start that the independent media had to mirror the production values of the legacy media to have any chance of competing with them.

Paul Ripley and I never stop tinkering with the studio. We’ll never rest on our laurels when it comes to the sound. I’m fiercely competitive. I’m obsessed with it actually.

Like I said, the years have flown by. In May 2019, we moved to Salford. We are within walking distance of Media City. I’m not sure if that’s ironic or not. Is it a coincidence that the most listened to independent news radio show in the world is on the doorstep of the BBC? I don’t know. It makes me chuckle though.

Today, the show averages over 150,000 daily listeners and the podcast gets more than 2 million downloads a month. How cool is that? Incidentally, I recently passed 1,600 episodes.

The Richie Allen Show exists for one reason, that is to platform that which has been suppressed or banned by the legacy media. It really is that simple. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, I want to hear from the other side. There would be no need for me of course, if the MSM did its job.

I fee like I am rambling here, so I’ll wrap it up. Thanks for listening to it and thanks for supporting it. I don’t know how long it’ll last. The show has taken a few hits over the years. That’s par for the course, but lately it’s gotten more serious as you know. I’ll keep doing it as long as I can, but I fear it might be taken out of my hands one day. We’ll see.

It has been an amazing seven years. Here’s a few thank-yous off the top of my head and in no particular order. I’ll speak to you at 5pm.

Thanks a million

Paul Ripley, Hayden Hewitt, Jeananne, Patricia, Simon Stuart, Ruth in Oz, Mark Bajerski, The Icke family, Martin Noakes, Aaron Calland, Chris Seeley, Patrick Gallagher, Michael Coen, Mike from FAB Café and FAB Radio, Stephen, Andrew and everyone at Accounts Direct, Tez, Sophie and Andrew, Andrew Hunter, Neil in Jersey, Kim Hutchinson, Peter Ebdon, Right Said Fred, Daniel Tisserand, Monique & Céline, Tony Gosling, Meria, Mark Moore, Leia, Jazz (RIP), Jordan, Jim Marrs (RIP), Spiro, Music Radio Creative, Nigel Coad, Stephen Lendman, the folks at Podomatic.

And Caroline, the love of my life, for your constant love and support. Nothing works without you.



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Dean Smith

A true underdog success story!!!


Been listening and supporting for most of the seven years… here’s to another SEVENTY!
Best broadcast anywhere…. cheers Richie!


Happy 7th birthday, I’ve only been listening for just over a year but I just love the show, I’ll continue to support it too. It’s so important you’re able to keep it going. Thanks for all the content, research and fantastic guests you have. Brilliant stuff. Loula (from twitter)

Richard hoard

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Last edited 2 months ago by Richard hoard

I was watching the tv in a friends, they had itv news on and the Shamima Begum story was being discussed. The ‘journalist’ said that although people complained about Miss Begum being heard it was important to give both sides of the story/argument!!! I couldn’t believe it. For the last 18 months no dissenting voices have been allowed to voice their concerns or opinions regarding the scamdemic or anything else, including the climate etc. The lies that spew from these people beggar belief. And if people are ‘allowed’ to give their thoughts or opinions they are mocked and called a conspiracy theorist. There is no debate at all unless you push their agenda.

Last edited 2 months ago by Lucy56


Happy Anniversary!!!


chris sanders

Loving the shows Richie, congratulations on reaching CR 7 years. I am friends with Rachel Elnaugh and she has made it to mail on line saying that Whitty wants hanging.

Neil James

Happy Birthday, RAS! Keep it going, Ritchie. Thank you for the last seven years and all the very best going forward! Much love!


Happy 7th anniversary Richie. I’m glad that I discovered your show and wished that I had done so sooner. More power to you.


Richie really makes me laugh!..
And I love it when he Swears, he’s hilarious.


Yesterday’s anti Witty rant made me laugh my @R$£ off. Richie at the absolute height of his powers IMHO.


Richie allen show is the BEST truth show ever.

Scottish John

Matt Monroe Born Free,,, one of my old Mum’s favourites.


Matt Monroe was IMHO evrey bit as good as Sinatra, Como or Martin; to my mind; he’s only eclipsed by the great Mel Tormé and the peerless Sammy Davis Jr.

Heather in Dubai

Happy birthday to my favourite radio show! Only started listening in the past 18 months after you were recommended by a friend – here’s to the next 7 years Richie 🎉🍾✊🏻


Thanks for all your hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing a platform for guests most of us would never get to hear about. I’ve no doubt you are providing a massive service in keeping your listeners sane and taking ‘one for the team’ each day by going through the daily msm lies so we dont have to. Everything you do is truly appreciated. Hugs n stuff xx


Well said. Whilst many of us love the show; very few acknowledge the sheer graft that Richie puts in.

Scottish John

Hello my name is the BBG
I live next door to the BBC
There’s just one thing and this it
I tell the truth they’re full of shit..



Scottish John

comment image&f=1&nofb=1


I didn’t even know the independent media existed online until 2015 when I came across an independent channel by accident and guess which one it was, the Richie Allen Show. Yours was the first one I came across and I have been listening ever since. I have learnt so much listening to your programme and I think you do a magnificent job. Thank you so much.


It certainly isn’t the seven year itch for the Richie Allen show, it’s stronger than ever. Well done you. There are times when we can feel overwhelmed by these uncertain times. Thank you for your fantastic guests and all the hard work. And an extra big thank you for managing to invoke some proper belly laughs. 😘


Well done Richie!
Been around 3 years since I started listening to the show and continue looking forward to Mon-Thurs shows.

Ronald Templeman

Lets all say a BIG thank you to CAROLINE because Richie needed major support at times and she was always there for him. Good on you Caroline.


Jeananne Crowley

So right Ronald…great thanks to Caroline ’cause they be such a team x


Congrats Richie, the Richie Allen Show is awesome, our home wouldn’t be the same without your lovely Irish voice blaring through it lol 🙂 Love ya, Layla x 🙂

William Vincent Faubion

Congrats Richie, you’ve been a tremendous voice of reality, honesty and truth in a sea full of deceit and lies. Your Special nature and humor have kept me sane in an insane world. I am so glad I found your voice out there in the dark to cast light on my path and many others….. on this I have no doubt. You are, as the love of my life used to say to me …”One Of A Kind” and I wish you much success and happiness in the years to come. Warmly, Bill (Florida) Cheers Sir BBG!!!!

fab nocivelli


Marissa Oatley

Congratulations💛. So much love to you and all of the family helping keep the voice alive ❤❤


A big round of applause from me. You’ve earned it Richie. Keep up the the good work and you’re a voice in the darkness.

Jane Brooks

Happy Birthday to the show and many thanks and congratulations to you Richie for keeping things in perspective. Been listening to you for ages, from the old Icke days to now and rarely miss a show on catchup. keep going as long as you can, but always stay well and look after yourself and yours. xx

Sara D

What a great achievement- you should be justifiably proud.



Brambo of Salopia

Well done you! And here’s to many more. Yours is an important but rare voice of clarity in these truly frightening ‘interesting times’ amidst a cacophony of deliberate confusion generated by our vile and controlled legacy media. Peace, health and every happiness to you and your missus on this special day ‘BBG’. x

Urban fox

Happy Birthday Richie,

The Richie Allen Show Poem

Its approaching five, and in the world theirs doom and gloom with little light.
But theirs an Irish man in Salford ,preparing to put things right.
With his Richie Allen show ,he’ll take on the main stream media,
Unmask charlatans and the lyre’s in number 10.
With his sultry tones and Emerald charm,
From his secret Mancunian den.

He’ll make us laugh and make us think,
Have the odd rant,
Tell it like it is and take it to the brink.
Then when its all over, with his oft mentioned Tremendo,
Sit down with a nice long drink.
Every day after a six mile run,
He’ll do it all again.
Where others fear to go,
The line he will not toe.

Yes theirs an Irish man in Salford ,preparing to put things right.
With his Richie Allen show ,he’ll take on the main stream media,
Unmask charlatans and the lyre’s in number 10.
With his sultry tones and Emerald charm,
From his secret Mancunian den.
Then next day ,come rain or shine,
Do it all again.

31/8/21 Urban Fox


Richie it’s been the best 7 year journey, from finding you on YouTube to Podcast and now a Patreon. The topics and guests have allowed many to look behind the veil. To see a bigger picture and validate what hasn’t sat well or just didn’t add up. Thank you for all that you’ve done, the hard slog you’ve endured these past 7 years and even when the chips were down, you’ve come back fighting. Happy birthday to the show, cheers to the future and drown yourself in Bacardi… you deserve it

Clare Rehill

Happy 7th birthday to the show Richie! Hope you’ll be doing this in another 7 years time, but who knows the way the world is going! Avid listener since 2016. So glad I found your show, you’re hilarious monologs and news round up are legendary at this point. The jingles are the best in the business as well! 😂


Happy Birthday Richie

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