70 % Of Covid Patients In Hospital Primarily There For OTHER Reasons

As of today, as many as 70 per cent of covid patients in UK hospitals are primarily being treated for other problems.

For example, the latest statistics from NHS England showed that in the East Midlands, only 533 (29 per cent) of the 1,817 people included in coronavirus hospital data were being treated primarily for the virus.

In England overall, nearly half (47.9 per cent) of Covid patients were admitted to hospital for other conditions, but also tested positive.

As a result of this, some scientists are calling for the scrapping of daily covid case updates because they are giving an inaccurate picture and also because people are becoming addicted to them. According to The Daily Telegraph:

This week, it also emerged that the number of daily reported deaths is starting to diverge significantly from registered Covid deaths recorded by the Office for National Statistics. Sajid Javid has now admitted the dashboard figures are too high.

Deaths are reported as Covid on the dashboard if they occur within 28 days of a positive test. But so many people are now being diagnosed with omicron that a large proportion of natural deaths are now also ending up in the figures.

Francois Balloux, professor of computational systems biology at University College London, said: “Until recently, monitoring deaths within 28 days of testing positive was a good proxy – it mirrored the real world. 

“Now that is obviously not the case. At the moment, the numbers look horrible and worse than they should.

“The upside is they will soon look fantastic. I think we’re in a better situation than we have ever been since March 2020, and especially in the UK, I am pretty optimistic that we can soon call a day and then we’re finished.”

For the week ending January 7, the Government reported 1,282 deaths. However, the Office for National Statistics registered only 992, of which just 712 had Covid as the primary cause of death. 

Usually, Office of National Statistics data is higher because it also includes care home deaths. Now the trend has changed, with dashboard figures much higher than those published by the ONS.

Jonathan Ball, professor of molecular virology at the University of Nottingham, said: “It’s always been the case that the data was unable to discriminate between people in hospital, or people who died, because of Covid-19 rather than with Covid-19.  

“It will be important to understand the future impacts of Covid-19 and the only way you can do that is to record numbers, just the same way we do with other important infections. But the assumptions and potential errors inherent in those figures do need to be acknowledged more.”

On December 15th, Boris Johnson announced that Baroness Heather Hallett would chair the public inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic. It will begin in the Spring.

The terms of reference of the inquiry have yet to be published. Speaking in December, Hallett said:

“I am honoured to be appointed to chair the Covid-19 Inquiry. The pandemic has affected us all, some much worse than others. I am acutely conscious of the suffering it has caused to so many.

In the new year I shall be seeking views from those who have lost loved ones and all other affected groups about the Inquiry’s terms of reference. I want to assure the British public that, once the terms of reference are finalised, I shall do my utmost to ensure the Inquiry answers as many questions as possible about the UK’s response to the pandemic so that we can all learn lessons for the future.”

Will Hallett investigate how the deaths were counted? Jonathan Ball was unequivocal when he said that the data has been unable to discriminate between people who died of covid or who died with it and that errors in the collection of data need to be acknowledged.

I don’t believe there were any errors in the data collection. The government and its scientific advisers deliberately falsified the data to inflate the death numbers. This was done to terrify the public into complying with lockdowns.

The terms of reference will be published any day now. Will Hallett seek submissions from those who believe that the lockdowns were unnecessary and devastating for public health? We’ll have to wait and see.

I believe that it’ll be a whitewash and that Hallett will conclude that the government should have locked the country down sooner than March 2020. Time will tell.



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Kevin Duckworth

The Godfather III @10:15 the Fauci clone appears dressed as an archbishop. This is ripe for a piss-take along the lines of the Hitler throwing a a tantrum vids.

Kevin Duckworth

I have tried posting a brief couple of paragraphs regarding Fauci’s cameo appearance in “The Godfather III”, but my posts show “Awaiting approval” then they do not appear. What is happening or am I blocked for some reason?


Could be the linkas they do not post sometimes?


all the enquiry will say is that peoples freedoms should have been removed quicker and probably for longer.


This is very similar to the inquiry in Britain into child abuse where they kept appointing people to chair it who were a part of the establishment and even friends with people who were being investigated. Whatever happened to that inquiry I wonder? It just seemed to disappear without trace as this one probably will.

Urban Fox

I believe that 100% of covid patients are in hospital for other reasons. As they have been tested with a test that does not detect infectious diseases, but only looks for genetic material. But what do i know, I’m just a talking fox.

However i whole heartedly concur that there are no mistakes that have been made in the collection or interpretation of data. Furthermore that there is no need for any fake enquiry, to determine ‘lessons to be learnt’. As everything that has taken place has been long planned and coldly calculated. Including the insane policy of the 28 day rule, that has previously been even longer. That coincidently just happens to be the same mistake that was coordinated around the globe.

In fact all over this prison planet, everything that has taken place has to a lessor or greater extent, been the same. With rare exceptions. Why is it that for the first time in history, we have outward cooperation on such a global scale.? This is one of the questions i asked myself way back in March 2020, when open Tyranny was first declared. The reason is because these policy’s are being implemented on the instructions of the hidden hand. { Richie’s new expression which i love} These dictates are then given to Gates, passed on to the world health organization, who in tern hand them down to the worlds puppet governments. Who then carry out there orders in the best way they think they can get away with, in conference with the chief medical officers. Eventfully we get down to the Drs and nurses, police and the masses. But it all starts from the same source behind the curtain. From the top down, imposition and then acquiescence to authority. As we used to so eloquently say in the North of England, ”Shit flows down stream.”

From the smallest detail to the greater, nothing we have seen or experienced has been, error, mistake, oversight, misinterpretation or chance. But the most monumental hoax in the history of the world, since the death of Elvis{ Kidding}. That has been unleashed upon the world with devastating precision and effect. With Fascists centralized global control over a tiny slave population being the aim. But as i said, what do i know.


I agree with you 100% of patients non covid for sure, all based on fake testing. No lifting of restrictions here in Ireland but I’m hoping the pressure will build. When this particular phase of their plan ends (climate change hoax coming next), assuming it does, those responsible must be brought to justice. Will this happen? I have my doubts.

Urban Fox

Thanks J, i have my doubts to.


You Can Check in, but You Can Never Leave!

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet from Truth for Health Foundation lays bare what’s been happening inside America’s hospital system over the last two years, bringing to mind the 1977 dystopian Eagles’ hit song, “Hotel California,” where people can check in, but they can never leave.

Where once people could sign out of the hospital against medical advice (AMA), the Foundation’s COVID Care Strategy Team has sometimes needed a show of force from police, attorneys, media and family members to liberate patients from a hospital.

Hospitals have good reason to want to keep patients from leaving since the government has incentivized them to keep you there and watch you die, paying bonuses for every patient tested, admitted or treated with remdesivir for COVID, for every COVID patient on a ventilator and every COVID death.

Human rights attorney Thomas Renz estimates each of these bonuses can potentially add up to $100,000 extra per COVID patient; this may be one more reason why hospitals are not administering safe and effective medications like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.

Vliet cautions people not to get overwhelmed by fear, and instead take action; get prepared with a COVID survival kit and make an action plan if you must be admitted to the hospital.

In this 40-minute interview with Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, she reveals to host Dr. Peter R. Breggin many of the atrocities that are happening in hospitals today — not in the name of science, research or misguided intervention, but in the name of worship of the almighty dollar….



I think that great Eagles song has been cited quite a bit over the last 2 years. This is absolutely shocking. So basically those in charge of making policy in hospitals are crooks and murderers. Of course all this has been paid for by just manufacturing money out of nothing. Money has no meaning anymore. Most people work for a pittance to pay their bills while the psychopathic so called elite just print money to fund their disgustingly opulent lifestyles and their cruel plots against humanity.




Baroness Heather Hallett – Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE). The servant of the Crown who led the inquiry into the 7/7 bombings.
Not what I would call ‘independant’.

Her findings will align with the best interests of the state.


‘I shall do my utmost to ensure the Inquiry answers as many questions as possible’.
It would be worth clarification as to what ‘as possible’ means in real terms, because it could simply mean:
“I will answer as many questions as possible provided the questions or points raised are not inconvenient”.


Whitewash for sure. Mistakes were made and no one really to blame..
Waste of tax payers money it is.


We will probably hear the old favourite ‘lessons will be learned’.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jennie

Agreed upon.. 👍🏼👍🏼

Kevin Duckworth

I tried to post this in the live comments section, but it never appeared, when I tried again it said it was a repeat posting, yet it never showed up, that is why I have put it on here. Cheers everyone.

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