A Bedridden Jeremy Vine Takes Propaganda To New Lows

BBC and Channel 5 presenter Jeremy Vine has covid, allegedly. As do all of his co-presenters, allegedly. Just when you thought that so-called journalists couldn’t stoop any lower or shill any harder for the Great Reset Agenda, Vine went and raised the bar again.

He posted a clip of himself lying in bed in the throes of covid. He said it has ravaged his team, leaving his Channel 5 show without a single presenter.

Jeremy wants to know why the government isn’t doing anything. By anything, he means restrictions. You know, restrictions? Like bringing back the masks and the distancing and leaving seniors to languish in care homes.

Just look at the ever-fucking state of this. I never thought I’d see the likes of it. Journalism is dead.

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Welsh Gregg

It’s not the gas man, it’s the gas lighting man.


Is Vine not in court on 4th July against Alex Belfield? Maybe he will be too sick to attend!?


Good point!

Gavin Ledermann

Vine has come out with the most pathetic nonsense over the last 2 years of this Covid hoax. His radio show and that utter shambles on Channel 5 are laughable with their one sided polls and phone in’s.
Now he’s upset because he’s caught a cold and there are no restrictions. I only hope he had 3 kill shots from the most potent batch and they are slowly destroying his immune system.
Couldn’t happen to a more annoying, corrupt piece of shit.


Watching Vine in that clip reminded me of when Handcock pretended to cry!

Scott Murphy

Thank god he’d had the vaccine! Imagine how ill he’d be without it?! He might not have been able to get dressed!


I had thought that Lineker and Nicky Campbell were the biggest virtue signalling morons in the country but this twat has taken them both.

Brambo of Salopia

Let’s just hope it’s nothing trivial. 🤣


He even holds up his “covid” pregnancy test to highlight he’s positive!!

What a monumental w🤬ker!

Listening to the twit clip, I can’t help but think of the folktale ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes….

And wonder has any of these propagandists ever read it??

Oh wait… Isn’t this the type of establishment they all shill for??


Time for a picture used here more than once…

Note: It’s edited, so feel free to fill in the blanks yourselves!!


1st this VILE bastard does not have fucking covid its bollox!!!


When I first saw this I thought it was parody. Did he have a full BBC or Channel 5 outside broadcast unit in his bedroom. Poor Jeremy 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Every flu and cold is Covid now. That much is obvious. All I have to add is that every grey cloud has a silver lining. Take it easy, everybody..take as long as you need.


Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, real journalists are constantly at risk of imprisonment or death despite earning a fraction of what Vine pulls down for sitting safely on his backside.

Caroline Fealy

Well they should of said no to the experimental jab. Idiots! I have no sympathy for these so called journalist.
When this gov approve jabs for babies and they all start dying i will hold them to account.
Vine vine the spineless swine!


“If you can walk you can work”
As a TV presenter If he can talk he can work as well.


I’ve got him a card picked out.


Perfect 😁

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