Hey there,

I was thinking last night, while unwinding after the live show and waiting for it to upload to YouTube, that it's been a while since I said thank you. It's not that I don't think about the importance of your contribution, or even that I am ungrateful. No chance. I still make time at the end of the month, no matter how hectic things are, to email as many of you as I can. However, I don't get round to personally thanking everyone. That's a pain in the arse to me, but without an assistant or even a part-time secretary, it is impossible. If you've supported the show financially and haven't had a personal email from me, I apologise profusely. Do not think for a minute it's because I take it for granted.

I only log in to the show's PayPal and bank account at the end of every month when I pay the bills. That's when I email as many of you as I can, before I get interrupted by other show related business. Anyway, you get the picture. If you've supported the show in the past and haven't heard from me AND you would like to, email me at richieallen@hotmail.co.uk. I'd rather you did that, then sit there stewing and thinking that I am a bastard for not saying thanks!

What an amazing four years (and one month) we have had you and I. And it is you and I. There would be no show with you. It wouldn't have tens of thousands of listeners each day. It wouldn't be #1 in News & Politics on Podomatic. It wouldn't be on Spotify, where it is downloaded thousands of times a week. You made it happen.

It's been an up and down year. Losing the Richie Allen Show's first YouTube channel back in February was a big blow. I had 80,000 subscribers and was averaging over one million views per month. Yes, I launched a new channel, which gained 15,000 subscribers in a few weeks, but that then slowed down to a trickle. That's shadow banning for you. Google also refuses to allow me to monetise the videos. They suspended monetisation of the previous channel 12 months before they deleted it. Ah well....I am not alone. It's happening to independent content creators all over the world. We improvise adapt and overcome. There's no room for self-pity or for whinging. The system is the system. We shall overcome.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart. After a tough couple of months health wise, I'm more determined than ever to not only keep this show on the road, but to improve it and to expand its reach even more. Thanks for your company. Speak to you on the next show,



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