A New Covid Variant Arrives In Time For Winter – How Convenient

There’s a new covid variant that we should all be very worried about. Altogether now….YAWN! It’s become as predictable as night and day. The World Health Organisation has labelled the “Mu” variant as one of concern.

The WHO says it is potentially more resistant to vaccines. In the immortal words of Jeannie Bueller, if you dried that one out, you could fertilise the lawn with it.

Mu variant? Don’t they mean Moo? Moo as in Bull? Bull as in Bullshit? How thick do they think we are? Pretty thick it would appear. UK witchdoctors have been quick to lend a hand in ramping up the fear today. According to The Telegraph:

Prof Danny Altmann, an immunology expert at Imperial College London, told The Telegraph that the emergency of new variants is a stark reminder that the pandemic is not over.

“Mu looks potentially good at immune evasion. For my taste, it’s a stark reminder that this isn’t by any means over: on a planet of 4.4 million plus new infections per week, there are new variants popping up all the time, and little reason to feel complacent,” Prof Altmann added.

Pull the other one Danny! Christ, it’ll never be over eh? Even if every last man woman and child on Earth submits to the jabs, it will go on and on and on. There will always be a new variant.

Covid is the gift that keeps on giving. There will always be a new scariant to justify the reintroduction of restrictions and increase jab uptake.

According to the WHO report on “Mu”, preliminary data suggests that it may be able to evade antibodies generated from both prior infection and coronavirus vaccines at levels “similar to that seen for the Beta variant.”

Limahl should re-release “The Never-ending Story” and rejig the lyrics to make it about covid scariants. We’re going to hear a lot about new variants in the coming weeks and adapted jabs and covi-flu jabs and vaccine passports and local lockdowns etc etc.

But then you don’t need me to tell you that do you?

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Yes. The perfect-place for ‘testing alfa/beta/omega “vaccine/gene therapy” treatments on a pliant populace.
As I told You earlier.
Ever hear of the *Transfer Agreement* between Nazi Germany and Zionist Organizations?

“The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine is a book written by author Edwin Black, documenting the transfer agreement (“Haavara Agreement” in Hebrew) between Zionist organizations and Nazi Germany to transfer a number of Jews and their assets to Palestine.Shortly after Samuel Untermyer’s return to the U.S. from Germany in 1933, articles ..”.

The jewish people of Izzreal have always been ‘used & abused’ by the Pharisee-elite.
Even in the shetls of the Pale going back many centuries.
The Abused has become the Abuser, becometh the Abuser…etc.


Four weeks ago, here on the ABC (National Broadcaster in Australia) in the usual fear porn segment of every news update, news bulletin etc, the reporter stated that …as you know, we are only halfway through this pandemic…’ I kid you not! Funny that- I didn’t know ABC reporters now came with a crystal ball?

Anwen Appleby

Very concerned that the Almighty Teacher’s Unions are not going to fight the “No jab? No job” thing that seems to be looming – and – that they support the 12 to 18 year olds getting the jab too. Also does anyone know if the school children have to have a thing up their nose to check for COVID at school?? If so, this is not good.


Dr Graham Downing – Vaxxed: One Flew over the Cookoo’s Nest
As the march to mandatory vaccination builds, 2016 saw another wave of flu vaccination of children across the World. To some, worryingly, the flu vaccination was administered en masse at schools across the UK against the wishes of many parents that do not want medical procedures merging with the school timetable.


Excellent presentation above on Flu Shots including the Nasal Flu Shot.


I just watched a video called Graphene micromotors spin forward.
little tiny spirals of metal that some doctors have been reporting …..?
I wonder if this is in the jabs ?

Last edited 21 days ago by John

The only medical procedure we had when I was at school was the nit nurse.


Me too. What a treat that was 😩


🤣 🤣 🤣 Oh the memories of that fine torturous tooth comb.

Keith matthews

Not to lower the tone but where Ii come from MOO is an abbreviations for vagina. So I’m thinking all future varients should continue the theme. So we can look forward to the minge varient and the growler varient. And not forgeting the good old flange , I hope I havnt offended anybody who has a front bum.


🤣 🤣 🤣 No offence taken.


The MU scariant as in Made Up scariant! 🤡 Clown world🤦

Simon Blanchard

This video should go viral. Dr Philipe X, a top medical practitioner in the UK who has personally taken and photographed these alarming blood slides which are being published for the first time


This is worth looking at on a similar theme, only about 5 minutes long from Sarah Westall’s channel.

Vetted Images – Blood Before and After the mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Shot


I’m only halfway through the video that you shared and I’m horrified. If this was actually about health this vaccine programme would be stopped right now.


Well Delta is the brain wave for deep sleep. And apparently Mu, (I haven’t checked this out properly but hilarious if true), translates as No-thing from Japanese…. Can any Japanese speakers out there confirm if this is correct?


Justified And Ancient [All Bound For Mu Mu Land] – The KLF (MV) 1991.

The KLF – The Rites of Mu

Last edited 23 days ago by Jacob

Ah good tunes….thanks for reminding me. Cant get this out of my head now 😱


You are welcome.


I’m still bound for mumu land 😱 make it stop 😂🤣


Monthly travel pass? 😁


The segment on Obrien and his caller was specifically important. The caller made the point perfectly but sometimes when words move fast, a lot can be missed. You drove his point home very well.


I was thinking about the lost continent of Mu. All it takes is for scientists and historians to come out of the woodwork and make a good case for the continent having existed before ocean levels rose (they are a lot of land masses that sunk beneath the waves when the Ice Age had its first big melt off) and, suddenly, the Covid narrative ties in nicely with the climate change narrative.


Oh god this is getting more like a disaster movie by the day. Next long lost dinosaur eggs from the vanished continent of Mu will be appearing and hatching.


Archaeological finds have been made for some time. Indonesia, Polynesia, Malaysia and the Philippines (and a few other places) are the remnants of that sunken landmass.
Much like the Caribbean Islands and the Canary Islands are the remnants of greater land masses


Have you heard of the Edgar Cayce Readings?
Among a multitude of topics that were given psychic readings over several decades, were information on lost civilisations like Mu and Atlantis.
Mu sank into the Pacific earlier than Atlantis. And according to the information, humans had not yet appeared. They were more ghostlike.
Like the Age of the Jaguar according to the Maya calendar.
Reading 436-2 given in 1932
25. Before this we find the entity was in that land that has been termed Zu, or Lemuria, or Mu. This was before the sojourn of peoples in perfect body form; rather when they may be said to have been able to – through those developments of the period – be in the body or out of the body and act upon materiality. In the spirit or in flesh these made those things, those influences, that brought destruction; for the atmospheric pressure in the earth in the period was quite different from that experienced by the physical being of today.”

A quick search in the archives present 11 documents when I used the search terms: Lemuria and Mu


I have heard of the EC Readings; just haven’t investigated them. Very interesting, though, so thank you for that.
You use the word ‘ghostlike’. Ethereal could be used; or waif-like. Thin, pale beings.
Jaguars are commonly associated with the underworld. An Age of the Jaguar could be reference to people living underground (there are many examples of that occurring around the world at one time). People spending all their time underground would become pale and waif-like.
People who spend all their time underground (like bunkers or secret labs) who brought destruction? Sounds familiar.
As to the reference to ‘atmospheric pressures’: it is possible that oxygen levels in the distant past were much greater than they are today; and it is also possible that our moon was not in its current orbit (or there at all).

I’m rambling. I may have to go reading.


You are right Craig. Ethereal bodies sounds like a good description to me as well.
No idea if people lived underground, though. But the reference to destruction certainly sounds spookily familiar to the present. The activities of the Atlantean civilisation also brought destruction.

Seems our nature doesn’t change, does it? Some will use their power for destructive purposes.
Perhaps our own fault? Because we (as a larger population) have let the wrong values be promoted for decades. And we will most likely have to pay a price for our laxness


Wrong values? I don’t think so. Any, and all, values based system can be distorted and abused; and it happens at every level.
The past – history – is something we should be learning from without repeating, but there is always that temptation to look backwards through rose-tinted glasses and say, “we had it so much better back then”. We didn’t, but it’s a nice, comfortable illusion.

Many today are starting to think in terms of regaining conservative values as a solution to the problems they perceive. But the Progressive movement of today isn’t actually progressive. If you look deeper, you will see the reintroduction of very old, very conservative notions.
Again, look to history. It is no coincidence that the Communists, Fascists and National Socialists all gained ground on policies that were fundamentally anti-liberal/libertarian. The masses get scared by change; get scared by the concept (and responsibility) of individual freedom. Like abused children, they would rather stay with the abusive parent (the State) than find a new way.

There are lots of criticisms, on this site and others, directed at the likes of Gates, Soros, etc, and while those criticisms have validity, they also miss (or deliberately ignore) a very important point. All of those people have been empowered by us. We (society) made them.

Our technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds, but we haven’t. We still pray to supernatural entities and we still look to ‘saviours’ to rescue us. Why? Because we are still, fundamentally, controlled by our primitive hind brains.
These hind brains are highly emotive: fearful, aggressive, violent and tribalistic. And, by their very nature, conservative.

But that’s just my perspective.


Ghostlike? A reference to men in white coats perhaps? Underground bunkers for the elite? The name Mu is certainly not a random choice then. Its all there for anyone who wants to see.


With regards to the Maisy Evans story – the 17yr old urging teens to take the vaccine – ‘Maisy said she received her first dose of the vaccine on August 11 2021, something she had been “waiting for since the roll-out began.”‘ – she was suffering from a blood clot!



The clot thickens!!!


Sorry… Plot.

Cough.. ahem!

Urban fox

Blessed day commander Gerry, iv just read the first 120 pages of The Handmaids tail overnight whilst bunkered down in the fox hole. I see we have been given fine weather to day.


Greetings Fox.
Weather not looking good over here today.
Which is a kind of reflection on my current mood.

May the lord open.



Cheer up, Gerry; we could be hit by a planet killer asteroid tomorrow.


At least it would be all over then!




Yes, but that’s like the Marxists wanting a nuclear war to usher in a new age of Communism; or Bill Gates and his cohorts wanting to depopulate the planet to usher in their new age of Corporatism.

Fortunately, I know that, unlike those others, you’re joking.


I will admit to some satirical humour there Craig..
(Reflecting my weather bitten mood!!)

Though, I was thinking total annihilation at that time of writing..
(Full extinction + Big boom!)

To include Gates, Schwabb and company!!

First… Obviously!


Urban fox

By his hand.

It is rather cloudy here, but at least we have not been sent rain. Let us be grateful for his bounty.


Without rain, his bounty cannot flourish.


Ah, yes. A fine tale of radical, very conservative, fundamentalism. Exactly the thing I see occurring everywhere, very often under the illusory cover of ‘progressivism’.
Unfortunately (to my mind, at least), too many are focussing on the illusion and demanding a more conservative stance; demanding, in ignorance, the very thing they are being manipulated towards.
One of the biggest selling points in both Soviet Russia and NS Germany were the anti-liberal/libertarian stances.

Too often people say we should learn the lessons of history, while failing utterly to do so.

Urban fox

The Handmaids Tail.

In some cases Margarete Atwood the author completely wrong. As the real threat is the power behind the curtain that has always controlled things. And there is no way an independent group, would or could have the power to take over America from the real masters. Also the premise of repopulation is the opposite of depopulation, which is the real agenda.

However the book and series is very well observed in terms of the nature of totaliterism and human nature etc. And the series has remarkable production values. And every camera shot is a work of art.

It is interesting reading the book. As unless there is a change coming in the following pages, I suspect I am right in my guess. The book seems to be following the line of , Gilliad not being fans of drug medicine. And that is accurate, because fundamentalists religions don’t like drug medicine. And prefer the natural. Having said that, in the TV series which Atwood had a big part in. Notice the references to the children getting jabbed. That pricked up my fox ears straight away. As there is no way that a society like Gilliad would do that. That was blatant propaganda for the covid child jab agenda. It was so obvious to me it hit me like a brick. Also in the series when the commander is taking a sneaky drive with the wife in the countryside. (Just like the government guy did in real life in the UK lockdown.) They are talking about rewilding the countryside. Aka Agenda 30 plans.

Regarding not learning the lessons from history. Funny you should say that. As Margaret Atwood certainly didn’t. I have seen her being interviewed regarding covid, and she is completely onboard with both the covid scam and the man made climate change con. To a sickening extent. She has been condoning all the measures that have been brought in and the vaccines. Which explains the reference to child jabs in the series. When asked about the restrictions that have been brought in, over the last 18 months, and was there not a similarity to the society she envisioned. Her comment was ” It is completely different, as a fascist society has to be brought in deliberately, and in real life we are facing a genuine emergency.”


I haven’t read it, but you will probably like this later work by the same author.

I suspect a lot of writers don’t really believe the things they write about. They do the research, they see a good story and they write to make a living. The best authors do it really well, but I think it locks in their mindset.


Is this just a bad dream? Is it?


Maybe it is. Maybe we are all just bits of random information in the dreams of the Universe.

ian heaver

Apologies as this post is not relevant to this story but I’ve just listened to Richie’s first show after his 3 week break via Podcast. I had my monthly subscription to Richie taken from my bank account on 15th August via Paypal. I’m trying to find out if Richie would have got that money. Would anyone know how it works? If Richie hasn’t received it then what has happened to the £10? (not a lot I know). Anyway I’ll be donating direct to Richie from now on .

Urban fox

Hi Ian, PayPal have always been dodgy and complete bastards. They have owed me about 50 quid for 6 or 7 years. And I have never got anywhere with them. Even though I still get regular emails that say I have money in my account. When I contact them, they say they have no record of the account. Despite the emails they send. A little research shows that they have in some cases lost thousands of pounds of peoples money. Often by just losing the account, or saying it does not exist. There used to be a group that was set up to help people it was so bad. But they are no longer online. Some people have actually lost there businesses as a result of PayPal. Ironic when the whole idea is safety. They operate under what’s called merchant payment regulations, and they are not covered by banking regulations. There are similar services, but they are all a problem. Because again the irony is, that many company’s will only deal with PayPal. Either because they wrongly believe they are reliable or because they are part of the monopoly. I have not used them for years and as a result have often found it difficult to make payments.

Regards your payment. I think Richie was notified on the 18th August. So I drought the payments were stopped before that date. And if it was not paid, Richie said the payment should just bounce back to the bank more or less straight away. So hopefully you will be OK. Hope you get sorted, don’t worry.


ian heaver

Ok Fox, thanks for the info. Hopefully Richie received my payment. I just don’t want them thieving Nazi bastards to keep it. But anyway I’ll be closing my PP account and just send Richie the money direct !


Well well well, look what pops in my recommendations, a presentation from 2016:
“Graphene Oxide Interactions with Innate Immune Cells”
From what little I understood, it sounds like it causes cell death and cytokine secretion (inflammation). Interesting, no?
Apparently glutathione degrades graphene oxide: (you know the website, we can’t type it)


That research was funded by this institute:

New research has shown that graphene can be incorporated with a polymer to make very sensitive electromechanical sensors, and that it can be used to make improved deep brain implants.”

“…the ability to interpret brain signals with unprecedented high fidelity…”

“Graphene-based implants can support many more electrodes than traditional electrode arrays, and therefore are capable of high-resolution recording and stimulation.”

So they’re putting graphene in the jabs because it goes to your brain.


Very good video, thanks, it ties together several things. Nice to see we can link to bit chute now.


You’re welcome Bobby.


See brain computer interfacing.



That is a really interesting article. Cheers Gerry!


I wonder if ‘symptoms’ of this ‘new variant’ will involves lots of involuntary muscle movements?


“Bingo” Craig.
If you check out a few recent Max Igan videos, he shows examples of strange behaviours occuring in some individuals in different geographic locations.

Eg.. A lady running around butt naked in London.
In another, a gentleman wearing nothing but a pair of socks is filmed running up a US highway and then ripping a bumper off a car!!

Now I’m not saying there’s a direct link here with say.. electromagnetism and nano tech like ‘graphene oxide’..

But you know how much ‘they’ like expressing their ‘achievements’ using codes…



We both know these things have multi-purpose uses. I put up some speculation, earlier today, in this comment section about how discussion of Mu could also link Covid to climate change. Preparing the way for climate lockdowns, as it were (Mu, like Atlantis and other land masses disappeared under the waves when the great ice melts – not the piddly little ones we have now – increased sea levels).
It will, of course, be just another distraction for the masses; but it will work.


It will also be easier to distract them when they go fully ‘online’.


Apologies Craig… I’m in maskworld today and feeling full of ‘darkness!’



Even without the face nappies, are not workplaces normally metaphorical maskworlds?


I couldn’t agree more!!

The world’s a stage…

Urban fox

Anything interfacing with my brain would get a shock


I always knew you would save us Fox!!



I wonder if they are using the Greek alphabet for the variants because Aldous Huxley used it in Brave New World and the psychopaths do like to rub our noses in it. As one wag commented on a video on another channel once they get to omega (the last letter of the Greek alphabet) then we are all screwed.

Urban fox

Hi, the Greek alphabet is apparently used regularly as a labeling system in the science world. It is a regular practice. So on this particular occasion I do not read anything into it. However it would be more suitable to label them as Urban legends. Though maybe not. AS some legends are based on facts. I do think the werewolf variant has a good ring to it though.


Yes Greek is the language of medicine and science but these made up variants have nothing to do with real science and medicine as we know. Yes werewolf variant would be a good name because what they are doing is monstrous.

david burns

Its not working.I have developed a new strain of hesitancy.This strain is even stronger than the last one which was called fookyu.


I think quite a few of us on here have developed that one, I hope it’s easy to catch.


The fookyu strain is like herpes, once you have it you can never get rid of it.


Just hope the fookyu strain becomes highly Contagious!


i have been skeptical that furlough will end in september, my guess is the population is being primed for more lockdowns over the winter months with furlough morphing somewhat into a universal basic income. I does frustrate when we keep hearing “the NHS could be overwelmed” its not fit for purpose if it cannot cope with anything out the normal, this is also the same country that says care workers need a jab or be fired, what happens if certain homes cannot run with the level of staff? what happens to the people in them?


Same play every year with the NHS.

Steven James

Bev Turner should of asked the GP lady woman how much per vaccine administered her surgery receives.


Good point I believe it’s £12.50 per Jab

Urban fox

Hi Brian, that’s right it is. A normal jab is either 8 or 9.50. And it is every jab. So a double jabbed person is worth £25. Nearly 3 times more than a flue jabbed person. And a single surgery can have as many as 30,000 people on its books in the UK. And the money go’s to the GPs. Even though in the UK it is normally a nurse that carries out injections.


They’ve also purchased enough of the gene therapy shots to inject the population of the UK 8 times each. Apparently. 😳

Urban fox

Hi JOE, how you, I have to get moving. Got nothing done apart from rant on here. Just done another on the football article. I need to cook, as missed dinner last night as fell asleep. Have good day.


Hi Fox. A good rant is always good. They’re my speciality. Go get food…..a wise Fox needs to keep his strength up 😄. Enjoy the rest of your day too, my friend.

Urban fox

Thanks Joe, time for a brew first.

Urban fox

Hi Steven how you, please see jab reply, to Brian below.

Welsh Kelly

Buckle up folks! Back onto the relentless merry-go-round…..

Tim in Brazil

A partial solution might be a DEW pointed at Imperial College London.


MU = Muppets. (those that continue falling for the scam)


Check this out Jacob..

Gladys ‘Berijerkoff’ (ref Max!!) takes over the world!! 😂


Thank you my friend.
I will look after I finished listening to Richie.

Last edited 24 days ago by Jacob

Yes thats astoundingly good editing!


It’s amazing isn’t it!!
How long did that take!!!

Berijerkoff deserves the ‘accolade’ though and all of the effort that went into it!

Well earned!



I’m not sure if I should have laughed as much as I did whilst watching that 😳.


You’ve full entitlement Jo!

Berijerkoff is exactly as described.




She’s a f*ckin fruitcake!


I couldn’t express it better myself!



Omg, this is exactly what this mad bitch actually wants to say, you can tell she’s holding back lol. These psychopaths would go that far if given half a chance, that crazy bint would go a lot further.




That’s excellent, great editing which makes her actually speak the truth.

I said on here 2 or 3 weeks ago that Ireland would not be lifting the mask mandate even though England has because it is such a powerful control tool for them and of course they are in bed with big pharma. I hate the mask wearing most of all because it is such a symbol of oppression.


And no stopping the goons wearing them Jennie.

Can’t unplug them..

It just can’t be done!



Excellent bit of video.


Unbelievable Jacob!


Alex Romero

Be a Jabby Dodger like me and just say NO!

Ronald Templeman

Alex I love that we should be pushing that name Jabby Dodger. WE ARE NOT ANTI-VAX WE ARE JABBY DODGERS


Plus being Transvaccinated people.

Alex Romero

Absolutely brother✊


I like it. I’m keeping that one. 😄


It’s all so predictable. We’ve been waiting for this and as the weeks and months unfold we’ll no doubt hear of more and more new variants. The entertaining bit is wondering the names of these variants?

Hermione Granger

KEEP the pound STOP digital currency replacing the pound this is essential

to do this all people have to do is refuse the vax and therefore the vax passport

Last edited 24 days ago by Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger

lets talk about brainwaves used for the names of this plandemic distraction

“So when we’re talking about brainwave states, the delta frequency, which for a long time was the slowest frequency ever observed, is normally associated with deep, dreamless sleep. It goes from about 3.5 to 4 Hz all the way down to about 1 Hz. Below that, less than one cycle per second, we get into the range called epsilon, which can be as slow as even one wave every 10 seconds or so—these are very, very slow waves. In fact, epsilon is associated with people going into sort of a “stilled” state. It’s not like a near-death experience, but people can slow their heartbeat almost to nothing and slow their brain waves almost to nothing. When they studied it in meditators, they used the term “suspended animation.” Down at the very low end of 0.5 Hz or less, you start to get into epsilon.

Then the lambda waves actually emerge on top of epsilon. the effects of lambda feel more like a slow, deep epsilon wave. Most of what you get from meditating with lambda entrainment is a lot like what you get from a really deep epsilon frequency, but without the drowsiness that epsilon tracks tend to induce—making it a lot more enjoyable (even just possible) for those of us who get sleepy in really deep states to actually experience the transcendent states you get with epsilon.”


It conveniently “evades immunity from prior infection”, since it’s well-established now that natural immunity is vastly superior. Funny how “covid” knows exactly how to evolve in accordance with big pharma’s wishes. If it’s still covid, how different genetically can strains be? Enough to evade natural immunity? How is anyone still falling for this?

Last edited 24 days ago by Bobby

Now they really are taking the micky. Mu is a fabled lost continent, like Atlantis; one that is said to have existed around what is now Indonesia and the Far East.
Depending on perspective it is, in essence, a myth.
The Mu theory is also an idea that the mainstream have, for a long time, labelled a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Last edited 24 days ago by Craig
Hermione Granger

We are going through all the brainwaves – deltas is deep fast asleep
next is lambda really fast asleep in deep deep trance state


They’re using the brainwave codes for a reason.

More subliminal suggestion to prep the sleeping masses for what might really be going on in the background perhaps??

I’m thinking magnets, neurons and graphene oxide here…

With a dash of 5G to spice things up by way of assisting the bandwidth!

Hive minds.. brain computer interfacing..

People doing strange things publicly??
(Max Igan has highlighted this in some of his more recent videos!)

Just saying…


Hermione Granger

ofcourse it’s thought out – those in the know can see the full picture and feel the bliss of real knowing. The main thing to avoid is Digital currency U.K. needs to keep the pound

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