A Word On The Future Of The Radio Show

Hi friends. Please take a few minutes to listen to the audio below.

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If anyone needs convincing then it is their problem. not yours. I miss listening to you and I know you are doing everything you can to get back on air. Make the most of the time you have been given and enjoy your holiday with Caroline and your dogs.

chris sanders

Best wishes Richie, you are missed. Anytime you are in the Chesterfield area Aza Brown and I would be delighted to partake in a beverage of your choice xxx


Stay strong Richie we will be here ,some big time crazy head fucks going off with your tech,god knows..

The Dodge

gutted for you Richie, Will miss your show but i can wait. I wont be with holding support, Richie as i value what you do and will continue to support the show. Look foward to hearing you again in September.

Peter Cormack

Build it Back Better for fook’s sake!

Bruce Botrel

Hi Richie, Take the nearly Mrs Allen and the 2 doggies and enjoy your holiday, once all is fixed and you have been broadcasting for a week, all willl feel normal, when things get shitty i tell myself, none of this will matter in a hundred yrs, take care and have fun.

Tim @OlliesGrandad

Honest broadbaste, COVID. you was there for me baldy, so stop fretting, we loves you x

Tim @OlliesGrandad

I personally waited 28 adult years to find an

Tim @OlliesGrandad

My phones myfukef too 😂

Tim @OlliesGrandad


Joseph Ferris

Things out of your control what can you do I’ll still be supporting you this month mate so should everyone else.
When people were at their wits end with no we’re to turn they turned to your show less they forget that.
Have a good time off hope the missus gets to France to see there family now they have dropped the vax passports


Hi, Richie. It’s a real shame what’s happened and you’re missed. I just can’t understand why you can’t revert to your old setup and deal with the new one separately? Also missing your posts to the website, is that connected to the other issue? Best wishes and hope to hear you again soon.


Hi Richie, I’m so grateful for your update and feel your frustration that is out of your control. Be assured that we are sending positive vibes to you! Keep the faith that things will be better when you return! Have a really good rest. I look forward to hearing you back on the show. It’s a testing time for sure… but we will be here in September! Take care.

Maggie oneill

Thanks for the heads up Richie. Have a great holiday and we will all be here in September. Looking forward to hearing you, the plug will never be pulled by me.

Harry H

Disappointing for you. Disappointing for us, but Richie, take it in your stride. Recharge your batteries in readiness for the darkness of winter. You’ll be back better than before. Looking forward to September – all the best.


I feel for you Richie. Hopefully, there isn’t a no refund policy with the company and you find an alternative. Best of luck, relax,and enjoy your holiday with the Missus. ✌️

Last edited 5 days ago by Sam

Hiya pal just heard the update, there’s no way I’d drop my support and I don’t think others will either. It’s easy to say I know but try and enjoy the rest of the down time and enjoy your holiday, shit happens! your going to have to let your gardener go for a few weeks and start mowing the lawn 🤣 If you have itchy feet you could always drop a random podcast in… take care mate look forward to ya coming back 👍


Mate, it’s OK. Do not fret. I understand you’re frustration, but enjoy your time away! We’re all here waiting for you! We know you want to solve the problem and are doing you best!

As for my monthly support – don’t say them things. It’ll run like normal!

Write a complaint to the company, and screenshot your comments and your figures perhaps for a retroactive discount?

Clearly the techno gods want you to enjoy the sun! Obey!

Colin G

I know its frustrating for you Richie but these things happen, it is what it is. go away enjoy your holidays with the mrs and your 2 dogs. september wont be long coming round.

Peter Orr

Worse things happen at sea Richie.


You know! He needs to chill til September! 😄

Sara D

Oh bless you Richie. Look, what I understand about technology you could write on a postage stamp but if it comes to a large bill to get the thing up and running I am sure listeners will have a whip round. Don’t stress. We all know that the Autumn will bring in more crap and that is when we must fight all the harder. Until then have a lovely holiday and we will all meet up again real soon.


Enjoy August with your lovely fiancee. One subscriber here who will never pull the plug. What you have given and what Ive learned from the show is priceless. You can buy me that drink somewhere some day


Don’t worry about it Richie! It is what it is! Just relax and enjoy the time off, as you sort out the issues. Do some mindful meditation/breathing that really helps.


What a stressful time for you. I really feel for you. It is out of your control, so please try to stop feeling bad and to enjoy the time you have now with Caroline and the dogs. You are greatly missed but we all understand. I, for one, will continue with my monthly payment. You are worth every penny.

Charles Appleby

Just registered to the website in order to add my voice of support. Only been listening for a year or so and have been sending monthly contributions for the last few months. There is plenty enough back catalogue content to discover and enjoy to keep me entertained until your return. Have a good break and all the best.


You must have been through so much stress, but don’t worry, you’re worth waiting for. “We might as well wait until September “🎵🎵🎵


Well I’ll forgive if he plays September by Earth, Wind & Fire!

Lol, he needs to not be so hard on himself. The desk has decided that my man needs a break 👌

Take care, Richie. Hope you and your woman have a lovely break!

Giuliano Maiorana

Phew! You had me thinking it was something much worse than that Richie. Your listeners will understand and still support you mate. Try and enjoy your time off. You deserve it. Looking forward to listening to your shows again in September mate. Take care

AL Bassninja

Good to hear you Big Man.
Sounds like you got bummed by buying Italian Electronics, hmmm. Shame you don’t know until you try and if its hand built, well you’d expect it to be the dogs bollocks. At least when it comes back they should have moved mountains to sort that.

If not go for something else. Either way you’ll have the beans when it comes to a console. Enjoy your break BBG. Don’t let it you drag you down there is a positive in all this, I’d be pissed off as well mate. Do keep posting articles though bro please.

Last edited 5 days ago by AL Bassninja
Karen m

Thank you, Richie, that was lovely. So sorry you’ve had all this stressful crap to deal with. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, and I’m over the moon to hear you are still as ‘up for it’ as you were 8 yrs ago!


I took the podcast for about a year before catching myself on and throwing in my couple of quid. You’re miles in credit. Think of it as an impromptu, enforced extra break and maybe even try to enjoy it.


Well I do feel for you but why not do a daily podcast until its sorted, most people don’t listin live anyway, there are plenty of good podcastsers some of which have been on the RAS and I don’t think they are using expensive broadcast equipment. In these times the most important thing is getting the information out there.


Hey Richie, sounds like a friggin nightmare but it is one of those things you can’t control. I will still support you and we will all be here when everything is fixed. Enjoy your holiday – the time away will do you good. I can’t lie, I am missing the show but there are so many I can go and listen to from previous years. Good luck xx


I do feel for you Richie but no-one with any sense will blame you for something that can’t be helped. At the moment it’s a holiday period anyway and you’ll back to cover events in the autumn when I think things will start kicking off again big time.

Perhaps when you are due to come back again you could put a short video on Podomatic and your other main outlets explaining briefly about the problems you’ve had but that you have a brand new up-to-date studio. Perhaps you could also talk about what you expect to be covering and guests you hope to have on just to let people know that you are back in business.

Anyway like almost all of the people on here when you are back I’ll be back to listen to you. Have a good holiday and try to switch off. As I’m always being told worrying doesn’t change a damn thing.


What a nightmare for you…hope its sorted for you ASAP, best case scenario and all that.

Having worked in IT (was an IT manager in NHS for almost a decade) I loathe technology now, hate it and have as little to do with it as possible…I’ve had pain like it sounds like you’re having and wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Best of luck BBG.


Don’t know about anyone Richie I for one will no be cancelling my support for the show, shit happens as we all know. All you can do is try and chillout on your holidays with Caroline and the dogs. True supporters will still be here when you return on air, See you soon pal.


Things that happen out of our control sometimes are for a reason…the only good thing is hopefully all the moaning dead wood listeners will dissolve away and obviously we know more will join who understand life likes to present problems to keep the noggin ticking…whatever you do don’t do the quick fix that involves a baseball bat.!!


Richie, I’m sure the vast majority of your supporters will continue to do so. I can only imagine how utterly fed up and angry you are , especially as it sounds as though the company you purchased the system from were not completely honest with you. I hope they offer you at least some reimbursement for the stress it’s caused you.
Enjoy your holiday, let the crew who are dealing with the technical side get on with, and come back refreshed in the autumn. God bless. ☺️

Steve Shipe

I would say that the missing component in your digital desk is a support mode with diagnostics which your equipment could boot into, using a serially-attached console for interfacing. The diagnostics should be good enough to identify any internal hardware deficiencies or cable discontinuities to external devices. Without that, the operators will be “flying blind” during their initial setup. PCs have such a mode, but it is fairly primitive. Higher priced computers have such diagnostics, as well as a diagnostics CD or DVD in case the firmware running internal diagnostics is the issue, useful, too, in upgrading the latter. The longest hardware window I ever had to endure was when my company switched from internal SP2 switches to the new gigabit adapters for internal frame host-to-host communications. This was a six-hour window! Fortunately, everything worked perfectly, and the rest of us admins had a nice long break to play ping pong outdoors in nearly total darkness. Since we could barely see, that was a real scream.


Electronic gremlins. The curse of the modern age.
I wonder if crystal radio users ever had these sorts of problems?

Anyway, we’ve all had such problems to overcome at some time and we will again with such fragile equipment and fragile software.
So, September it is. Try to enjoy the rest of August, Richie.

Eleanor Winship

Oh my God – it’s the new Arran ferry all over again!!!!!!

Shite news Richie but it’s out of your control so what can you do. You need a break so chill out and enjoy your holiday. I send you a monthly direct debit which I will happily continue to do. Ignore the wankers cause they are – wankers!
Hey hey maybe you will have time to bring your beloved and the pooches to Arran. It’s fabulous for dogs. That’s if the ferry runs of course. Thanks for the sincere message. Sending love and happy vibes.


Hi Richie,

I’m a relatively new listener compared to some (1+ years) and your show is something I look forward to everyday!

I’m not able to join in live due to work but catch up on podcasts. Regardless I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do – I know it’s not easy and the shit your going through now is salt in the wound, but we’re all behind you and will be ready for when you can get back.

I’ll still be sticking my hand in my pocket to contribute regardless and hope people will do too.

Enjoy your time off – you deserve it. We’ll see you when you get back!!

Look after yourself!

Sam Burdett

Thanks for the update, Richie. What a bummer! I listened for months before I put my hands in my pocket to support you, so I can certainly wait. Will look forward to your return and hope you enjoy your break, you deserve it

Will McGregor

Working in Telecoms Richie I can feel your pain!! Looking forward to you coming back stronger than ever! All the best mate. Will

Gene Hunt

So gutted for you Richie…… sick of hearing about all the people putting you down and doubting you……..
Your true listeners will wait as long as it takes till your up and running again!!

Danny Warden

Hi Richie. Thanks for your heartfelt message. You brought a tear to my eye you baldy b#stard 😆.
I will never stop supporting the show especially when you need it most !!!
Wishing you and Caroline a great holiday.
I guess you’ll be a house hubby for a month or so., so don’t let that ironing pile up.


What is this ‘ironing’ you speak of?


richie maybe you can keep in touch with us through uploads on youtube? no pressure, we miss u!

Dana Kent

Aah Richie I feel for you….the RAS is your baby and the situation is out of your control!!! Fear not we will be here for you on your return. Love and best wishes to you Caroline and doggies. Keep ya chin up matey 👍


My goodness do not worry it’s out of your hands enjoy your holidays and don’t worry anymore about it We adore you and miss you and will all be here waiting on your return.

(Surely to god nobody would halt their membership until your back) 😳🥺


Good luck to you Richie! Have a good holiday and hope the the problems are soon over.


Hi Ritchie,

I am sorry to hear about your ongoing Mixer / Desk problem you are having. Hopefully in September everything will be sorted.

In the meantime enjoy your well deserved holiday and we all look forward to hearing you dulcet tones once again soon.

Take care,

Best regards,


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