Why not advertise your business with the most listened to Independent radio show in Europe? The Richie Allen Show reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners a week, through five live radio shows, which can also be listened to/downloaded through Podomatic, iTunes, Spotify and iheartradio.com

The show is #1 in News/Politics on Podmatic. Go to www.podomatic.com and see for yourself. The show plays round the clock on richieallen.co.uk, fabradiointernational.com and tunein.com. I can promote your business or product for a fraction of the cost of advertising with commercial/national radio and I do mean a fraction of the cost. Get a professionally produced 30 second radio ad made, I suggest using www.musicradiocreative.com

Music Radio Creative is the best in the business with prices that are seriously competitive. Get your ultra-professional radio ad made. It will be your property and you can use it anywhere, on any station you choose. Why not have it played every night on The Richie Allen Show? It is so simple, so uncomplicated and so so affordable. But most importantly, it works. Email me personally at richie@richieallen.co.uk and arrange to speak with me directly. Let's begin a mutually beneficial relationship. You place your product before a massive audience and you support the independent media at the same time. Get in touch.

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