And The Goebbels Award For Covid Propaganda Goes To….Susanna Reid

On her Twitter profile Susanna Reid describes herself as a “Presenter, journalist, columnist. “Liberal snowflake TV clothes horse.” There are two photographs of her. In one she’s lounging on a zebra print chair wearing a pair of leather trousers and stiletto heels. It’s fair to say that Reid is rather fond of herself. She’s best known for co-presenting Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan.

The pair, Morgan in particular, achieved a degree of notoriety for a series of hostile interviews during lockdown, haranguing guests, interrupting them and shouting them down, to the extent that the viewer hasn’t a clue what’s going on, or who is telling the truth. Neither Reid nor Morgan are journalists. Susanna is wretched, as she demonstrated on Monday morning’s show.

Coming out of a short film that featured a contribution by the poet and mental health campaigner Hussain Manawer, Reid said this:

“I do just want to say to people you know, this will pass. Things are going to get better and there’s a line in that erm film just hold on that’s what we’ve gotta do, just hold on because you know there is a light now at the end of the tunnel. Erm the lockdown will come to an end, erm the vaccination programme is making history, it is rolling out at an incredible rate we are world beating. More jabs going into more arms which means that we will be safer. And we can emerge from this darkness blinking into the light and I promise it will get better. So if you’re finding it tough right now erm….you know there are resources online and Hussain Manawer puts it so perfectly doesn’t he in that piece of film…..erm….but I promise, it will get better.”

She then broke down. It was pathetic. The media has failed spectacularly to demand from the government, proof that lockdowns work, or that they are lawful. It has also failed to properly scrutinise the approval of experimental vaccines that have been rushed to market at the speed of light. When ministers are on Good Morning Britain, they are criticised for the death rate, for not locking down sooner and not locking down hard enough. Neither Reid nor Morgan have ever properly examined the legitimacy of lockdowns or the damage they cause to lives and livelihoods. Vaccine safety hasn’t been explored either. I mean if Pfizer and AstraZeneca say that their jabs are safe, they must be safe right?

Susanna Reid crossed a line yesterday. She abandoned the pretence that she is there to ask hard questions on behalf of her viewers and hold the government to account. Yesterday’s embarrassing and cringeworthy performance exposed her as little more than a propagandist. Joseph Goebbels would have approved.


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Still would, though.

Sorry. Thought I was in the Daily Mail comments section then.


Jesus 🙊


I was reading in my local free paper about the effect this is having on families with disabled and autistic children who can no longer go to day-care facilites. It is devastating for the children whose routine has been disturbed and who don’t get to go out anywhere and also for the parents who as much as they love their children need a break. In the article it said that many parents are only getting 2 or 3 hours sleep a night if that.

But the psychopaths behind all this could care less because they hate us and according to a whistleblower quoted by Ryan Christian (an excellent researcher you can find on Bitchute as The Last American Vagabond) at their childish, secret meetings where they plot what they are going to do to us they call us rats. They say that they need to have more power otherwise the rats (most of us) will get it.

Phil Carvey

Had her listeners heard this harrowing podcast account
from a vunerable hospital patient, laying in fear and despair, having been bullied, harrassed and threatened by so-called Doctors & Nurses, I believe the viewers of GMB would have told S.Reid to go and do one.

PS. Richie, please try to hear this horrid account..explosive piece..truely shocking to hear..if the MSM played this nationally this whole nightmare would stop today.

This is witness to genocide .

Our hospitals are becoming slaughter houses.

This has to be exposed..NOW


THANKS Richie.


Can you check the link you have provided because it is not a proper YT link – which makes it look suspicious.


Here is a corrected link Keep Britain Free linked to it the other day from here:

Welsh Gregg in china

I don’t think I’m even going to look for the clip. I feel sick reading about it

Too late, just heard last nights show. Gotta clean the floor now.


This is just getting worse, the MSM should be avoided by everyone

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