Arrest, Charge & Jail The Climate Lunatics Blocking Our Roads

Climate change nutters who block UK motorways should be arrested on the spot. Persistent offenders should be jailed. Enough of these idiots now. This morning, a group of cretins calling themselves “Insulate Britain” blocked slip roads at two junctions on the M25, causing chaos.

Some drivers left their cars and confronted the radicals. There were scuffles before the police intervened. Four members of the group have been arrested as I write this. Every one of them should be given one chance to come quietly. Those who refuse should be dragged away.

I loathe these goons. Why? Because when they are confronted and asked for the scientific evidence that man-made Co2 is dangerously warming the planet, they revert to sloganeering. They haven’t a clue.

You could choke on the irony. They speak of saving the planet for the children of the future. To accomplish this however, they want to turn the planet into a prison, where everything you eat and drink, everywhere you go and everything you say and think is monitored and ultimately controlled by the state.

They’re openly discussing ideas like limiting private-vehicle use, banning the consumption of red meat and introducing biennial covid-style lockdowns.

It’s madness and it’s going unchecked. The legacy media has declared the science of climate change to be settled, so as far as Joe Public is concerned, it must be happening. There are thousands of scientists and academics all over the world who oppose it, but they’re in media blackout.

I’m all for the preservation of human rights including the right to protest, but these evangelicals are not protesting anything. They’re building the walls of their own prison and ours too. It’s a type of religious mania. There’s no reasoning with them.

In the meantime, they should be treated the same as anti-lockdown protesters or any other protesters for that matter. When they block roads and bridges, they should be dragged away at the speed of light. Repeat offenders should be handed stiff prison sentences. Enough now.



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Activists are paid £340 a week and those who are trained to lead them, are paid much more. Look up “Mark Townsend – Portland Hotel Society Scandal”, He led protests like this in Vancouver for many year, messed up many a life as a result, and when his charity was under scrutiny, it was found to be funded by George Soros. Mark and his wife Liz paid themselves £125,000 Canadian dollars each, allgedly. There’s bit money in this “activism” lark. As many of my comments have been deleted, i will make a few more and see if it carries on.


Google is paying $27485 to $29658 consistently for taking a shot at the web from home. I joined this action 2 months back and I have earned $31547 in my first month from this action. I can say my life has improved completely! Take a gander at what I do…….

Last edited 10 days ago by KadinKaidence

There was a character on coronation street who was blaming car pollution on her son’s asthma and started to smash cars in the street! I don’t watch much if any tv, I just saw that scene in someone’s house I was visiting. I’m glad I saw it as it just shows they are sneaking this bs into peoples homes.

Urban fox

Hi Lucy light, I had this same conversation on private message, as we had both seen. It was completely over the top and blatant. And as i pointed out, the street in question is hardly filmed as a busy street. It is a little back street. I have even lived on such a street in Blackpool. In the world of the drama that street is as quite as in real life. The truth is, they do not want any cars at all. The story also involved an exaggerated coughing attack just from passing by a work van dropping off goods. I copied the text below from something i wrote yesterday. Hope you find it interesting. Have a good day..

 I have seen evidence of covert hypnosis methods being used in the soaps until about two months ago. Now primarily its overt propaganda. I spoke with Richie about this May 19th on the phone in show, and have mentioned briefly in the posts before. It is not possible to do this, without having someone knowledgeable on the topic working on the program. Nor would anyone notice this, unless they have studied the subject, and only then if paying attention. As it is designed to bypass the conscious mind entirely.

One small thing i just did myself by way of example. I wrote covert hypnosis and the word pay in paying. And the word attention. All these i wrote with a slanted text. If i didn’t draw attention to this by mentioning it. Anyone reading it, would have imbedded in there mind,

” covert hypnosis pay attention”.


The film “The Trueman Show” has alot to say about propaganda. If you haven’t seen it, take a look.


i am all for peaceful protest, sitting on a motorway, not so much.


They are paid £340 a week.

Urban fox

Hi Richie ,very well made points, put across succinctly and bang on the money. People say ” you should not generalize”. This is generally a good thing to try not to do. However, groups of people and there habits, beliefs and psychology. Do generally speaking, very much follow a pattern. And you are absolutely right, that most of these protesters. Will hold those very same beliefs in common.

Urban fox

Regarding cars there has been plenty of research which interestingly shows how electric cars are no better for the planet than regular cars. Because of how hard it is to construct them, and the damage to the planet that the batteries would cause if enough people had them. Which of course they never will, because no cars is the plan. They are also, like nearly all green policy’s totally impractical.

What these protesters don’t understand, because they are not thinking for themselves but are being led. Is that the globalist cult, do not want the general public driving cars. That is the whole reason for all the motoring policy’s being brought in, under the climate change and environment umbrella. Just read the agenda 30 documents. One of them clearly says, ” The public should not travel more than 3 miles from there place of residence”. No cars,. makes this easy to implement.

Another thing i wanted to mention. Has anyone else noticed the change in the propaganda adverts, over the last two or three months in the UK. I have not seen one covid advert for at least two months. What i have seen is environmental and climate change adverts. What is particularly sinister about this. Is these are not Goverment adverts. Or at least not meant to be. But they are from a number of different company’s, which only mention their product briefly at the end. For example Persil, two energy company’s, two holyday company’s and Amazon. That is at least six i can recall. There is no way that this is not being coordinated with the authority’s.


Yes Fox, no cars for the common people in the future which most people can not see happening.
The congestion charge (Tax) area in London is growing larger. One of the many schemes in place to get people out of their cars.

Urban fox

Hi Jacob how you. Don’t drive myself, which is problem if they ban me from public transport.. The plan is defiantly no car travel, no plane travel. I mean you can hardly catch a plane to travel 3 miles, wouldn’t be worth going through the checks.


I am well thanks. How are things in your den?
Yes I have to agree with you.

Urban fox

About the same, had a sleep for about half hour. And just gonna put the show on. May listen outside and lay off the comments. Brew and Biscuits time.


Sounds nice.
I tend not to use the live comments that much as I find my concentration on listening to the show diminishes somewhat whilst writing messages.

Urban fox

Said exactly the same thing to Gerry the other day. I have never done it before ever until this last 10 days or so. As don’t do any social platform apart from this. All new to me. I told my self was going to stay off today, but didn’t happen. So never had my relaxing sit on my balcony. And the weather will be turning soon as well. Need to give it a rest. And also take some time of the writing on the main site. As so much other things to take care of. Whilst showtime comments has been a new experience, it is distracting from show and not exactly relaxing.


Yep, human content of CO2 in the atmosphere is only .0016%. But what I often come across when showing climate activists the folly of their arguments, is that they confuse pollution with CO2 emission. Pollution is easy to fix, but those committing it fund politicians who has to pass laws countering it, so aint gonna happen.

Urban fox

Good point


Absolutely. The big corporations talking about climate change have been polluting the planet in so many ways for decades but they don’t want that talked about because they make a lot of money out of it.

Lizzie Bee

On the subject of man-made “pollution” – courtesy of the UN and the insane globalists … why does no-one ever mention the real elephant in the room that has been poisoning all life on our planet on a daily basis for decades – that is, GEO-ENGINEERING?!! Open your eyes, look up folks, it´s there for all to see! This was the sky outside my window the other morning, here in rural Spain which then lasted for hours to “whiten” what was a beautiful natural sky with toxic substances! Do these look like natural “contrails” to you?? A lethal mind-blowing cocktail of aluminum, barium, strontium, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and other toxic chemicals. This is absolutely disgraceful! Yet the dumbed-down masses, environmental groups and the media say absolutely nothing! And they wonder why people are getting sicker and sicker. Wakey wakey, world! God gave you a fully functioning brain and a mouth, grow a spine and start to use them! This is global genocide – pure evil, have NO doubt about that!


Same here in Ireland, as soon we get a sunny day we get chemtrails and I know for a fact that they contain aluminium.


Another arm of causing chaos.

Mork & Mindy

The climate actors work for ‘ them ‘ too

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