Ashworth: “It’s Sensible To Wear Facemasks This Autumn & Winter”

Speaking to BBC Breakfast this morning, Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said that he believes it would be sensible for people to continue wearing facemasks into the Autumn and beyond. Ashworth said:

“I think it may well be sensible to carry on wearing masks on public transport certainly through this Autumn and Winter.”

He then said that he wants to get to the point where we can scrap social distancing and go and enjoy theatre, restaurants and football.

“And I hope that we can lift those restrictions in July, but we’ve really got to start pushing down infection rates now. But there probably will be other measures that we will want to maintain for a bit longer as I say. I think facemask wearing is probably an obvious one because it protects you from Covid but other respiratory viruses also.”

Ashworth was on LBC radio this morning too. Host Nick Ferrari asked him whether Labour would be supporting the government’s pushing back the so-called freedom day to July 19th.

Ashworth said that Labour will support the government but with, “a heavy heart.” Heavy heart my arse.

A tiny group of scientists, the media and the entire political class are in lockstep. This never ends unless you stop it.


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Simon Blanchard

The reason I left the UK was because of the NHS “Duty of care”. Be very careful when governments want to impose a duty of care on you. Next time you read a consent form read the small print relating to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA2005).
If a medic assesses you’re not mentally fit to leave their “care”, they can detain you under the MCA 2005 indefinitely and they’ll repossess all your assets to pay for your stay. They contact social services and that’s the end. Even a mild sedative to get you to relax constitutes loss of cognitive function and they will not let you leave their “duty of care”, unless they can discharge you into another responsible adult’s care, even if you want to leave on your own or deemed recovered mentally.


In that picture of Ashworth, just give him a school blazer and cap and he’d be a good candidate for Tweedledum.
Or Mr Toad.


In the still frame above, he looks like he’s doing something with his hands below…

And enjoying it??



Sign him up for a retake of ‘the gimp’ scene in Zed’s slave dungeon!!

Give him the red ball mask and rubber suit combo this time!!

Then… Let Marcellus Wallace’s pals discuss the ‘blow torch and pliers’ question with him.

But leave him alone with the red ball mask… (And suit!!)

That way he’ll fell safer about picking up any infections during the discussion!



Enough! I’m reaching my limit.

Alex Romero

Ashworth. Don’t get me started on this wanker.


Yes it would be really sensible to wear something that restricts your breathing, is actually harmful and which every study in the last 40 years has shown does nothing to prevent the spread of infection.

They could scrap every single measure today and what would happen? Absolutely nothing would happen which is why they won’t do it.


Gove said something like, “we can’t fully predict the future” and that is true; but they can – and are – controlling it.

Tim in Brazil

The day after Boris “Pinnochio” Johnson announced a delay, the BBC starts rolling out the plan for an extension into the winter “The prime minister says he is determined the remaining coronavirus restrictions in England will be lifted on 19 July….However, scientists say that rising deaths could derail the plan and some Conservative MPs are concerned they could remain for longer….”
Believe Boris at your peril.


They want to keep it going till as close to the flu and pneumonia season as they can so that they’ll have something to re-label as covid.

Simon Blanchard

Do you remember the News Benders? They do like to tell us what they’re doing in the form of film and theatre.

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