The Medicine Wheel is one of the earliest known symbols of ancient healing and our spiritual connection to the Infinite, but far from being consigned to the past it is still actively used today by many people the world over. Part of the Medicine Wheel are the Four Sacred Directions, each of which is aligned to a cardinal compass point associated to an animal archetype. These are commonly:

Many followers of Earth spirituality will ‘open’ some form of Medicine Wheel each day. This practice connects them to the infinite energies of the Four Sacred Directions and invites the qualities of each archetype into that person’s life. These archetypes will then provide guidance and assistance to the person throughout the day. It’s a great way to lovingly connect with the Infinite.

In the ‘modern’ world we were never taught to connect to nature and the Infinite, and so most of the time as adults we are lost, disconnected and unaware of the Infinite’s guiding and supporting energy. Because of this we can often find ourselves in situations where we feel stuck or disempowered. A way out is to ask for guidance.

How to ask for Guidance

You don’t need to be sitting inside a Medicine Wheel or to have performed a prior ceremony to the Four Sacred Directions for this technique to work. Sit comfortably, quieten your mind and become aware of Infinite Consciousness all around you. Feel the archetype energies of Hummingbird, Eagle, Serpent and Jaguar and know that everything is energetically connected to everything else: you are loved and part of an infinite awareness. When you are ready, release whatever it is you are struggling with to the Four Sacred Directions and ask for guidance. Once you’ve made your request offer gratitude and thanks.


Guidance comes in many forms: it may come the moment after you ask for it, or maybe in a dream. Synchronicity will sometimes play a part too, so you may find the answer in a book you randomly pick up or in a conversation you have with a stranger. All you need to do is be open and receptive.

That’s the nature of the universe – once you ask for assistance it will always help you.

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