AstraZeneca Clot-Shot Linked To Yet Another Death

A 34 year-old woman from New South Wales in Australia, has died from a blood clot linked to the AstraZeneca covid jab. The woman died yesterday after being diagnosed with thrombocytopaenia syndrome (TTS).

The Therapeutic Goods Administration announced her death today saying that it’s probably linked to the AZ jab.

According to The Mail Online:

Last month, Australia’s medical regulator announced a 44-year-old man from Tasmania and a 48-year-old woman from Victoria had died from TTS after taking their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

So far, only two in 100,000 people who have received their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Australia have developed TTS.
And of those who developed the condition, just six out of six million who have had the jab have died.

A 61-year-old woman in Western Australia died in June after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine from another blood clotting condition called immune thrombocytopenic purpura.

As former paediatrician Dr. Ros Jones pointed out to Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning, adverse events are severely under-reported, with less than 10 per cent of vaccine injured people likely to raise the alarm.

Jones also said that the manufacturers of the jabs are not remotely interested in tracking the population for injuries caused by their products.

Why would they? They’ve been indemnified.

I would argue therefore, that the AZ jab is causing fatal clots in far more people than they’re letting on. It’s pretty straightforward. If you contract covid-19, it’ll likely run through you in a day or two. Most people won’t even know they’ve had it.

The survival rate of the infected is 99.7 per cent. You do not need a jab that by their own admission, doesn’t even stop you catching the infection!

The media would rather tell you that the developer of the AZ clot-shot has had a Barbie doll moulded in her honour, than tell you that her jab is killing people. But hey-ho.

Wise up. Say no. Say hell no!


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An excellent message. Time is running out.
The same message from every party, every government, globally is the same. Do you question why? In WW2, Goerbals ensured that every German home had a radio, so they could hear the message, the propaganda on a regular basis. A lie told once, is still a lie. A lie repeated becomes truth to an unsuspecting mass.
Your media is delivering propaganda and you are giving up your freedoms, little by little. More and more people, each day are losing everything. You are being shielded from the truth . You need to wake up and take a stand.

Artan Naim

Look behind the sky news presenter he has a special edition of guess who ?

Anwen Appleby



A few books there on the ‘Climate Change’ scam.

This is an excellent audio talk on the scam it’s history and a few of the main actors behind it.


YUGE!!! Canadian Court Victory Proves Covid-19 Is A Hoax & All Restrictions Have Now Been Dropped

I don’t know if anything will come of this worldwide but I certainly hope so. Of course there is massive evidence that the official narrative of 9/11 and other events is a lie but nothing ever gets done about it, nothing changes and no-one is ever prosecuted.

When I went out earlier I heard a couple of people in masks having a conversation and they were saying that this won’t last for ever. I felt like joining in to say actually it will if you don’t stop complying and it will get much, much worse. I held my tongue because the last 17 months has taught me that it’s actually almost impossible to get through to the majority of people and it causes me a hell of a lot of stress trying.


I watched this Thomas Sheridan one earlier.
It puts a different perspective on things that I suspect you’ll enjoy Jennie.
It goes well with a cup of tea or perhaps something stronger!!


Thanks Gerry. I’m on medication at the moment so I’m afraid I will have to stick to the cup of tea.


You’re welcome Jennie.

But before drinking, be sure it’s actual tea and that it too hasn’t succumbed to the Mandela effect!!

Thomas has me genuinely worried now…



Anwen Appleby

TS Eliot believed that all time happened at one time. And not in a linear way.


Though not quite as easy to do these days… I like the nursery rhyme ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’…

Ultimately, it’s all ‘but a dream!’



Well, for the first time in 18 months, yesterday, I spent a whole day in an unventilated room with 70 other people from work in a Manchester hotel. 9am to 5pm. I was, and remain, rather nervous, to be honest (thank you, MSM). I’m over 60, I haven’t had the jab, I have what are called ‘co-morbidities’, so maybe I was stupid. I felt like I’d stepped onto the Diamond Princess cruise ship, but with hindsight!

Incidentally, surely, if you wanted to see what the ‘virus’ could do in a ‘worst case scenario’, that floating ‘petri dish’, the Diamond Princess, provided all of the clues early in 2020? Shops, restaurants, theatres, clubs, bars, it has everything on board. 3,711 passengers and crew, 14 died, I think. That’s 0.377%. Most were over 70.


This alone ought to tell people what’s going on when in the past they’ve actually suspended vaccination programmes after 25 people died. Thank you for sharing.


The rate of injection here is so low, that we know that the current shutdowns are being used to drive up fear and rate of injection.
People being given Pfizer now at 3 week intervals. Death toll is climbing- now at 407 since January- increasing by 10 per week since mid June when PM got back from G7 after receiving his orders to ramp up the rate.Gladys 9NSW Premier) & Chant (health minsiter) (with the approval of Morrison, PM) are unleashing their plan to round up school children, load them into buses and transport them off to mass injection centres.
At these centres they’ll have an experimental genetic mRMA substance injected into their bodies which has ZERO long term safety data – even though the latest data shows these injections will have next to zero effect on stopping them catching covid, or transmitting it.
And coerce them, the Liberal NSW government has put out a glossy colour brochure asserting the injections are ‘’safe’’.
Yet even Pfizer admit that the exact rate of the number of children that expect to be struck down with Myocarditis is ‘’NOT YET KNOWN”
What Gladys and Chant are planning is beyond criminal.
Please, if there any decent Liberal MP’s left – stand up and voice your objection against this madness LOUDLY – or you’ll be condemned by history as being an accomplice.


The guy Richie was talking about, the bodybuilder 42 years old I think he was, fit and healthy. If his sister had half a brain she would be asking the relevant questions, as Richie pointed out, sounds like the guy was offed by our nhs.Probably not much wrong with the guy, goes to hospital takes the test and is dead in a couple of days.


Reminder: The HighWire Goes Global — Live TONIGHT Aug 5th, at 19.00 hrs.
Straight after the RAS. Special report on worldwide demo’s including London.


That was an excellent show Jacob.

A must watch I would say, to anyone who sees this!

Thanks for the reminder as always.



It was and you are welcome.

Michael Benjamin

An 18 year old teenager suffered a seizure in a nightclub after her drink was allegedly spiked. Now I want you to think, what has the government been saying about Nightclubs recently in regards to vax ID. This 18 yr old had never been to a nightclub and it was her first time. So what would any 18 year old have to do currently to get into a nightclub.
Girl, 18, has seizures for four hours after drink is ‘spiked’ in club | Metro News

Can a spiked drink do this, really. This looks like a yellow card incident if ever i saw one. but we will never know because MSM does not connect dots, only shows a one sided narrative.

Remember ‘The game is rigged but you cannot lose if you don’t play the game’. aka going to centres, getting tests, wearing face nappies etc etc Simon says blah blah blah.


The slaughter of the lambs continues and the silencer of the attempts to cry anything but wolf as warning, follow suit! 🙁


A funeral in my street today, woman in her early fifties, blood clot. I didn’t ask if she had the jab but I’m quite sure she had.

Ronald Templeman

Definitely Richie far more die or are injured than they are saying, In the Daily Mail today a solicitor who was so called ant-vaxxer died from covid and was very healthy, one wonders if he had, had the Flu jab ?


Transmission from a jabbed person possible?


The point is, though, it’s unusal for a 42 year old, ‘fit and healthy’ man to die from covid. Extremely unusual. Which begs the question, did he have health issues brought on by bodybuilding (many of these guys use supplements to look like that, I believe, and they can cause damage to the body? I don’t know. As Richie says all the time, nobody asks the right questions. Even the deceased’s closest relatives.


Agreed upon.


Cheers Gerry.
Been watching the latest weekly news update video from Mary & Polly.


We’ve already got all those elements of coercion in place here in Ireland. Our government is so proud that we have had the harshest restrictions in Europe and now have the highest rate of vaccination in Europe.


Sad, really sad but we must weather the storm and keep strong.


Praying that this madness ends.
Not nice to see this.


Another excellent update by M & P!
Thanks Jacob.


You are welcome.
Was an informative episode.

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