AstraZeneca Jab Is Killing People – The Media Is Covering It Up

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has confirmed that seven people died from blood clots after receiving the Oxford/AstraZeneca covid vaccine.

The MHRA says that it is unclear whether the clotting is a genuine side-effect from the vaccine or a coincidence. According to the BBC:

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency says the benefits continue to outweigh any risk.

However, concern has led to other countries including Germany, France, the Netherlands and Canada to restrict the vaccine’s use only to older people.

The data, released by the MHRA on Friday, showed 22 cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) which is a type of blood clot in the brain.

These were accompanied by low levels of platelets, which help form blood clots, in the body. The MHRA also found other clotting problems alongside low platelet levels in eight people.

Now the MHRA has confirmed, in an email to the BBC, that “sadly seven have died”.

There is a massive cover-up underway. BBC and SKY presenters are reading out press releases from the MHRA and AstraZeneca as if they are news. The media knows full well that the benefits of taking a vaccine do NOT outweigh the risks.

A person has a 0.3 per cent chance of dying from coronavirus. The BBC is claiming today, that if the AZ jab is responsible for the clotting deaths, it means that 1 in every 2.5 million people who get the jab, will die from a clot.

This, says the BBC, is proof that the benefits from having the jab, outweigh the risks. This is nonsense. There is no data on the long term effects of the AZ vaccine, for obvious reasons. It went from inception to people’s arms, in a matter of months. It usually takes up to a decade.

It was given emergency use authorisation and Oxford/AstraZeneca have been indemnified against liability. Nobody can tell you that the vaccine won’t lead to clotting in 3, 6, or 12 months from the time you get it. They cannot possibly know.

It is NOT a vaccine. By their own admission, it will not prevent you contracting coronavirus. Oxford/AZ claim that if you do get covid, your symptoms will be milder as a result of having the shot. But the great majority of people who contract coronavirus, are unaware of it.

Most people have mild or no symptoms at all. UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has acknowledged this fact in several briefings. It is not a disease. It is not deadly.

So why would you take a shot for it? I have been saying for months now, that having the jab is akin to playing Russian Roulette.

The BBC and SKY News are fully aware of this, but rather than inform viewers of the truth, that the vaccine is unnecessary and potentially deadly, the media is pushing it even harder.


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Web Ferrett

I was born FREE – I do not need permission from anyone to be FREE – least the government – they can go and do one!

Web Ferrett

How many “coincidences” will it take for the dumbed down joe public to wake the fuck up?
By averages, 50% of the general public are below average IQ – very worrying – I blame the education system, but then again that may be considered too smart to say!


CDC is caught shaving deaths from VAERS system.
link to a video is on my page, click on my name


The b******s!! Caught by the nut sack!! Red handed!! Top marks to this sharp shooter for highlighting this one!!

Time to start ‘circulating’

Telegram etc etc.. here I come!!



Gerry, I don’t have any social media accounts, this site is the only place I “hang out” 🙂
Hope folks would spread it …


No problem Herb!

That’s well worth passing on… And so it shall be done!!



“Human capital bonds”

Sandy Adams speech at Trafalgar Square, September 26th 2020.

This is what they’ve planned for every man, woman and child.

This is why they want to assign a digital ID to human biology.

This is why they want to vaccinate you and in turn apply the data to renewable vaccination ‘health passports’, as, the same QR code that will be assigned to you and your children (and their children!) will be the ‘identification key’ to allow them to be traded as human commodities on the human blockchain legder.

Hence forward, everything will be governed using these technologies and there will be ‘no way’ to evade it.

You have been warned:

“I have posted the link and this notice to my social page as the bitchute link with the Sandy Adams presentation currently won’t work here!”

Best wishes.


I’ve studied ponerology and the way to beat the evil is to expose their power source. The source of the banking cartel’s power is also their greatest weakness. This is why the currency pyramid scheme of created debts and currency debasement has been protected with a bodyguard of lies. As more debts are sold, debasement exponentially destroys the purchasing power of the currency. Over time, humanity is forced to borrow ever larger nominal amounts to keep up with the rising prices.

The effects of debasement are most noticeable in the price of real assets, those that are limited in nature, such as property. The scheme allows the banks and the established wealth to gradually acquire all the real assets from those at the bottom of the pyramid who are squeezed out of asset ownership. At an exponential rate, the majority are being left with nothing by way of wealth, freedom or opportunity and are effectively enslaved in a neo-debtor’s plantation.

If people are shown the con, confidence in their deception will evaporate. If people realise that they’re particpating in their own enslavement and harming their own children they will stop and demand a Golden Jubilee and the return of sound money. This is the reset the country needs. The pyramid scheme of debased currency was created by legislation and can be repealed by it. Discussing any other subject is a willful distraction. We just need to expose the system’s power source and Richie has the platform to do it.


‘If people are shown the con’ they will wake up? People continue to enjoy films even though they are now shown how the ‘magic’ is made. People continue to enjoy ages old magic tricks, even though they know how they are done.
Showing people any con makes no difference unless those same people choose to change their habits and foundations of gratification – and few people are willing to do so.
You also make a flawed argument as it bases its premise on money being the only source of power. It isn’t. Therefore, not to discuss any other subject is a wilful distraction.

That said, I can admire your optimism.


I should have said secret power source. I worked in the City for 20yrs and didn’t know. An unlimited balance sheet means never having to say sorry. It’s the breeding ground for evil and “finances” the every unsustainble trend on the planet while destroying the future. Created debts are the neo chains of enslavement, which is why they don’t want you to know about them.


For what it’s worth, I agree.



‘Bang on the money’ Big Oak!

It always goes back to currency being their primary means of control.

But worth remembering that the newest form of enslavement hinges on assigning data mining ‘Digital ID’ to each humans unique biological signature via the interface of the two, and it commences with the introduction of renewable health passports as the foundation for this union.

Within this interface will be the scope for your digital wealth (and lots more besides!) also assigned to your digital ID through crypto currency, and ‘once again’ it will all be controlled by central banks.

This is why they are now bending over backwards with excitement, as they know with virtual certainty now, that if they can land this blow, it’s game over for the already enslaved as it will take their ability to control to unfathomable dystopian levels, many of which haven’t even been conceived yet.

As an avid listener to Richie’s show for a number of years now, I know he has been incessantly screaming this from the rooftops! (And then some!!)

But no doubts he’ll scream it even louder now, as no doubts he senses this urgency too!!



We all know the urgency, but we might as well walk around with a placard claiming ‘The End Is Nigh!’ for all the good it will do.
Regardless, that’s no reason not to keep resisting.


This picture comes to mind Craig!!!

And here’s hoping Vernon Coleman sees it too!!



That’s a good one.




The frog is a reference to ribbit, the Laws of Judaism forbidding charging interest on loans. It’s unhelpful because it can be construed as anti-Semitic.


The frog or ribbit??

And I reckon the frog is simply trying to choke the living sh1t out of the pelican prior to being swallowed!!

Perhaps l’ll forward it to Palestine next!!


Last edited 2 months ago by Gerry

By any definition, the currency pyramid scheme of created debts is weoponised usury.


Agreed Big Oak!

Gene Hunt

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” – Johnny Rotten of the The Sex Pistols, 1978

Way ahead of his time…………


The thing is that the masses will still be rolling up their sleeves for the jab so they can go on holiday, to the pub or a concert! The definition of madness…


Some of the biggest surprises have been the bikers. One of the prime reasons for being of such people originated in rebelling against the system, and yet I am hard pressed to to find any such person who, over the last year, hasn’t complied. It is quite baffling.
As for getting the jab to go to a pub: at the rate of closure, there won’t be any pubs to go to.


But but it’s safe – Boris said so

Carol Jones

With that ‘winsome’ smile he shows as he says so….😖

Gene Hunt

The fool can’t even comb his hair, so why the hell should we trust him with our lives?!


Some of our 4 legged friends are better groomed

Last edited 2 months ago by Blackcat69
Gene Hunt

Absolutely Blackcat 69!…… Clearly the fact he won’t get a haircut is because he’s trying to “get down with the kids” or “the proles” as we are. Does he really think we believe he can’t get access to a frickin haircut? How patronising!
Obviously some fool of an advisor has told him it will garner favour with the public. Jeez……..

Maybe all rather irrelevant in the grand scheme? Yes…….But it just goes to show you how our masters think about us……… A stupid, idiotic gesture like Johnson not getting his hair cut, and they think it’ll get us “onside” with them!
Mind you, it probably does work with plenty of the the covid & vax obsessed, mask wearing fools out there!


“Clap for the NHS”, “were all in it together” well over 90% of the UK poppulation believe the lie even after a year and probably will after many years of this,
you can attach electrodes to a dead body and it will twitch, but it won’t wake up no matter how much you turn up the power..

Last edited 2 months ago by Blackcat69
Gene Hunt

Do you know what? I don’t even think it’s necessary a case of them believing the lie, it’s just the fact they’ll go along with being submitted to anything, just as long as they can get back to what makes them feel safe & secure in their heads….. and whether it’ll ruin them and destroy them in the future, we’ll, that’s all gonna happen another day, instant gratification comes first……Move on please, nowt to worry about!!


But if you put the electrodes in the body and activate them remotely, people will believe it will wake up.


That depends on the type of grooming we are talking about.


He also said he needed charity money to redecorate No.10 for Carrie – and it has no come to light that the charity she works for is under investigation for inappropriate money use.
But I’m sure that is purely coincidental…

Carol Jones

“FREE MONEY”……. add upcoming summer months and possible holiday travel and you have perfect recipe for subdued public. Like all recipes if you forget to add one ingredient, let’s say in this case it’s FURLOUGH, guess what might just happen? Watch how fast a little realisation will spread!!!!

Funny how giving ‘something for nothing’ like ‘buy 2 get 3rd Free’ sucks people into buying things they don’t actually need or even want!!

Governments have played a blinder with FURLOUGH! And future taxes are too far away for most folk to see coming … just my thought🤦‍♀️


Hi Carol, has the saying goes “no such thing as a free lunch”
people have no Idea what is waiting round the corner re having to pay back ‘covid cost’

Gene Hunt

“Never underestimate the stupidity of your average punter” – Arthur Daley, Minder, 1982

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