AstraZeneca Recruiting 5 Year-Old Kids For Covid Vaccine Trial

AstraZeneca is planning a childhood immunisation programme that it says, could protect people from Covid-19 for most of their lives. Yesterday the company announced it was recruiting kids as young as five for the trials. Children participating in the trial will get their first jab by the end of this month. Pfizer is planning a similar trial on a global scale.

AstraZeneca believes that by giving children a “series of jabs” in early life, they’d be giving them a lifetime of immunity from Covid. Professor Sarah Gilbert, an Oxford scientist who worked on the AstraZeneca vaccine said:

“If they get infected it will just be a mild disease, it won’t be very serious, it will just be a sniffle. We’re all really waiting to see how things play out. We could be looking at giving young children immunity, and then boosting it towards the end of life.”

Children are basically immune from coronavirus. Most of them will never get it and those who do will have mild symptoms only. Kids DO NOT need a coronavirus vaccine. What’s going on? A Five-year old should not be compelled to participate in a vaccine trial. The child cannot give informed consent. Any parent who puts their child forward for the trial is guilty of neglect and I’d go further than that. It’s child abuse.

They’re already giving as many as 16 vaccines to children in this country, most of them totally unnecessary. Now they want to vaccinate them just in case they get Covid as an adult? It’s insane. Is there any opposition to this anywhere? The answer is no. The papers and the broadcasters just repeat this crap. None of them has the balls to challenge it. I despair.

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I find it distressing to see little children being forced by their parents to wear masks in the street, I watched a little toddler yesterday trying to pull his off and it made me cry. This is going a step beyond even that. The people doing all this for money and power are truly monsters.


When I heard this news on the radio I felt sick. I cannot believe they are trialling this vaccine on innocent children. It is sick and appalling. What is this world coming to? the pressure and fear they are putting on everyone is atrocious -You need to get the covid vaccine! You need to live in fear! You need to wear a mask, You need to stay away from family, friends, in fact everyone!! Choice and freedom is going going and almost gone!! It is wrong and evil and now they are putting this on our children! Someone needs to stop this it’s gone too far innocent childrens lives are going to be ruined! Adults who choose to take it well at the end of the day that’s their choice right or wrong educated or not it’s their decision. Well supposedly. But children! NO! NO! NO This needs to STOP!!!!

Caroline Fealy

They are not touching my 2 grandchildren. I am educating my daughter on the other vaccines at the moment and thankfully she is listening 🙂 they are only little, 4 months and nearly 3. I am frightened for their future.

Urban fox

” Do not put your trust in man, do not put your trust in prince’s. Trust instead in your own judgment and your spirit within. For our battle is not against flesh and blood. But against the dark forces of this world 🌎. And the power within us, is greater than the power within the world. “

Urban fox

Absolute evil insanity! What kind of parent would give consent for this experiment on behalf of their child. No doubt they will be paid a few quid for the inconvenience. Though the compensation money, after their child is permanently damaged ,may be a long time coming. But you know many will. All ” for the greater good” they will believe.
Everything points towards covid not even existing. The thing has never even been isolated, using Kochs postulates. Beyond belief. !


The youngsters paralysed by Gardasil here in Ireland have never seen any compensation. The parents were lied to about the possible side effects but still neither the drug company nor the government would accept any responsiblility.

Urban fox

Hi, thanks for reply. I know it is shocking . Read Vernon ColeMan’s book on vaccines recently, and the truth is Crystal clear.

Marissa Oatley

Who do I need to get a hold of to bitch them out for doing this to sweet innocent babies. In my eyes this is absolutely unnecessary, beyond evil and I will not stand for this bullshit.. I have a five year old beautiful daughter, I could never do this to my sweet baby… no fuc*ing way. No fuc*ing how… We believe in good ol Immune system power in this family and no one will ever change my mind other wise…

Marissa Oatley

I have Contacted them and have given my opinion on the matter. We shall see if they ever reply…. Im definitely not holding my breath


Good god! Who in their right mind would put their child forward for a vaccination trial?! Van Tam said the other day that they could be vaccinating kids by the end of the year. No way! Leave the kids out of this ffs! Bill Gates killed and damaged thousands of children in drugs trials in Africa (I believe) with his disgusting vaccines.

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