At Least 1,500 People Complain Of Tinnitus After Their Vaccine

At least 1,500 people have complained to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), through its yellow-card system for reporting side-effects, that they developed tinnitus after they were vaccinated.

Tinnitus is a persistent ringing in the ears. The 1,500 complaints are split almost evenly between those who had the Pfizer or AstraZeneca jab. According to The Mail Online:

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) says the yellow-card reports do not prove vaccines are to blame and, even if they did, it still means that fewer than one in 24,000 people injected is likely to suffer ringing in their ears, which may turn out to be temporary.

‘The evidence appears to show that coronavirus vaccines are safe and that any side-effects are likely to be mild,’ says the BTA.

‘The likelihood of the vaccines causing or making tinnitus worse appears to be very low.’

In fact, the chances of developing tinnitus after the jab may be much lower than after the virus itself.

Ah, that old chestnut! It’s utterly risible isn’t it? It doesn’t matter what the side-effect after vaccination is, someone is on hand to say that the same side-effect would be worse if caused by covid infection!

If people’s heads started falling off after they were vaccinated, experts would be on hand to say that the chances of your head falling off after the jab are lower than losing your head after the virus.

The vaccines are not vaccines. They are treatments. They are untested and full of toxic garbage. I’d rather swim in an open sewer than have a jab.

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Im thinking ‘metallics’ in the toxic soups (all of them!)..

Then I’m thinking lightbulbs and filaments plus electric charge equals “glow!”

Then I’m thinking ‘lighting up’ like a Christmas tree!!

Then I’m thinking ‘auditory canal’ and microwave auditory effect (look it up — and remember Wikipedia is edited by anyone with an account!!)

Then I’m thinking ‘milimetre waves’ and EM spectrum.. (eg.. 3/4/5G!!)

Then I’m thinking….


And that’s “just for starters!!!”




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I like bandana Chris!



Thanks Jacob!

And kudos for chatting with Richie yesterday!

Well done!



Simple comparison is how many people who have not had the JAB suddenly developed TInnitus when also not in a work setting of industrial noise pollution, where that is likely to have occurred. In otherwords how many non Jabbed have spontaneously developed Tinnitus without traumatic sudden assault on their ears. Answer will be ZERO. Ergo, it’s the JABS, which are clearly attacking cranial and peripheral nerve and causing strokes which are affecting said nerves and other body tissues in various ways. Seems that the SPIKE protein expression is going to different cells in each person.

If nerve cells, its a neuro-degenerative condition that develops. If muscle cells, its feeling heavy and achey (like lactic acid), which spreads to cardiac muscle and boom heart attack If its platelets…its idotpathicThromboCytopenicPurpura etc etc.


Interesting points. Could it also be that cell degeneration, ie the aging process in general is speeded up thereby reducing life expectancy/longevity? If the immediate effects dont get you, no problem, the ticking delayed timebomb will get you eventually.


During the whole of this scamdemic I have not known anyone to come down with ‘the virus’, talking of the real world here, not celebrity ‘look at me in my bed, got a cold, sorry covid, sad face’ world. As soon as it was announced a ‘miracle vakseen’ had been produced in record time, almost as if it was already in production, I said to my partner we will hear more illness caused by the vakseen than the ‘virus’. Lo and behold, rang my 86year robust aunty not long after her 1st jab who said ‘its” done something to my blood and is now under consultant care’. My partners’ aunty is practically bed ridden unable to walk and has lost grip in her hands. Two female neighbours had their dose, one bed ridden, the other we thought was not going to live due to the amount of relatives turning up. I read yesterday of a roofer, 50 years, had his jab and developed blood clots in his lungs, but still urging others to get their jabs!? How ignorant do you have to be to not realise that something is not right?? The immediate effects are serious enough, never mind the unknown long term effects which wil surface in the future. I saw the way this was going last year when the pictures of bodies in the streets appeared, bodies do not fall perfectly straight with arms by their sides and the footage coming out of India now is straight out of bad acting school. A message to the government, NHS, celebri-tits, et al, please do not insult our intelligence with talk of ‘move along, nothing to see here’ or ‘get your jab’ it’s really safe , honestly’, any longer as it starting to resemble desperation. I have advised my partner that if anyone comes near me with be.ill g8s euthanasia shot I will be taking them with me also, just so he knows as I am usually quite placid 🙂


I moved to the village where I currently live just weeks before all this started. During this fake pandemic I never saw a new grave in the cemetery. We had a big rollout of vaccines about three weeks ago, I refused mine the week before last. The other day I walked through the cemetery and saw three new graves, yesterday I walked through and there are now six new graves. I have absolutely no evidence that the two things are related I’m merely making an observation.


It is a good observation. Look at Seychelles or Gibraltar, or even India to a lesser extent. Seychelles had 5 covid cases all of 2020. Now over 30 dead. GIbraltar jumped from 11 to over 79 as soon as vaxx arrived. India got over its low, slow tropical wave from July to Autumn and now since March JABS, the Deaths are vertical on their graphs. Sadly I would expect your cemetary to fill up fast now.


It’s really beyond a joke now, in the European database for adverse reactions there have been more than 330,000 injuries reported and 7,766 dead. More than 690,000 injuries and 960 deaths reported in the UK and this is just a fraction of the real figures as only a very small percentage are reported.

Of course, nothing going on right… There have also been loads of reports of women with menstrual abnormalities even in those who have not had the jab!


I completely agree the injuries caused by this so called vaccine are way in excess of any other medication and still they plough on regardless. We haven’t even got to the medium to long term effects yet which are likely to be horrendous. All of the healthcare keyworkers required to deal with this will also be going down sick. I don’t know how Matt Hancock can sleep at night. As I’ve said previously if this vaccine was a supermarket food item such as a Fray Bentos tinned pie it would have been removed from the shelves months ago as a serious public health risk..
The frustrating thing is that still the majority of people just don’t see it and by the time they finally wake up it will be too late. .


Totally agree with you


Agreed upon.

Ian Margetts

Yea, but who cares if the sheeple die, they are beyond saving anyway..
you can easily find out more information on what’s going on, but the cheeseheads are not interested, to busy buying there halal takeaway and kfc….fu*k um!

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