Austria Mandates Covid Jabs For EVERYONE & Enters Full Lockdown

Austria has become the first country to declare that it is going back into full lockdown and that from early next year, covid jabs will be compulsory for every citizen.

From February 1st, every Austrian will be obliged to have at least two jabs. Those who refuse will face heavy fines and other “unspecified consequences.”

The country will go into a hard lockdown from this coming Monday. Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told a press conference this morning:

“This is not easy for us, but in view of the number of infections we have to take such measures. It hurts me to have to impose any restrictions.

Despite months of persuasion, we haven’t been able to convince enough people to get vaccinated. We are demanding a lot from the vaccinated people in this country, because the unvaccinated people have not shown solidarity.”

Schallenberg said that Monday’s lockdown will initially last for three weeks. Restaurants, pubs, and all non-essential shops will be closed and people will be told to remain at home. Classroom teaching will be suspended and schools will revert  to distance learning.

So there it is. The leader of a European nation has declared that everyone in the country must be jabbed by February or they will be fined and face other consequences. What other consequences? Removal to a quarantine camp maybe?

Schallenberg should be dragged screaming from his office and sent into exile.



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Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I ‘requested’ a…deletion of my account here.
Appears to be totally a…big waste of my time.


Sorry to hear this Chris..


No need for you two to lose tough though..

Marty Hopkirk

How can these so-called ‘leaders’ still have the brass neck to blame the unvaxxed for a rise in Covid infections, when the likes of Gibraltar have recently reported a surge in new cases, despite being one of the most highly vaccinated places on the planet?

It will be very interesting to see how far this vaccine mandate gets through the courts in Austria. And heaven forbid should they succeed in introducing it, I hope the great majority of those 2m unvaxxed Austrians tell Shillenberg and his shower precisely where they can shove their ‘heavy fines’ and ‘unspecified consequences’.


Marty, they’ve been ‘doubling down’ on a poor hand since the beginning of this game will end with either us walking over their corpses or them walking over ours. there seems no other resolution now.


Cases on the rise thanks to not fit for purpose tests; the usual winter surge of illnesses; and the hospitals filling up with mostly vaccinated people (because nations are full of mostly vaccinated people).
It’s not difficult to see what is happening if reason overcomes fear, and memory can extend backwards unencumbered by media distortions and lies.
Unfortunately, these simple points seem to be beyond the average media comsumer.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I’m reading the intelligent/excellent comments found here at UNZ :
Mike Whitney does EXCELLENT work btw.
*Excess Deaths Point to Depopulation Agenda*.
Perhaps it’s a little-bit off-topic(not), but read the following comments and deem for yourselves…

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Comment #41-
Of course they all knew what the spike protein (SP) could do. The Salk Institute published research back in April 2021 about vascular damage that the SP did on its own, not attached to a real virus. See:

Salk researchers and collaborators show how the spike protein damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease

April 30, 2021

LA JOLLA—Scientists have known for a while that SARS-CoV-2’s distinctive “spike” proteins help the virus infect its host by latching on to healthy cells. Now, a major new study shows that they also play a key role in the disease itself.

The paper, published on April 30, 2021, in Circulation Research, also shows conclusively that COVID-19 is a vascular disease, demonstrating exactly how the SARS-CoV-2 virus damages and attacks the vascular system on a cellular level. The findings help explain COVID-19’s wide variety of seemingly unconnected complications, and could open the door for new research into more effective therapies.

Representative images of vascular endothelial control cells (left) and cells treated with the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (right) show that the spike protein causes increased mitochondrial fragmentation in vascular cells.


It’s a given that this info was known well before Salk published it.
My question is why aren’t autopsies being done en masse whenever there is even the hint of a tie-in between a death and the Covid shots?
That all being said, I don’t buy the premise that the goal is to reduce the population. That would be a lot easier to do with some well placed neutron bombs, which would kill all living things in an area.
No, the goal was and is to get mRNA technology out of the labs and into people to allow unbounded profit by Big Pharma and all the hanger-on consultants. They all know that these leaky vaccines do not kill of Covid and that targeting the SP is a half-assed solution that doesn’t work well in real life (as we can see by the huge number of breakthrough infections occurring to vaccinated people and how they can easily transmit an infection to others). A poor vaccine solution that requires regular upkeep shots is exactly what everyone wants.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

REPLY to #41 at Comment #90-
But to be most effective, people have to be seduced into their demise, something a neutron bomb cannot accomplish.
Also from Mike Whitney:
“In the future It will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60-65 years, man lives longer than he produces, and it costs society dearly.
Then the weak, then the useless ones who bring nothing to society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the stupid ones. Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases.
We will of course not be able to execute people or organize camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good. Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating. We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on million and millions of people, you can image.
We will find something or cause it – pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old and the weak, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful will believe it and ask to be treated.
We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done by itself; they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own”.
Source: Interview with Jacques Attali, in the 1981 book by Michael Salomon, The Future of Life.


Wow. looks like a great but depressing read.My Husband said to me the whole thing is depressing and I answered it is not easy turning over rocks to find the truth, but it is worth it.
It has been bugging me why some have no issues with the Jab and others suffer from injury. Even though on the face of it there were no underlying health issues for that person,It dawned on me the other day. What if the mRNA has been designed to seek out hereditary issues such as autoimmune, cardiac diseases etc? Health conditions that ordainarily would lie dormant in the DNA.
Could this whole process be part of the Eugenics belief of “survival of the fittest”. A Darwinian theory. This article certainly supports this possibility. I have no evidence though just my thirst for figuring out things.

Last edited 16 days ago by Eire

It could also be that some are placebos as they want to reduce he population in stages. An East European scientist found that all the vaccines are not the same and some are just saline solution.


A very sound theory Eire.


Those who are considered the most educated and most intelligent in society are not always the most beneficial to that society, this is a myth. Many people had practical knowledge that could help us survive but so called intellectuals looked down their noses at them and their ideas were dismissed.


Taken in isolation, the ‘vaccines’ are not a significant depopulation tool (not yet, at least). But food shortages are fast coming down the tracks, as are power cuts, more lockdowns, and suspicious new laws.
Taken all together, significant depopulation is far more likely.

We must not forget that under the feudal government system (which we and pretty much every other nation is ruled by), the purpose of the workers is the serve and empower the state. As more and more jobs disappear or are replaced by technology, we become redundant and obselete. In other words, the state has no need for many of us.

It’s a rather bleak picture, but we have pretty much walked into it


Thanks Gerry.
Surely low ionising radiation such as 5g would do the same as the article stated to those who’s DNA can not repair itself due to having an mrna shot?
Can hospital scans also do the same?


Absolutely Jake.
And potentially activate a host of ‘other things’ besides!




The green agenda will help greatly with what your proposing. Be difficult to live free and off the land when nature dies through lack of Co2 and those remaining will be pushed into smart cities managed by an artificial climate. They will use the excuse that we were too late to save the Planet even though it was this ridiculous policy that instigated it’s demise.
To further expand on my ruminations, the futuristic society will be so reliant on technology and as technology always does it will fail. It will be Atlantis all over again. There is a positive though. The whole cycle of life will start again because when we are not around to play God. The natural environment will return and thrive.This really is a moment in time and we just happen to be here.
If you believe in past lives we will probably be doing this again, and no I have not been smoking the green weed. ha ha.


Graham Hancock has found evidence to support the fact that an advanced civilisation was destroyed by a massive flood around 12,000 years ago. He believes that some survived by making their way to mountain tops and passed on some of their knowledge but as they died out a lot of it was forgotten.


That is interesting. I think if that happens to us we would not leave any trace of our advancement only rubbish.

Urban Fox

Unfortunately there is no coming back from this if they are not stopped. Not this time ,not ever. The plan is for transhumanism, barely human anymore. Half billion population of slaves connected to a hive mind. There are many documents, recorded conversations, videos etc. all supporting this plan. And the technology is already there. And no procreation either, through the infertility that is deliberately planned, that we are already seeing the start of. I’m afraid there is no positive side to this. We defeat them or we are going to be totally exterminated.


No doubt about it, that’s their ultimate aim. Carrie Madej is very good on transhumanism, I know you have watched some of her videos too. Also David Icke, who I know you follow, has been talking about it for 30+ years. I’ve tried talking to a few people about the issue but they just think I’ve lost the plot.


More likely that the workers who remain will be transformed, while humanity survives through the unmodified ruling class.


Useless eaters Henry Kissinger called us. I might be a useless eater but at least I’m not corrupt or responsible for starting any wars.


In previous generations wars, revolutions, and poor living conditions served the same purpose.
The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.


I was on there earlier reading a few articles and I downloaded a couple of interviews which I usually listen to in the evening which I prefer than watching Netflix or Now TV.

Aldo Bennedetti

Dopesick HULU is a way to satiate the masses into believing the powers that be are dealing with the Heist.


Content didnt just rise up out if nowhere all of a sudden.

The colluvium of Rome.

Top Bayer man Stefan Oelrich speech to World Health Summit Oct 24 – 26 2021


Yes. The media. The propaganda arm of Big Corp.
But that’s far from surprising.


As i have said previously, the next stage would have been discussed and planned at the recent COP get together in Scotland. Mandated vaccination of all citizens under the threat of fines to be tried out first in one of the smaller countries. After a short period to gauge the reaction there will be a steady spread across Europe perhaps enhanced by a new ‘variant’.
Once that is embedded we may reach the ‘knock on the door’ stage for those still resisting.
It’s becoming harder and harder to find the words.


The Totalitarian Tiptoe.

Aldo Bennedetti

COP was a cover story alright. If it wasn’t discussed there something is wrong.

This is the final push over the parapet.

The last hand at the table. Pushing all in before total revolt.

Whatever it takes to complete their mission phase 1.

Last edited 17 days ago by Gerry
Aldo Bennedetti

Excellent news. More power to him.

His story is not over. Only beginning.

Sue the entire media and Joe Biden.


It should get interesting from here!!
It was definitely self defense, but all things considered, I wasn’t expecting an acquittal!!

I’d say Biden is truly feeling ‘the blues’ now!!


Aldo Bennedetti

He’s in hospital having his arse probed today.

Regardless he got his $1.75 trillion bill passed also today.

The damage done to Merica in 11 months is top their dirtbird shite.

Its like he’s a Russian or Chinese agent àla The Ghost Writer movie 2010.

Christmas is cancelled and Lets Go Brandon!


They’re probably looking for what’s left of his brain before he craps that out too!!

Jeez… Land of the free, home of the brave huh!!

Whatever went wrong!!?

Aldo Bennedetti

Nothing went wrong. It all went right. As planned.

He signed up to be the front man of the band. The lead singer.

Its the writers and producers in back room running the show.

Joe is all distraction on purpose.


I agree Aldo. It’s all theatre.
Though, Joe’s definitely at the final curtain stages..
No doubts there!

Then comes Harris.

Boom! 💥


Aldo Bennedetti

That is also part of the script I’ve no doubt at all.

I’d also suggest that this medical exam he had today is structured and foreshadowing his resignation due to health issues.

Stepping aside for Merica.

Harris will be a president puppet run by Obama/Clinton.

Lets Go Harris!


Good point.
Did you see Pelosi in recent times?
Max Igan put up a clip in a recent video I watched..

She’s just talking absolute nonsense..

Even worse than Biden!!

My best guess here is it’s aphasia from a stroke..

Only question is, what caused the stroke??


Aldo Bennedetti

I think he completed the mission and took one for the team.

$1.75 trillion bill passed today.

Retire on a high note Joe and sail into the wind. We got it from here.

Pelosi is a coffin dodger full of medication.

Looks like death warmed up.

You cannot be fit for such serious purpose at that hour of your life.

The pair of them are not fit to drive cars in my opinion let alone run a nation.

Lets Go Harris!
(ear piece included with batteries)



First female president of the US!!

Not even elected! (One way or the other!!)

Alternate universe stuff!!

Honest, I reckon the planet got dragged through a vortex as a consequence of a CERN experiment gone awry!!

Some of us managed to stay in the original timeline, the rest are fully established!!

Think about it!!


Aldo Bennedetti

100% First female president.

Thats was the goal and architecture of Obama for Hillary.

This is all a longitudinal chess game on a global scale.

Harris has a role to fulfil too. A purpose and mission.

The 2022 elections don’t scare them. Its not news republicans are on the way.

Its all a grand design I say.

Not to mention the Republicans are in on it too.

“Theatrically and deception Mister Wayne.”



I see the Q Shaman got four years (assuming that’s all real too!!)!!

Man, the US has turned into a lunatic asylum!!

Though, the insanity is contagious..

No matter how well scripted it all appears, you just couldn’t make it up!!

Is there any hope for any of us!??

Aldo Bennedetti

Its beyond all of our control and they don’t care as the new normal is here.

Literally what are you or I going to do?

2022 is going to be bizarre….


I’ve no idea bro. You’re Irish right??
So, you know what it’s like here.

I’m stunned by it to be honest Aldo..

Where are all the men of this country gone??

What happened to them??

It’s shocking!!

Aldo Bennedetti

Irish all day no breaks Gerry. Balls to bone.

The compliance is alarming.

Like a puppy rolling over showing its tummy for a scratch.

Men? Women? Ireland?

Look at the shower of kents who are parents. Dipshits on FB & Twitter.

Look at how soft and emotional they are.

I’ve said it here before this could not happen in 2001. No smart phones. No ability to pre-programme the fertile mind.

Children are raised/co parented on screens by Big tech.

Its lazy parenting and indoctrination.

Also the childs’ parent was born in the late 90’s.

So the rhythm and timing is optimal in my opinion.

Now was the time to strike.

Its very well planned. Even using the buildup yo Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Victory Loves preparation Gerry.

Lets Go Harris!


You’re spot on Aldo.
The smartphones and associated social media tech has played a massive part in the zombification process.
The tv only ever went so far, but the smart tech has allowed it to be slowly but precisely manipulated to where we are now.

I’m not certain they intended to go Commie on us, but when they realised how well it was working out in China, they couldn’t resist it.

So here we are, on the precipice of being forced to take some garbage poison with God knows what in it, or fight the bastards off for all your worth!!

And there lies your problem… No doubts there’s still a few of us left willing to do what needs doing, but it would be so much easier if there was many many more!!

I just can’t wake them up..

I know one or two.. but that’s it..

In virtually two years of trying!!

So damn frustrating.


Aldo Bennedetti

Wake them up? Let them on says I.

I simply don’t care what others do.

Keep yourself to yourself.

Once it dose not effect me. Carry on the devils work as you see fit.

No religion or politics in the pub says I.

Even if I had the power of mind control I’d couch it.

Not my place at.

Look after yourself Gerry. 2022 will be a kent of pressure.

Winter is here.


And you Aldo!

2022 will indeed be pressurised…

Imagine how it will feel for ‘them’ when we ‘The Spartans’ come calling.

Very pressurised indeed!!


lol mate. He is just an old guy with dementia who the evil ones have put in power for various reasons. Funny post though.

Aldo Bennedetti

In a nut shell it appears they want to vaccinate the entire population by any means necessary thus threatening peoples jobs with mandates.

This vax will suppress or turn off the very important innate immune system and also create mutations of COVID as a result hence a huge outbreak thats only just started as the vax is not a sterilising vaccination. Its does not out right kill the virus thus the shedding.

Unvaxxed will still have their innate immune systems.

The vaxxed will be forever dependent on the vaccines as the virus mutates.
A booster every 6 months or your covid passport is turned off.

This explosion of an outbreak thats happening as I type ushers in covid passports which is a Trojan horse for the real agenda of a a social credit system like in China.

This will lead eventually to a digital currency.

Is this about right so far over the last 2 years?

Aldo Bennedetti

Oh I forgot the latent depopulation over the next 9 years. My bad.

Johnny Dollar

I’m cant be alone to be so sick of this vomiting Bullshit & these sinister Crooked Pharma snakeoil salesmen disguised as politicians & psychopaths. I’ve had enough


This bastard Schallenberg knows full well that if all testing was stopped as from today Covid would virtually disappear. I’m beginning to think that there is something going on that may be even more sinister than any of us had dreamed. Anything is up for grabs now….alien infestation, cross over creatures placed in power by a parallel universe? The whole thing is so crazy that you just cannot rule anything out. I have seen nothing like this in my 72 years

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I believe, I finally understood the “Why?”-question.
Try beginning here:
READ the full scientific paper.
I’m 100% convieced it’s…’this’. Hands-down Robert. Regards and…contemplate; it’s-right-in-front-of-your Eyes.


The virus, the injections, the fear, the tyranny, the monumental bolox is all just a smokescreen for what’s really coming..

Which is the Trojan horse of vaccine passports as a means to bring in digital enslavement through the integration of biology and technology…
(Eg . Boosters every six months!)

They are turning us into smartphones with our own personal operating systems..

And they intend to control every single quantifiable thing you can possibly do and think of!!

And I mean “everything!!”


Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

*Friday Nite Fun, for Everyone*.

The story of when I met my private Swiss-bankir on the 2nd-floor of Credit Swiss’s hq in Zürich on the Hofbanhofstrasse.
It was 40+ yrs ago.
Took the trolly from my hotel.
Persian carpets and chandeliers, like a palace…

…more later.
Have a Good-1.
Carpe Diem! 🙂


Off Topic Sorry.
NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.
Tonight live at 17.00 UK Time.


Mandatory ‘Vaccines!’

I highly recommend that the below interview is watched. Why the push to get us including our children jabbed.

There were some questioning Dr Geert Vanden Bossche intention when he first spoke out publicly on the Covid Vaccines but in this interview he shows how he contacted the CDC, GAVI, WHO, NIHI and told them of his concern in giving people the shots and none of them were interested.

In an historic interview for The HighWire, host Del Bigtree sits down with Vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., D.V.M., to hear Geert’s dire warning about mass Covid vaccination of children, and the catastrophe which may follow.


What does he say ?

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

…begin with this ZZ-
*Mass Vaccination will Breed Dangerous Variants & Weaken Our Immunity — Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD*Posted on Mar 8, 2021


You need to watch it. He basically says that we are F****d if they keep ‘Vaccinating’ everyone including giving boosters.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Bravo Jake!
I…sadly admit that I believed van den Bossche was a…’tptb narrative plant’.
Yes.; He was tooo ‘specific’ and had ALL of the credentials for being a…’controlled narrative dis-info agent’.
It appears I was…completely wrong.
—Note: We are All being literally ‘bombarded’ with …dis-info.
Yeah. Shedding is real and now, the Problem. Cheers & Good Evening to You & All here. 🙂


I was also not so sure Chris as you say with him being so involved with big pharma.
Good to get a reminder that there are still good people left at such high levels in industries.


It’s a brilliant interview Jake.

A must watch and share.

Vital I would suggest!!!





Thanks again to the brexiteers who got us out of the eu goolag


Exactly right


Out in name only it was.


In the U.K. forced medical treatment is GBH – wounding with intent – see Anna de buisseret who has evidenced this recently




Culling of mankind

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden


“…Alexander Schallenberg’s traditional title is count,[5] the hereditary title his family was conferred in 1666 within the Habsburg Hereditary Lands that encompassed multiple modern countries of Central Europe, and that was also recognized by Hungary. He is the first chancellor since Kurt Schuschnigg and Prince Starhemberg to belong to a noble family….”

Wake Up!
The ‘plan’ is very very very old.


Stumbled across this one less than twenty four hours ago, when Austria announced they were planning to only lock down the unjabbed.

It’s an interview between former BBC researcher Sonja Elijah and an Austrian teacher named Diana Bodner about ‘living’ under medical Apartheid in Austria.

While watching it, I couldn’t help but notice that while Diana is against jab mandates etc, she does appear to be very accepting of her faith!

So, is this a reflection on Austria and Austrian natives on the whole and is it the reason why the cabal (euro branch) have decided to target Austria first for the final phase of the digital enslavement programme..???

What a difference a day makes huh!!

The Christmas rush has started in earnest…

It promises to be an even busier new year!!




mia manners

Fantastic Urban Fox ! May i share it? Seriously a jolly good end of time poem…

Urban Fox

Hi Mia, thanks. Yes of course.


Today is International Men’s Day. I know I’m going off subject but I wanted to share this post. Best wishes to you all.



Same to you Adam


As the control group, the ‘unvaccinated’ simply have to go. Meaningful science would embrace them for providing a vital service but the last thing the nutjobs behind this need is any ability in years to come to compare jabbed and unjabbed on a meaningful scale. Because the unjabbed are going to fare much better.
In Ireland, with 94% of the adult population genetically modified, apparently half of those in ICU are unjabbed. This is scary until you realise that unjabbed pregnant women are being moved into ICU as a precaution to distort the percentages and then you learn that of the 45 deaths reported ‘with’ Covid this week, all 45 were jabbed!
That anomaly would not have been detectable had everybody been jabbed. For whatever reason, it’s clearly all about jabbing every man, woman and child repeatedly and eliminating the control group. That’s the play now.


That makes sense the unvaxxed are the smoking gun proof when the cull gets properly started over the next year or two

Aldo Bennedetti

Thats a BINGO and five by five.


That’s why they want us pure bloods to have their shots and the informed consent laws are why they can’t make us – its enshrined in U.K. law – this is why we fought so hard for brexit

Last edited 17 days ago by ZstandsforZorro

They are getting desperate, the unvaccinated (aka the smart ones) won’t stand for this, if your not vaccinated by now, your not going to be and the cabal can’t stand it, hence the big fear and gas lighting project. It’s all going to come crumbling down on these fascist pigs!!!!!

Urban Fox

I wrote the following poem, just after Jackboot Johnsons pre Christmas speech last year. Before sending it to a loved one who i had not seen jurying 2020. Due to her fears of the “deadly plague.” Just after being told we couldn’t meet up for Christmas, as it was better to be careful. Her response was not to worry, as things would soon get better. It would all be over by Easter we can meet up then. Reading through this, i found it striking how little things have changed. I’m sorry its not more Christmassy.

 Oh what a glorious year !
Jackboot Johnson goose stepped out, week before Christmas evening.
Billy’s paid puppets by his side , Brown shirts crisp and even..
Fascist dictates in dirty hands, whilst democracy lay bleeding.
No more Christmas , no more joy, fines for those not conceding.
Once they take our experimental fetal cell vac, we hope they’ll not be conceiving.
Don’t worry we’re injecting hope in your arm,
But you can’t claim compensation if it does you harm. 
Don’t kill your granny, leave her alone. If she behaves, she can speak on the phone.
No more Christmas no more joy, Wear your muzzle and sanitize that toy.
Anti social distancing and queuing in the rain. Subjects under a microscope, playing out
a sick game. Humanity and compassion are dead and gone.
Is there anything we can’t make them believe in, because we’re masters at deceiving.
Put DNRs on their beds, then at Christmas they’ll not want feeding.
If they die home alone, no hugging for the grieving.
10 at a funeral, 6 feet apart. Don’t waste time on the dead , there as useless as the breathing.
Can they not add up, look at access deaths? Ask where flue has gone?
Is there anything we can’t make them believe in, because we’re masters at deceiving.
Put dirty masks upon their faces, can’t have them smiling and breathing in enclosed spaces.
Just a little Hypoxia, it’s for the best, subjugate and track them, create unrest.
Mandatory soon outside, then the conditionings complete. 
Make them miserable and unhealthy, immune systems weak.
Ban Professor Calhil , Dr Vernon Coleman to. And his book “Proof that face masks do more harm than good”
Censor the news, the internet, all for their own good.
Is there anything we can’t make them believe in? Because we’re masters at deceiving.
Patrick’s 600,000 vac shares, Bills 10 billion at 20 times return. 
Open your pockets Doc 12 quid every shot. 
No temporary freedoms for protesters, tear gas and arrest them and put them in the dock.
Whilst the world is burning, we’re still nicely earning.
We destroyed their freedom by creating fear. Kept them bent over ,with the promise of pub beer.
As we took absolute power , with hardly a dissenting remark. 
Today if there good, let them walk in the park. Alone , isolated, 6 feet apart.
Just 3 weeks to save the NHS and flatten the curve. 
Now 9 months on, look at the harm done.! 
They think the ends in sight, most have given up without a fight.
Is there anything we can’t make them believe in? because we’re masters at deceiving.
Agenda 21, the great reset, the Georgia Guide stones, Eugenics and half a billion?
It’s so insane they’ll never believe it. Existing in the matrix, they’ll never conceive it.
For their is something we can’t make them believe in, the truth that would set them free.
Orwell and Icke predicted it, some will say.
Most mumbling, breathless under their masks , will shuffle under tyranny, on their way.
Because the truth they’ll never believe it, though condemned prisoners under house arrest, they’ll never conceive it.
Empty hospital beds, whilst cancer patients were dyeing. Dance videos and clapping, drew attention off the crying.
2020 , was our finest , proudest year. 
These slaves are here to serve us, and it they don’t fight back , then they’ll deserve us.
And remember the children, don’t let them play, keep them apart.
Permanently damaging them, is becoming an art.
So let’s get busy, more arbitrary rules to write, the New Year is looking bright.
Empty the church’s and turn off the light.
If there’s nothing to console them, it’s easier to control them.
Yes, 2020 , on what a glorious year! 
And it’s only the beginning if we can keep them in fear.

December 2020

Here we are now in the 20th full month of open UK Tyranny. No end in sight and things getting worse by the day. Several country’s already discriminating against the Un Fake vaccinated. Austria now taking away the rights of its citizens to decide what go’s in there own bodies. Millions injured, and many thousands around the world lying dead. But not from a virus called covid 19. But from the very poison said to be our savior, that is being mandated in Austria, and forced into people by coercion all round the world.

This will never end, because it i was never meant to end. Unless we have non compliance and direct action in enough numbers to make things unworkable. But first people have to stop believing, in any of this. Stop this blind belief in authority and the lies they are being told.

Stop believing, Resist, Defy, Do not comply.

Oh and my sister? 20 months on and iv still not seen her. But I’m not worried as it will be Easter soon.

Aldo Bennedetti

None of this would be possible 20 years ago as there were no smart phones.

Urban Fox

They could have done like Nazi Germany Aldo, show us your papers. However when the world take over was put on hold in 45, it went back behind the scenes. They then decided to do things covertly, and waited until the masses were suitably indoctrinated enough to trust whatever they were told, around the world by authority. But they knew that the technology would certainly make thing easier. However not having a phone is not going to save anyone. They will simply be made to have one. They can also be chipped. The easiest thing to do, is put everyone’s information on a credit card type thing. Which would also be used instead of cash, which they are getting rid of. No one is getting away with this for long. They have to be brought down or that is it, game over.


Better you have you own phone and control the settings


Outstanding Fox!


Urban Fox

Thanks Gerry

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

You are truly…a Fox; i.e. Observant, Slick-in-Thought and, most Important, ‘Not Bought’.
The foxes in England are hunted-down for Sport.
However our FOX here will pervade, See-his [re]Tort.

Last edited 17 days ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden
Urban Fox

Thanks, really appreciated.


Great piece Fox

Urban Fox

Thankyou Jake,


You are welcome 😁




Excellent. Great poem and it actually is Christmassy in terms of the sort of Christmas we are going to get.

Urban Fox

Thanks Jennie : )

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

This guy is a *blood-line aristocrat*!
He’s SWISS(!) by birth, goddammit!
Born in BIS-Bank of International Settlements’ city of Bern.

“…A member of the comital branch of the Austro-Hungarian Schallenberg family,[5][1] Schallenberg was born in 1969 in Bern, Switzerland, where his father Wolfgang was Austrian ambassador to Switzerland.[6] His mother is a native of Switzerland, and the daughter of Swiss banker and president of UBS Alfred S…”

People this shit has it’s roots in many many millennium.
Read this guy’s wiki, cough-cough.
A true blue-blood Gangster. He wants You to continue your Slavery into the ‘Technocratic Era’.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Notice he’s a graduate of the *College of Europe* Bruges, Belgium founded in 1949.
Bilderberger-baby protegé.

Last edited 17 days ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden



Thanks Chris.
I was trying to find out if he was or is a Young Global Leader graduate but did not manage to find anything. Sometimes this is not publicly known.

Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’

How is it that more than 190 governments from all over the world ended up dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in almost exactly the same manner, with lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination cards now being commonplace everywhere? The answer may lie in the Young Global Leaders school, which was established and managed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and that many of today’s prominent political and business leaders passed through on their way to the top…..

Last edited 17 days ago by Jake
Christopher Young@X_YankSweden





Dear old Adolf Hitler would be so proud of what the present day Austrian Reich has managed to achieve. We could now have a remake of the Sound of Music with the unvaccinated von Trapp family fleeing the country across the mountains in the middle of the night. The problem now is where the hell could they go? They’d need to head for Florida but Biden would refuse them asylum and lock them up in a FEMA camp. Slightly different ending to the original but I’m sure Hollywood would still be interested particularly if Harry and Megan were given central roles. Mind you that pair would never walk across any dark freezing cold mountains they’d simply flee the country in Elton John’s private jet.


I’m half Austrian by unvaccinted blood…If I was there I’d wear a yellow star

Aldo Bennedetti

Winter is here.


What does he mean by infections, positive tests? As we know these are utterly meaningless.

I’m sure it hurts him a lot – not.


Absolutely mental. This is it now, definitely their final push, can expect this in the UK very soon. Frightening stuff.

Last edited 17 days ago by Tom
Aldo Bennedetti

100% their final push. Using the unvaxxed, fake PCR test numbers and Christmas being cancelled to get universal vaccination achieved so they can begin Phase 2.

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