Balmoral Show Visitors Will Need A Vaccine Passport To Get In

People Attending this years Balmoral Show will need to show that they have been double-jabbed or that they tested negative for covid-19 to get in. It’s Northern Ireland’s biggest agricultural event and didn’t go ahead last year.

In a statement issued today the organisers said:

“There are of course challenges in running an event of this size and we will need to adapt to ensure we can make the show Covid secure. The safety and wellbeing of our visitors, exhibitors, stewards, officials and contractors remains the greatest importance. The show will be a Covid compliant event and will only go ahead if it is safe to do so.”

According to the BBC:

Visitors will have to provide proof they have had both vaccine doses – with the second administered at least 14 days before the event – a negative lateral flow test taken up to 48 hours before they visit, or proof of a Covid diagnosis within the previous 180 days which they have completed their period of self-isolation for. Negative tests will be required of for children 11 years and over.

The organisers have also published a code of conduct for visitors to observe while attending the show.

It includes mandatory mask wearing in enclosed spaces, and also a recommendation that people wear masks outdoors where they cannot socially distance. Visitors are also asked to avoid high fives, hugs and contact with people outside their social bubble.

No high fives then. Don’t leave your social bubble. Covid is watching. Wear a mask outdoors too. We really are living in an open-air looney bin now aren’t we?

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Anwen Appleby the police checking for vax passports in Paris cafe.

Anwen Appleby

Ian Miles Cheong @


French police now scan citizens for their vaccine passport if they’re eating at restaurants. Comply, or else.

(found this out on Twitter. Footage of French Police going up to people in an outdoor cafe making them show their vax passport via the phone.)


There’s been a heck of alot of young buff people being paraded in the rags lately, much more than last year before the vax. In fact since the younger demographic have been jabbed….and subsequently started refusing.

Last year whenever a “fit healthy no underlying health conditions” younger person died, they had four chins or dubious pallor, either yellow or mottled pink. Now they’re carking it every day, athletic, fit, healthy looking. Always unvaccinated and ALWAYS with their last words before being jammed on a ventilator being (according to the consultants) “I wish I’d had…. the vacciiiiine………….😴 “.

Now, either one of two things are happening
#1 the vaccine is shedding and spreading an even deadlier toxin than last year or
#2 its utter BS.

I don’t doubt some young people are dying but considering what the NHS was willing to do to old people last year, what lengths would they go to in order to get young uns jabbed? They might not even know they’re contributing to the deaths as NHS medics seem to be driven by orders from above all the time. And not just recently. They’ve always been like that.


My money’s on No 2.

Anwen Appleby

Agree with Jennie.


Either way, they think we’re complete mugs, and most of us are sadly


Here we go the push now begins to get 12 year old children vaccinated.
Who could have believed this would happen.


It’s already 12 and upwards in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ireland.


We are all swirling around the same plug hole.


Icke was right. There is no virus. Even though there was no pandemic I was willing to accept the existence of a virus. Especially with the Fauci thing and China. We know he was funding something bad. We’ll never hear the truth though and I realize now that the Congress investigation is just a cover to keep the story going. If people believe there was foul play with Fauci and China then they might be tempted to take the jab. The jab has jack shit to do with any kind of virus. We all know that now.


The vaccine was not made for the virus: The virus was made for the vaccine.


Never believed it from day 1. Just too much of a coincidence after Event 201 plus a few people were warning something really big was coming for the 3 years prior to the fake pandemic.

Kevin Duckworth

What happened between Richie and Vernon Coleman?


Vernon Coleman is David icke old doctor.


It is none of our business..


This is just the start. I’m sure it’s not a shock to anyone here.


Wonder how many people will be Sheepish about that or just except the Bullshit?


So its corralled sheep, visiting cattle? Not sure which are the bigger herd in this absurdity!


I can hope that an awareness will grow that the stuff of life exists outside of the sanctioned entertainment arenas and mindless compliance zones. The unfortunate thing is that I still see a landscape of businesses refusing to break ranks in spite of easily discoverable tools to demolish the foundations of the tyranny. If they continue to refuse action then it will have to come down to our bodies being thrown on to the machinery of this insanity in order to stop it. I doubt anyone really wants that.


Yup the Covidians have taken over their own invented Asylum and decided none of us Cuckoos can fly outta the nest they have put all their eggs in the doomed basket-weaving of!


Big event here in Ulster….soon to become a whole lot smaller…..


Access since relocation away from King’s Hall, Balmoral in Belfast became dire in recent years anyway.

Anyone attending should demand proof of the same from all staff members on site and proof all livestock up to date with their required certifications. Demand proof of herd immunity!!

Can you imagine the furore that would ensue if this strategy was adopted by the public?

Wonder how many people will be smuggled through in massive 4 x 4 boots, horseboxes etc.


Urgent notice re: Dr Mercola – all archive material to be removed. Any new postings on his site will only be available for 48 hours before deletion. This short video explains though unsure exactly as to why this level of drastic action required by his explanation.


Very sad news.
I have been downloading some of the pdf version of articles and have recommended that others download them as well.
Treasure trove of information.


If one has the means then the pdf’s should be stored or printed and filed away for reference and future use.


Jacob, I have downloaded some but the majority I sent to an email address for this purpose – sadly now lost. Managed to save a few to pdf before this process started, only wish had been given more notice.


Sorry to hear that. I should have downloaded more. I lost a number of them from my Smartass phone sadly.
I think that if enough people ask Dr Mercola to repost some of the old articles for 48hrs again then he may do that…
The way that he has given us pdf versions for his articles is / was very clever.


Best thing is to store downloaded info onto external hard drives. That’s what I do.


Oh godamnit!!!


Well that’s an easy one to boycott

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