Banning Care Home Visits Might Be Made Illegal Under New Law

“My Mother is dying of loneliness.” When I heard that yesterday morning I choked up and it takes a lot to upset this old cynic. Those words were spoken by Ruth Henshall on national radio. In the last year Ruth has only seen her mother on a handful of occasions and even then, only through a Perspex screen. She hasn’t been able to hug her mum, hold her hand or brush her hair. The Irish journalist John Waters told me last year that “this is wicked and those responsible should be horsewhipped.” Amen John.

Ruth’s horrifying experience has been shared by tens of thousands of children and grandchildren, left helpless by lockdown rules designed (allegedly) to protect vulnerable care home residents from infection. Invariably, when anyone bothers to ask a resident, they say that the cure is worse than the disease. They’d rather take their chances. Starving them of close contact with their loved ones is torture, by any definition.

There might be light at the end of the tunnel. A group of MP’s wants to stop this barbarism and it is barbaric. They want to make it illegal to ban indoor visits to elderly relatives in care homes. Legislation has been drafted and will be presented to Health Secretary Matt Hancock tomorrow. It proposes that it be a right, enshrined in law, of every care home resident to receive a visit from a close relative or friend.

Labour’s Harriet Harman, the chairwoman of the Commons joint committee on human rights, warned that banning visits is a breach of the Human Rights Act.

Last night she said:

“We have drafted a complete set of regulations which mean a close relative is treated the same as someone who works in the home. A relative is part of the care team and the care home must allow a visit by this person significant to the service user. Everybody has a right to a family life. That’s one of the basic human rights. You don’t stop having a right to family life just because you live in residential care, in fact family can be even more important.”

Harman said that the regulations would be published tomorrow Wednesday, fully-drafted and could be implemented without delay, if the Government agrees to them.

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Where the fluff are all the attorneys in the UK? Doesn’t any of them want to make money, the cowards, i suppose…? Here in America we have some lovely little lawsuits coming a~plentifully from the absolutely brilliant Pam Popper and the badass attorney from Germany, Reiner Fuellmich is, i believe, filing class action lawsuits. Dr. Popper and her team have filed a restraining order on the Department of Health and Human Services folks until they can Prove the Emergency, this is key. She’s willing to assist any attorneys wanting to, you know, help save humanity… she has videos on ScrewYouTube, which will direct you to her website. Also, look into the Mirror Project, y’all. It seems to be a way of obtaining legitimate news, even once this is all over, cuz i’m pretty sure none of us will EVER trust msmoney grubbers again. It seemed promising to me. Love to you, Richie, another one in Florida (i heard Bill the other day on your show) and love to all of you fellow Mr. Allen fans. 🙂


It’s utterly barbaric yes and of course on purpose, under guise of the nonsense of Covid. Care residents simply need prophylaxis Vitamin D, C Zinc and HCQ/Ivermectin/Quercetin or EGCG. They don’t need the killer nonVaxx that have upped death rates 81% since V Day Dec 8th. The Isolation is designed to kill them mentally and physically faster through giving up on life. Weakened immunity from lack of interactions or fresh air and sunlight and the endless immune stripping of loony sanitising laced with methanol and quartenary ammoniates.

Wes Baker


Man and woman up and do what humans have done for millennia. Take care of them yourself.


We would. But the authorities decided it was safer for my wife to be in full-time care which was fine as we could visit any day any time. Take her out and visit family and friends. We are now in the process of removing her from full-time care and bringing her home. A process that is not as simple as it may sound. What you need to understand is that not everyone is in the same position. So before you open your mouth put your brain cell into gear.

Wes Baker

I wasn’t trying to be cruel. By any means necessary, if you can not put your loved ones in care homes…

How does that sound?

Oh, stop sending your children to state schools (if you can).

Mr Billy Cox

This is a truly despicable way to treat any human being not only those in the Twilight / autumn years of their lives, when they need their loved ones to hold and touch ..a friend of mine has a mother who is 82 who recently lost her husband and is confined to home without visits, only those that were in her so-called bubble , she isn’t allowed to see her son or her grandchildren. she wants to hold them, cherish them, tell them that she loves them. she does not know how long she has left on this earth but she would rather spend the last few years in happiness then treated as a prisoner in her own home . I hope this legislation goes through not only in care homes but countrywide with all old people it is cruelty itself to treat people like this and condemn them to a life without love
We should all hang our heads in shame if we allow this barbarism to continue!!!

It should be apparent to All, regardless of one’s station in Life & viewpoints on the mundane, that We are ‘corralled chattel’ by our owners.

Yes, like livestock…live-stockliving & certifiably owned with a birth-certificate that is collateral traded on the international market.

Allowed ‘into the pen’, allowed ‘out of the pen’, and to be harvested when so is decided by, our owners.

It’s atrocious but true as Richie says, “…that the regulations would be published tomorrow Wednesday, fully-drafted and could be implemented without delay, if the Government agrees to them”.

Privileges is it, or is it our God-given *Human Rights* ?
Which one is it?
Time to wake up, sheeple.
WE allow ourselves be treated like cattle/chattel.
Let’s stop this once-and-for-all.
Time for some dancing of the *Tyburn Jig* @ the Marble Arch.

-chat•tel chăt′l

  • n.
  • An article of movable personal property.
  • n.
  • A slave.
  • To regard as a chattel; reduce to the condition of a chattel.-


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