Barbie Doll Modelled On Oxford-AstraZeneca Jab Developer

Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert has been described as the brains behind the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab or the clot-shot as it has been dubbed.  Now, dollmaker Mattel has made a Barbie in her honour.

She has been named as one of six Barbie role models, female science and healthcare workers who have inspired the next generation of young women by their actions during the pandemic.

Gilbert had this to say about her doll:

“I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of girls into Stem careers and hope that children who see my Barbie will realise how vital careers in science are to help the world around us. My wish is that my doll will show children careers they may not be aware of, like a vaccinologist.”

You could choke on the irony. Younger people who opt for the jab (God help them), are being offered Pfizer and Moderna’s cocktails where possible. This is because Gilbert’s AZ jab is causing blood clots in the heart and the brain, resulting in death and serious injury to thousands of recipients.

We don’t know the real number because there is a concerted effort by the media to cover it up. Of course, not everyone who receives the AZ jab will develop a clot or experience an adverse reaction but we know that illness following vaccination is rarely reported.

Around 1 per cent of people who have been injured by a jab are likely to go to the trouble of letting the authorities know.

A number of journalists have asked the government to provide them with the exact number of people who died within 28 days of having a jab. They were fobbed off.

Oxford’s Sarah Gilbert partnered with AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical corporation with a history of falsifying data and putting dangerous medicines on the market.  It was fined millions for bribing doctors.

The New York Times, reporting in November last year and again this March, claimed that AstraZeneca has serious questions to answer about the way it conducted the trials of its covid jab. According to The NYT:

The announcement this week that a cheap, easy-to-make coronavirus vaccine appeared to be up to 90 percent effective was greeted with jubilation. “Get yourself a vaccaccino,” a British tabloid celebrated, noting that the vaccine, developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, costs less than a cup of coffee.

But since unveiling the preliminary results, AstraZeneca has acknowledged a key mistake in the vaccine dosage received by some study participants, adding to questions about whether the vaccine’s apparently spectacular efficacy will hold up under additional testing.

Scientists and industry experts said the error and a series of other irregularities and omissions in the way AstraZeneca initially disclosed the data have eroded their confidence in the reliability of the results.

Officials in the United States have noted that the results were not clear. It was the head of the flagship federal vaccine initiative — not the company — who first disclosed that the vaccine’s most promising results did not reflect data from older people.

They falsified their data and when challenged by The Times, they reverted to type. They lied and blamed a contractor for fudging the doses given to trial participants. Pull the other one. You’d have to be bonkers to have any jab, let alone AstraZeneca’s.

They’ve honoured a scientist with a Barbie doll, for her part in rushing an experimental medicine onto the market. It was handed emergency use authorisation. Gilbert and her AZ mates have been indemnified from prosecution too, in case you forgot.

The jab is causing real harm right now and we don’t yet know the long term effects of it as obviously, there is no long term data. Maybe it’s a little premature to be deifying Gilbert.


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Just been reading up on brainy barbie. Apparently she read on New Years Day 2020 of a new virus emerging from Wuhan and hey presto! In just 2 weeks she developed the vaccine!! You read that right…2 effin weeks. What took her so long?? 😱🤪


Make sure you take the specs off before you stick it up your heinous….

Last edited 1 month ago by Jay

‘Happy xmas kylie, here’s a little doll replica of the lady that made the vaccine that killed granny!’


Brainwashing little kids how sad, and shows the Character of this women to allow this to be made.


Olive from On the Buses 🤣


Oh Arthur! 😆




Trophies? Like the 1,018 DEAD folks heads and the 800k injuries to 224k+ people?
Manufacturer   Total reports   Total reactions   Total fatalities
AstraZeneca          224,252                  800,934           1,018

This woman should be in jail for mass murder and maiming society. If they had not used a 50:50 placebo group we could double those stats, which already need X10 or even X100 to reach reality! She is the modern equivalent of Dr Mengele, not a child’s toy idol! Meanwhile the other Barbie range of Tik Tok dancing, free donut stuffing, midazolam murderers, are also fit only for voodoo, or the GMC Tribunal Play Set, to be struck off as Dr Shipmans! I hope they are planning her toys mansion to be a Gitmo replica, repleat with water boarding actions!


that doll will frighten the life out of the kids. FREAK.


Aren’t they the caricatures from the new suicide Squad?…….Oh no, sorry, I’m forgetting, they’ve not been modelled on actors, but real life.

But I guess people like playing Russian Roulette with weapon fully loaded?

Let’s look on the bright side, though, another 2 or 3 years to go shopping, before the zombie apocalypse starts. Then we’ll have to start counting 12 seconds like Brad Pitt.

God bless, Jesus is King of kings and Lord of Lords.


Does the new Mattel Barbie Doll made to look like Dame Professor Sarah Gilbert that designed the vaccine come with a set of pins included ?


It should come with barbs and wrapped in barbed wire – this doll represents a special kind of jeopardy.


On second thoughts, maybe the pins should look like syringes


(Stealing from Johnny Carson) “Have you heard of the new Melinda Gates Barbie? She comes with half of Bill’s stuff.”

If only… my fantasy: Melinda divorces Bill, gets half his stuff and then uses it to utterly cancel out every Evil thing he does: jabs, monopolizing farm land, and any and everything else he attempts.


Ain’t gonna happen


Coming soon.. .The Boris johnson doll, ‘No action man’. The new improved Meccano, ‘The Build back better’ version.
Board games for those in lockdown or quarantine- ‘Frustration’. ‘Monopoly’ using real cash. Come on Brenda, help me out here 😂🤣


Great stuff.


They won’t be able to do Boris Johnson, it will be impossible to get the hair right.


Will the kids be playing ‘ Hook a crook’ at the fair? Now if there was a dartboard with her mug on along with doris, twat hancock, billy g8s of hell and the rest of the tryannical puppets on there then yes, I will have one please.


James O’Brien on LBC was deifying the Dr last Friday, 30/07/2020, whilst bullying a care home resident who was worried about being forced to have the jab and had phoned in to say so. Not once did O’Brien mention that there is no long term safety data. How many times do the likes of O’Brien need to be told that you can’t fast track long term safety data? How many people trying for a baby had had the jab in say, April 2021 and can’t conceive because of the jab? When would anyone tie the two together? Next year? The year after? It’s not something that will show up on the Yellow Card for a long time. A friend of mine has a daughter who has Crohn’s Disease. She was on immuno-suppressants, recently took the Pfizer jab and miscarried. The doctor confirmed that the jab had caused the miscarriage.


Sorry to her about your friends daughters lost baby 🙁 I think its well over 997 last week in USA stats and the UK is about 380 abortions with at least 3 deaths! This is barbaric lunacy!


Yes.I didnt want to stick to the point about her being on immuno-suppressants and having the jab. You’d think a midwife/doctor would have suggested she shouldn’t have the jab under those circumstances. I didn’t want to pry too much into what happened.


There is another message here: work hard and specialise, not for the love or progression of the subject, but for the fame it could bring.
Training a new generation to be compromised from the get-go.


Anyone know a reputable practising voodoo doctor? Asking for a friend.




I think you might need to try the New Orleans Yellow Pages.
Failing that The Ministry of Fire and Miracles on the Old Kent Road in SE15 😎😎


Cheers, I will, sorry ‘my friend’ will check that out 😂


There’s some really nasty psychology behind this. The doll is designed to soften children up for getting their jab made by the nice kind lady from Astra Zeneca. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start giving them away to children with the jab. You could also take your dolly to the vaccination centre when you get the shot. I wonder if Mattel will be offering a range of additional accessories? Instead of a dolls house we could have a medical laboratory. Maybe we could even have an accompanying male doll, perhaps Dr Josef Mengele complete with SS uniform. This is really sick.


Spot on Mark. a few posts ago one of our number mentioned the insidious yet ingenious nature of neuro linguistic planning; it seems a very black art and worth keeping an eye on. Edward Bernays must be stoking the fires of hell and laughing his 8&ll$ off right now. Thank you Anwen Appleby for flagging NLP; fascinating and frightening stuff.


Very good point on the free dolls as incentives! They are evil Chuckies we are dealing with here and no one should wanna play!


I see Stevie Wonder has had his hand in here, they have been very generous to her.
It will look a whole lot better full of pins


It would take someone with the undoubted creative genius off a Stevie Wonder plus the spin of Mattel’s marketing depart to make the (at best) plain woman look remotely appealing. My god in heaven what, a singularly unattractive woman!


She reminds me of Olive from “On the buses”.


LMBO – That’s hilarious 🙂


Reg = Jon Van-Tam, Blakey = Patrick Valance


That takes me back some – thanks for that!!


Under modern definitions, that act would constitute a hate crime🤡


Gilbert is going too make huge money on the Oxford jab i do believe ,15m was the last count.She was at Wimbledon for the Tennis and she was introduced too the crowd, full of so called celebs who gave her a standing ovation,pathetic,Gilbert looks i bit like the BITCH of Sage Michie,need i say more.


That was a jaw droppingly creepy moment to see a mass maimer and killer getting an Ovation! I think the crowd are in on the agenda and were indeed celebrating the wave of destruction and the franken-science that made it possible! They are not our friends and I’m starting to wonder if Covidians are indeed from somewhere else! VAXXTERMINATE!


Yup, sums it up nicely! Love it! 🙂


Colm never fails to let me down!


Thanks for that Gerry. My new whatsapp pic. Sums up perfectly the message I convey.


It’s a great picture that!!

So simple that even the most brain wiped have a chance of understanding it!!!



Colm just expresses my emotive states!! [In the video linked!]

And rather eloquently I would say!!


Jon the Paranoid.

Voodoo comments imminent…

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