Baroness Jones Calls For 6PM Curfew For ALL Men

Green Party Peer Baroness Jones has called for all men to be banned from being outdoors after 6 PM, to keep women safe. She made the comment in a discussion in the House of Lords.

She was speaking in a debate about domestic violence. The abduction and suspected murder of Sarah Everard came up. 33-year-old Ms Everard disappeared as she walked home to Brixton from her friend’s home in Clapham, south-west London, on March 3.

A vigil called “Reclaim These Streets” has been organised to highlight women’s right to go out in public without fear. The police have declared the vigil to be illegal under current covid restrictions.

Baroness Jones, a 71-year-old mother of two daughters, wants  a blanket curfew for men. Speaking last night she said;

“In the week that Sarah Everard was abducted and we suppose killed, because remains have been found in a woodland in Kent, I argue that at the next opportunity for any Bill that is appropriate, I might put in an amendment to create a curfew for men on the streets after 6 pm. I feel this would make women a lot safer, and discrimination of all kinds would be lessened.”

Writing in the Daily Mail today, Loose Women panellist Janet Street-Porter said;

I hate to be blunt but I, for one, would find my social life rather limited if men were banned from joining me for dinner.

One member of the House of Lords, Green Party Peer Jenny Jones, wants a 6pm curfew to keep men indoors.

This daft idea would do nothing to protect women (especially those with violent partners). And, bearing in mind the extremist views of some in the trans-lobby, what would stop men self-identifying as women and going out anyway?

But a cursory investigation into street crime does NOT indicate that women are more at risk.

Knife crime and gang warfare impact on young people, particularly teenage boys, although teenage girls are increasingly involved.

….the reality is that most men are NOT rapists or murderers or kidnappers and pretending that they are demeans both sexes and will only make women even more terrified.




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Guys, we support everyone’s right to an opinion and to have their say but please reel it in just a little. There’s no need for the sniping we’re seeing here and certainly no need for digging up personal information of people you disagree with. We’re all one big, slightly dysfunctional family. Arguing is fine but let’s not actively try to hurt one another.


Free speech mate, thought Richie was a supporter of that, my posts are deleted, and a warning sent for what, replying to at best a nutcase, or in my opinion a fake, who by the looks of it is getting the desired results, who by the way accused me of being the guy that built the website for Richie, you should know who he is, honestly get your act together.


I don’t like to agree with Admin but why is there ever any need for personal abuse? If someone is writing bullshit just make your point and then ignore them. I must say though, i am becoming concerned at Richie’s amazing about turn on the subject of Israel and Jewish influence over the past year or so. Don’t want to go into detail here but it’s almost as if he’s had a visit from the ‘men in black’. Incredibly, Icke is going the same way. Sinister.


“I don’t like to agree with admin”

You know, fighting the power is all well and good but you should probably check if the “power” is fighting you. I’m not, nor is there a power trip or ego boost to doing this. I just built and help run the site for Richie and you guys.


Your probably right mate, maybe should have let it go. To be fair to Richie, sure I heard him say last week or the week before he had no time for the state of Israel, not sure if that constitutes a turnaround.


I don’t care what she accused you of or any of it. “Free speech” is all well and good but Richie has been very clear that it doesn’t cover abuse and certainly doesn’t cover putting out personal information about people just because you don’t agree with them.


I didn’t actually put anything personal in my comments but notice they were deleted too. I suspect that this person wasn’t the real deal and maybe has sights on destroying this site. That’s just my opinion.


Also abuse is a big word. There was humour for sure but not abuse.


Quite a few comments were removed. The person concerned didn’t appear to have their sights set on much until something occurred. Regardless, it’s done. Let’s hope we can get back to normal.


is that the new normal? 😂


lol, alright Kathy ” what’s occurring “, big ness, Gavin and Stacey. ha ha


So what they are saying these days is that no-one should ever go anywhere or do anything or take any chances in case something happens. Life is risk. If you are not going to live and never take any chances what is the point of life? I believe we are here to have experiences and to learn and you can’t do that wrapped in cotton wool.

Mrs Phillips

I don’t know if this photo will be allowed on the forum. It shows Meghan and Harry and Oprah Winfrey surrounded by money saying “Life is so Hard” and “I can relate”. It is an example of getting people to “change the focus”. Put the energy into the “victims in paradise”, rather than the fact that the Lockdown has caused real poverty and it is going to get worse.

Mrs Phillips

This is what the media do.
They get you to re-direct your interest and your energy onto something ELSE apart from the real issue.
So the real issue is not the dumb Dame in the House of Lords with silly ideas.
The real issues is that women’s safety has been compromised by porn, (obviously) and by millions of men arriving in this country, indoctrinated into the “western women are whores” idea. Neither of these problems are “acceptable to talk about”, so the focus has to change – and – therefore our energy is directed to Dumb Woman.

The Richie Allen show 100% supports this change in focus, change in energy, which puts a question mark over the integrity of what is being reported as “truth” on the programme. And those who moderate this forum, actively support this “change of focus” idea- as I have explained in a previous post.


Silly fecker Jones – further proof that the HOL’s is now entirely farcical and unnecessary and should be abolished – huge purse savings for the humble taxpayer.


Do one ya looney, you have been sussed.


fuck off then


I could have saved you all that typing. Bait and switch?


Pity her son in laws if she has any.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kafla

but surely the loophole is “Offisher, I identify as a woman” : “Oh ok, you’re free to go about your business m’dam”

Wes Baker

How about a 23-hour curfew for the aristocrats, the House of Lords (sic) and Parliament? And a permanent lockdown on the cabinet?

Sans cameras and microphones.

Say, until…. Summer 2030.

How’s that for Agenda 2030?


First of all my heart goes out to the girl’s family, but I think Jenny Jones is bonkers. Why go out at all, lets have virtual pubs/nightclubs, lets watch all sport on tv, stream all concerts via the internet, lets all work from home. Man it’s crazy.

Mrs Phillips

The idea is to get you to focus on Jenny Jones, rather than the issue of what is making society unsafe for women. Those who run the Porn Industry, are very powerful, and they don’t want men to WAKE UP to what it is doing to them as people, how porn is damaging their ability to love and be loved.
If men woke up to this, THEN we have a revolution.
Then we have the start of safety for women.
But obviously, those who get rich by porn, don’t want this to happen.
Hence the media change of focus.

Jon Malkin

I truly believe we have to look two steps ahead here.

It’s tragic a young girl had this happen and my prayers go to her family and her soul.

However, look at the fake problems it has caused, the outrage and division it has created and the solutions they will bring in.

Problem 1 = safety of women
Problem 2 = restrictions on all men wanted by some.

Magic solution? = digital ID and surveillance to prove you are not a criminal etc…

That will be their next move on this subject. Let it boil up for a bit arguing over the stupid curfew for men that they have drummed up and dropped into our pool of “dirty common folk”.

Wait until it’s all we talk about then today, you will see. Wait until the mass are begging for their solution of tighter security and surveillance to solve the problem.

Not like we haven’t seen this before 10 times in the passed year eh?

Simon Corbett

I’m sure this whole alleged abduction & murder, is a psyop. It just doesn’t feel genuine to me.


No I disagree, there is scum out there who will sadly take an innocent life.


i’m mixed. part psyop/part reality. but are the media saying this is the ONLY killing noteworthy ? seems too convenient

Mrs Phillips

I think you are on to something here. I think that Porn is a psych-op. I think that it is encouraging men to damage boys/girls/animals/women to get their sexual thrills. I think there is a direct link from what a person sees on screen, to , what a person does in reality.
Why do I think that?
Because I worked in advertising for years.
Because I know about NLP – and I know that it is used to “mind control” people to buy a product.
Because I know about Erikson and his success in manipulation/persuasion.

Porn is an advertising campaign to commit violent acts to get a sexual thrill, so why are we saying “put men under curfew?” It’s a dumb idea. The brave idea is to get rid of porn, but that will never happen, because Hollywood is funded by it, and because human life is seen as dispensable.


This has the vibes of a psyop. Another excuse to lock people, in this case men, in their homes. Has the same over-reaction as the George Floyd issue and the woman was 33 years old (that mystical number ). I know you have to be 33 at some time in your life but hey, this story reeks !!!


As long as the pubs shut at 17:55 and I am five minutes from home, I agree !

Web Ferrett

I think Baroness Jones has just given good reason for her to be locked up in a mental asylum to protect us law abiding people from tyranny – perhaps this is what has happened to all our politicians!


The Baroness is a rather dotty old lady from the Green party. She’s usually completely harmless and has all sorts of batshit crazy ideas. Its a bit like having an eccentric old aunty who always makes a fool of herself at family events and has a little too much gin. She’s best known for her antics as a member of the London Assembly and was given a Life Peerage in the House of Cronies in 2013. She needs to go into retirement and spend more time with her cats.

Web Ferrett

Agreed, but unfortunately she is becoming a very dangerous individual if any of her ‘batty’ ideas are entertained in any form.


When she was a member of the London Assembly (where she was given far too much power by the then London Mayor Ken Livingstone) she caused no end of problems with her green ideas. She was also a very vocal member of the Metropolitan Police Authority. That she was given a Life Peerage is incomprehensible but there we go.

Mrs Phillips

Sometimes it is useful for the powers-that-be to have a women who can be a “hate figure” by her dumb ideas. (I think alot of women vicars fall into this category)
It pulls the focus away from the main issue, and channels the hatred towards that one woman.
That might be why she is promoted.
She’s a useful idiot.


Hi mrs p, ” she’s a useful idiot “, you and her should hook up, share thoughts and ideas, even do a podcast titled ” the useless idiots speak “, I would tune in, getting late chat tomorrow.


I’m not saying this young woman wasn’t murdered. I do worry though, when, they start pushing an agenda very hard. As well as the old fruit bat in the House of Lords. You had a group of female M.Ps coming out this morning saying the feel unsafe around men, especially after dark, after saying they receive death threats and sexual violence. You had that dangerous and deranged Dreford saying he would consider a curfew for men this morning.
And you had the dick women saying the police officer was guilty less than 24 hours after he had been arrested. If it ever gets to trial his barrister would have a field day with her statement.


I completely agree I don’t think this police officer has as yet even been charged let alone convicted and found guilty. They are all getting a bit ahead of themselves. That said the fallout from this will do horrendous reputational damage to the (already beleaguered) Metropolitan Police as the back story to this starts seeping out. The present hysteria is reminiscent of that of the Yorkshire Ripper back in 1980. Its a dreadful story and I feel so sorry for this poor lady and her family.


If there not suffering enough they have to put up with disrespect and fake outrage from politicians ,Sudo journalists and so-called celebrities.

Zander More

I heard this last night. But seriously what about gender equality? And equality for both genders is the most balanced it has ever been. What a F*cker she is!

Web Ferrett

Divide and conquer – the aim of all ‘common purpose’ agenda individuals – but what they don’t realise, is they are on the list too, it’s just that they will be last!
Critical thinking and intelligence are a thing of the past, alas.

Ronald Templeman

If they hold the vigil will the police start jumping on and attacking people as they do with peaceful covid demonstrations. If so maybe, they should be looking at the types of people they employ, as a lot of police I have watched at demonstrations appear to have little regard for a persons safety.


Putting aside the almost predictable knee-jerk reaction:
“‘…discrimination of all kinds would be lessened.”’
Discriminating against men lessens all kinds of discrimination?
This plays into the insidious and absurd idea that men (‘the Patriarchy) are the root cause of all society’s ills. Not only is this attitude misinformed, it is incredibly dangerous.
Funnily enough, it also, once again, highlights the amount of power and influence the unelected House of Lords holds (if they didn’t it is unlikely that the Baroness’ words would get a look in).

Caroline Fealy

Totally agree Richie. If anyone feels unsafe then i suggest a cause in kickboxing and the like. It gave me a lot more confidence although i have never feared to walk anywhere alone any time of the day.

Mrs Phillips

I think that self-defence classes should be held in schools for ALL pupils, but particularly for girls. I think that when a man comes at you with a knife, you need to know what to do to defend yourself … and a quick phone call to the divorce lawyer is top of the list.


She’s desperate to become relevant.

Web Ferrett

Exactly, being from the green party, I bet she’s trying to emanate Greta Thumberg fame from idiotic statements.


Nobody is taking her seriously thank goodness. I bet she woke up at 3am in a cold sweat “omg I called for a man-ban!”… like you do when you’ve got drunk and done something YouTube-worthy embarrassing 😂😂

She looks like an old lady I used to know who had 8 cats and answered the door in the knack when she got confused

Mrs Phillips

I think it is a case of “what you see is not what you get” with this one. She’s been promoted as a “woman that it is ok to hate” for a reason.

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