BBC Is Accused Of Transphobia Over Lesbian Interview

The BBC has been accused of transphobia over an article it published this week, which featured comments from lesbians who claimed that they had been pressured into having sex with men who self-identify as women.

After the article appeared on the BBC news website, an open letter was published by a group called Trans Activism UK. The letter described the article as “incredibly dangerous” for suggesting that transgender women pressuring lesbians into sex was a common occurrence. By 6pm last night, the letter had been signed more than 10,000 times.

According to The Times this morning:

Caroline Lowbridge, the author of the story published on the BBC news website on Tuesday, said her aim was to find out how widespread the issue was across the country. She added that several people had contacted her about pressures to “accept the idea that a penis can be a female sex organ.”

The article featured three anonymous lesbian women who stated that they are attracted to women who are biologically female. The women said that they had been criticised and even threatened by trans activists as a result of their comments.

As I understand it, the BBC contacted Stonewall, an LGBT rights charity for a comment. Stonewall didn’t respond. Due diligence done, the beeb had every right to publish the accounts of the three women.

Trans Activism UK and Stonewall, want lived experience to be a protected characteristic. However, a penis is not a female sex organ. Saying that, or writing it even, isn’t hateful or discriminatory. It’s a scientific and biological fact.

Stonewall and Trans Activism lobby to outlaw such statements and any discussion around gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia. They claim it is harmful and even hateful. Those who challenge their dogma should be denounced, lose their jobs and be kicked off social media.

According to them, if a man says he is a woman or a woman says she is a man, case closed. If you don’t accept it, you are transphobic, which is Orwellian newspeak.




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Henry Makow has been writing about these type of things and those behind the agenda for years.


As Aldo pointed out yesterday with regards the climate change activists, isn’t it interesting which specific demographic is being represented, in the media, when it comes to these issues. White. Middle class.
Whereas an awful lot of the leaders who are offering, albeit Authoritarian, ‘solutions’ are brown or black.

That aside, once you’ve seen how the media use small numbers of paid actors, placed very specifically, to create the illusions of protests, images such as the one above become obvious in their falseness.

The fake, controlled ‘protests’ get the coverage and the real protests don’t.

Part of me wants to feel pity for them. They are edging forward their, and everyone else’s, enslavement. But they have willingly taken their thirty pieces of silver and that negates the pity.

Caroline Fealy

While the world bicker’s over he/she’s she/he’s and all the other bollocks they really are missing the point that there are more concerning things to put their energy into. I suspect all this gender crap is just another way to divide the people anyhow.
This generation of winger’s whom would not know what to do if left in a woods with nothing, need a reality check.
They need to grow up and shut up!


No, not shut up. They should be allowed to speak. Just as others should be allowed to express disagreement.

Caroline Fealy

Hi Craig, i was talking about the generation in general. people should be allowed to agree and disagree the world would be very sad if we all got along 🙂


Here, here.


I don’t know about ‘sad’; but it would be boring as hell. Like a Sunday School classroom.

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